Incel are the new pinko

I've noticed the sexiest Marxist on YouTube has been shilling hard for Incels and some even claim inceldom is communism over sex

There's some truth to this. Incels are to liberals what the cold war thought of the hippy movement. Incels pose no significant threat to the system but at large their aims are too "radical" because the establishment doesnt wanna give you anything.

Bernie Sanders Democrats are a piss ant attempt at social democracy and the bourgeois know that. 15 dollar minimum wage? Sure Sassenach…work 16 hours a day and we control the pricing, debt ceiling, and still ban you heeheehee

But being forced to sell your daughter's Into trafficking so Elliot Rodger can get a nut?

Having to provide for some atrocious neck beard because he is unfit to be employed?


Jim sees this and is opportunistic as fuck. Real liberalism benefits him astoundingly as a failed YouTube celebrity, and h's never been fond of women anyway.

It's pure dialectics.

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I love how leftists managed to make the male desire for sex a bad thing and demonize those who can't get sex at the same time.

oh boy the starving gommies meme

Its more like the demands of the incel movement are similar to the communist movement

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Nothing good is there.

Doesn't exist.

They can't even get off their asses long enough to get pussy like the entire rest of the population does. Failures like that will never have any kind of movement.

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Stop being an incel

I don't know, shooting up schools is more radical than anything the left has been doing lately

Me nor Jim are incels ourselves, at least not in a technical sense, we just agree with them on some things and see them as useful to our goals.

Leftists on SSRIs raised by single mothers are called "incels", now?

Contra did a pretty even handed video but I'd hardly call it shilling

Radical my ass. It's not like they are shooting up Harvard or anything.

Can you fuck off and start pestering 7chan or something again.

I don't actually have much issue with her that much but come on

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tbh Jim does look pretty hot in this pic

you're shitposting right?

no :3

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Disregarding 3d for 2d is more volcel technically, you have to like 3dpd to some extent or another to be incel

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Incels of the world, unite!

Radical MY ass. Shoot up the White House and then come at me with that shit.

Fuck you. Pol pot made the best Anime.

She's idpol as fuck. She basically made an entire video criticizing anti-idpolers. She hates so called "brocialists".

Granted, I'd still tap dat ass.

Yeah, even if I don't consider myself anti idpol in a strict sense anymore she comes off as annoyingly humanist on that subject(though to be fair we have our share of anti idpol humanists on this board as well). Apparently she has a huge ass, but she comes off as too much of a basic bitch for me to find her that attractive.

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nah m8 you're thinking of radlibs.

meh I think she's close enough


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Incels and those that agree with them KYS.
Inceldom is reactionary idpol, if you view Incels as better than bog-standard feminist/lgbtq idpol you're 100% reactionary yourself, and not leftist.

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Not an argument

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