Questions for "Real" Socialists

Out of all political groups/ideologies which do you personally hate/dislike the most? Is it the sudo-nazis of today, the democrat/republican party(let's be honest is there a difference between these two?), the alt right, primitives who believe in barbaric religious practices, those people on this board who call themselves true communists but aren't because of X reason, the disgusting centerists, the SJWs who unwittingly play games for the piggy, piggy himself, liberals the people who enable all these groups to exist because of their standards and codes of ethics, or is it some other group I didn't mention?

Ok, hopefully you admins decide whether I should stay banned or not this time. Because one or more of you guys keep on banning me, then I mysteriously become unbanned the next day. And frankly I'm tired of this ritual you guys made, and want a clear answer.

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Republican'ts and Democraps. Nothing enrages me more than hearing a Republican calling a Democrat left-wing or far-left and a Democrat calling a Republican right-wing or far-right. It's obviously controlled opposition on all sides.

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I couldn't agree more.

Pretty vanilla answer from me, but nazis are the most vile people on the planet and all deserve to die.


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Neoliberals/Neocons (the same thing, really) of course. Everyone else is inconsequential, so there is no reason to care about much.

Nazis are just some LARPers, and they are more delusional than vile.

Delusion is what makes them vile. If you think your race are the übermench, then you will treat other people like vermin. As they did and will again.

I say the same thing about you.guys fun enough.

Lolberts. They're amusing clowns to poke fun at, but seeing somewhat normal people regurgitating their insane porky folderol makes me rage in a way fascists, monarchists, religious fundies, SJWs, neoprims, etc., can't quite manage. The reason is because while most other loathsome ideologies are inherently repellent (and often highly partisan), lolberts are able to blend in with normalfaggotry, even to bleed across the left/right spectrum, as in the form of "cynical centrist" popculture like South Park and George Carlin.

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McCarthyists,yes there still around in Burgerland.

Also Monarchists. At least with Republican Fascism, there’s the pretext of populaism, it being a “people’s ideology” and the ideology “uniting the people” even if it’s Bullshit. But with Monarchy to be a monarchist you have to believe that your inferior person to the inbread faggots, in order to be a monarchist.

I genuinely hate the the stupid fuckers at Zig Forums who got manipulated by Breitbart during gamergate. I thought user was supposed to be smarter than that, I thought you guys were my comrades. So disappointed in all of you.

Press F to pay respects to anyone criticising the game industry that isn't a spooked Nazi or SJW

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the Porkies ofc
but neoliberals and neofashists come close to them


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Libertarians and Ancaps are some of the most braindead drooling retards in the world.

The alt-right is a close second.

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this guy, who treats politics as just masturbation and ignores that it affects actual people IRL

At least lolberts and classical liberals pretend to have principles or a position they argue from. This guy just looks to own people and appear smart.

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I wish people stopped making those stupid kind of images about political spectres.
There's no difference between democrats and republicans and they both are on the right side of the spectre.

I wouldn't say it's exactly irrelevant, just that social issues are used as window dressing to avoid economic issues.

This, they are not the same, but they presuppose and generate eachother.

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You have the political understanding of a crack addicted 5 year old


The point of the clip is to laugh at Tyra Banks not really sympathise with her. Just thought the wording was funnily similar. You've never seen irony on here before eh, totally not newfag?

I am not well versed in politics but I am most frightened of neoreactionary. I feel if the current dichotomy of left and right was to be disintegrated, our societies would transist into neoreactionary models without strong oppositions. It seems a likely scenario before full on dictationship or fascist state. Hong Kong already is a living example of authoritative/autocratic capitalism and it has absurd rent to avg. income ratio and backward labour laws. It is like the city is a trial test of capitalism without democracy before it is applied globally.

What part of mixed economics did the creator of that picture not understand

Sir Porkington's nose isn't long enough but still based and redpilled

pic related

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I fucking hate centrists, like seriously m8 grow some balls and let people know what you stand up for.

OP is quite famous

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Any right winger calling me a liberal. It pisses me the fuck off being associated with bourgie scumbag.

I mean, I'm a proud market socialist, not a goddamn socdem/neolib

Social Democrats. Left and right

In terms of pure ideological content, Primitivists. I would join the literal nazis if that was the avenue to prevent a primmie takeover. Primitivism is the most reactionary position possible, and human civilisation and advancement is the most important thing.
But since primmies are a fucking meme and a tiny, insignificant minorty - it's a close competition between 'progressive' 'left'-liberals and fascists (including right-socdems).

the spectrum itself is viable as a tool of understanding political positions, it's just the terminology and positioning of organisations and symbols in this particular one is questionable

Singapore, South Korea until the 90s, and Taiwan under Jiang Jieshi were similar.

There's also the overall reactionary positioning toward society, where the nazi idolizes a pre-lapsarian past that never was and thus wants to go back to the 'glory days'. Also the principle behind social policy is paternalist 'vaterland takes care of its children'- logic you see already in Bismarck, who is THE arch-conservative. Social policy isn't for liberation, and neither is state control of the economy (so far as it even happened in naziland).

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fuck no

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No, starting history's bloodiest war and trying to annihilate not only the Soviet Union but socialism in general does.

What am I looking at here? I thought the whole point was to take economic and political power from the bourgeoisie and give it to the working class. Why would unemployment among the working class be a good thing? Is there some meme that I missed?

Kinda answers itself.
Not working for your masters is necessary. It may not be sufficient to build an ideal world, however.

The pic is making fun of titoists, by calling them stupid.

Nah, brutally murdering anyone you deem "subhuman" so you can go home and jerk it to daddy Hitler's photo on your wall makes you a vile person.

Libertarians and ancaps, followed by SJWs.

You do realize that none of you american mongrels would be accepted in Europe if we go by your line of thinking.

Apparently I have a DHCP ip adress.