I know anti-moderator gang commander irl, AMA

Yes, he intentionally blew smoke that way to conceal anyone's face but his own lol

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did he really touch an 8yo girl innapropriately?

No. I have no idea where such a rumor even started. He's opportunistic as fuck and both condemns pedophilia when it can be used as leverage to depict moderators as horrible people and ignores it when it doesn't actually involves mods or pro pedo incels suck his dick.

He doesn't see much difference between one child abuse or another. If you're gonna vaccinate and send your kids to school, might as well inject them with hormones and turn them into sex slaves. Its all the same shit in his mind and he just thinks "how can this hurt moderators and or make everything about me?"

Will you stop spamming jim profit?

Yo pire, how did you met jimmy p IRL.

I mean maybe this is a satire of Jim tends to date young. Like he'd kill me for revealing his real age but "30 year old Boomer" is putting it lightly. Gotta remember he's Jason's younger brother, but not by much, and Jason is nearly 40. These troglodytes just don't age.

But most of his girlfriends are like 21 floating around that early 20s. He's also dated a few boys be it what you consider a real biological boy ie MtF trans and identity boys FtM. So regardless of your stance he's gonna piss you off and he likes it that way. From the time I've known him he seems to have a lot less contempt for dating the psychotic bitches or the boys. Like he speaks well of Femitheist who wanted to castrate all men, or this other radfem ex that called all Muslims rapists, I think he just figures if you're gonna have incorrect line atleast be entertaining about it. I mean really isn't that what accelerationsm comes down too?

He also has been trolling longer than most of you have been alive. He says he used to fuck with Egoraptor or "Aron" from Game grumps on the TNT monster vision chat rooms. That's how fucking old this guy is lol

He even gave me a list of aliases he used to go by on all these old boards before social media was a thing in the event shit ever happened to him like he died or something and everyone would recognize Jim from some other medium and than be doped up on nostalgia unable to resist looking at him in a positive light.

The man is a genius when it comes to narcissism lol

I'm the ex boyfriend of the dude he is currently dating.

Yes I said dude.

Yes I said my ex boyfriend.

Yes I am kind of a cuck for Jim.

He's actually super nice. Helped me with my own relationship, is always supportive and tries to be encouraging, he even says he feeds off people's emotions and yeah pissing people off is fun and easy. But so is McDonalds. You can't live off McDonalds.

I mean, you can…but you shouldn't

So he does try to do good and calls it the steak and salad of trolling but it's also alot of work. Time and commitment ultimately to people who will probably stab you in the back or forget about you.

But since I'm no threat to Jim, AND I kinda look up to him he caresses me with kindness and wisdom.

Never gonna happen m8

Literally who?

who the fuck is this loser and why should I care


Tell me who that nigga is then

Fake and gay

He doesn't like mods, known for vaping, has been around for nearly ten years.

Around what? Zig Forums?

He gained most his infamy on 4/tg/ in 2008

So I just read a bit about him but why is he so relevant here, besides being anti-mod? Is he a leftist?

He's a Marxist and Jason Unruhe's brother. However, whether he is a leftist is debatable, he's not one by the way Uncle Ted K defines the term honestly

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Does he live in the Portland area?

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Please explain what you mean

Nobody is. He used leftist in place of social justice warrior.
Bomb Retard Ted.

It applies to a lot of people here too, especially the oversocialized part, you just have to read in between the lines

You've been going on with this Jim Profit shit for a while, are you really that thirsty for mod cock?

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it's confirmed,
this is the pire

Well speaking of bloodbath, the new album actually sounds like it might be good since they have the HM2 "Swedish buzzsaw" guitar tone back

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weeed lmao

but why he hates mods so much btw? fuck authority he is correct as fuck but I wanna know unironically why.

is he high all the time?