National Bolsheviks

What are your thoughts on National Bolshevism? Are they allies or enemies? And what about Limonov, Dugin and Letov?

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I don't get how adding 'national' changes bolshevism in any way

they're not ethno nationalists at all like dumb dumbs believe so who cares they're ok man.

I see no reason why someone would call themselves nazbol over ML other than being overly attached to nazi aesthetics and wanting to distance yourself from the labour movement.
Nazbols are not allies.

They are fascists appropriating leftist symbolism.

It’s M-L with civic nationalism. So it’s basically just M-L. There M-Ls who understand the contributions Molotov made to geopolitics.

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Social conservatism, no internationalism, no dialectical materialism (muh Eurasian exceptionalism).

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So, like every fascist then?


Dugin is unironically boring.

Nazbols are not leftists at all, they're russian nazis who have a hard on for soviet easthetics because communism is the best thing to ever happen to russia
They're morons of the highest caliber, Dugin has read Marx but hasn't read Lenin and thinks he's an expert in communism just like that.

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Those all describe regular bolshevism

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Bolshevists supported traditional values except religion, they had 'socialism in one country', and were hegemonic idealists.

But that is not true at all.


Oh fuck off, that was obviously in response to the 'traditional values' bullshit.
And about socialism in one country; that was never something the soviet leadership saw as any ideal or end goal, it was a response to the extreme isolation the rest of the world put them in.
I don't know what hegemonic idealism is supposed to mean.

unironically a honeypot for the spooked

Retards that should have never of being taken seriously. It started as a meme that -200 Autism Level neanderthals took seriously because they couldn't figure out that it was ironic.

I warned about that from the begining. Meme responsibly, kids.

The First Individuals to be refereed to as "National-Bolsheviks" were ex Tsarist Generals in Russia who adopted a loyalty to the Bolshevik party not out of acceptance of Socialist ideals but the idea that the Strong state the they saw in the Bolsheviks could be used to rebuild great Russia

A second occurrence of "National-Bolshevism" occurred in Germany in the Aftermath of the treaty of Versailles
These National-Bolsheviks were splinters from the KPD that viewed the Versailles treaty as disastrous for Germany and in contrast to the KPD's stance of simply speaking out about the treaties economic aspects the National-Communists wished for a full reversal of the treaty and a restoration of german borders

The Most well known sect of National-Bolshevism is the Protest and Political Movement that Arose in Russia during the 90s
These National-Bolsheviks wished to Unite the Russians trapped abroad and reinstall a Economic model similar to that of the Pre-Gorbachev USSR

One of the Main current exploits of the National-Bolsheviks in Russia is their taking part in the Anti-Fascist workers uprising in Eastern Ukraine

A silly meme that you shouldn't take too seriously.

Literally just fascists larping as soviets lol