Interracial Sex

I know it's a spook, but the thought of a white woman having sex with a black man is disgusting to me. I do not think I could date a girl who I knew to have sex with a black man. I would rather fuck someone who I had known was in a gangbang.

How do I get past this insecurity? Am I rightfully averse to women who like black guys? I think white girls who fuck black guys register in my lizard brain as having no social standards therefore it makes me dirt basically.

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Why don't you go ask a psychiatrist?
This subject doesn't have anything to do with this board.

First things first explain why it bothers you so much

Watch it'll help you

why are you so spooked

I already did. She told me to go fuck a nigger.

I don't think black men treat women very well. Therefore, it pains me to see white women fall for the sneaky tricks of black guys.

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I want a pure virgin QT

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I want to defile her myself.

That isn't an answer

Yes it is.

This isn't a problem, so long as you realize it's a spook, without any material basis.

For instance, I wouldn't date a girl who's into BDSM, or who's bisexual, not for any concrete material reason, but because I find it disgusting. So long as I'm aware of this, acknowledge its largely arbitrary nature, and don't carry this repulsion into broader social interactions, it is of no consequence.

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White women who are exclusively into black guys usually have serious daddy issues and are probably raised by a very conservative family. But in that case she obviously wouldn't date you in the first place.
There's nothing wrong with white women dating black guys if they aren't doing it on the basis of race. There are plenty of great black guys out there.

This is pretty dumb. You need to figure out why you're averse to this or you'll never know if the root cause of this is leaking into other parts of your worldview.

I agree with your ideas here. Sexual preference based on anything besides explicitly sexual characteristics is inherently spooky. If you recognize that, you can liberate yourself on a personal level and recognize your faults.

Conservative families? I understand the daddy issues thing but not the conservative background hypothesis.

You don't need to worry about your racist turnoffs because you will never have sex

It's typically going to be conservative families that view having sex with blacks a taboo thus making it 'exciting' to break that taboo.

It matters because sex has a profoundly psychological effect on women. They become putty in your hand if you are the person that has sexed them the best.
The more of a slut a woman is the less likely that will be you. You'd know that if you weren't such a selfish love and actually put it down on any woman properly.
Also as a practical matter any woman that's slept with a lot of dudes is either trying to use her pussy for upward mobility or some sort of compulsive behavior. Both poison to the happiness of a man in an LTR.
Also why would any man want to bear the significant responsibilities of a committed relationship with a slut. If she was willing to have sex with other men without commitment then why should a potential boyfriend be treated different.
If she wants an emotional connection only then a non commuted platonic relationship should suffice.
Women are just feminists that want the privileges of the patchriarcy without any of the responsibilities.

Zig Forums is an area for political discussion not your personal blog

So you wouldn't want to have sex with two or more women at the same time?
LOL, what a fag.

You should make a youtube channel where you espouse your redpilled skeptic knowledge and fight le cancer of feminism

t. ass blasted nerd that can't please a woman.

hahaha faggot

If that's really the case then I don't understand what's the problem with a woman who has slept with lots of men in the past.
Following this logic then all you have to do is just "sex her real good" and she'll become loyal to you no matter how many partners she has had in the past. Unless you are actually insecure about your ability to please a woman? then the number of sex she had before might be a problem.

You are going to die a virgin anyway so why bother?

Make it past 16 and maybe get laid.
No, you're a spooked idiot cucking yourself.
That's a faulty assumption from the result of spending time on chans. People fuck who's around them, if you're living in a diverse area that's gonna be white people fucking the coloreds. A white girl who dated a black guy isn't likely to have vastly lower social standards as a white girl in a similar situation.

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So don’t. The personal is not political.

Because a girl never loves anyone like she loves her first. Also because pussy isn't supposed to be roast beef flaps.

It's possible for a girl to gain experience, but it's impossible for her to ever have sex for the first time with somebody else.

The microbiota of blacks is radically different than that of other races. You can get very sick and even have your DNA altered through coitus with a black person. Your wariness has biological merit; not a spook at all.

The problem is these women want committed relationships. If you're a good looking young woman swimming in male attention and not demanding commit believe me you or your partners couldn't care less about the number of partners you had.
Also which part of compulsive behavior or social climbing didn't you understand.
You're being compared to all her previous lovers, and a big part of being a good like lover is physical so no matter how good you her other partners will either be better or some part of them be better.
Lol, sex is a pretty intense human experience no? If you thinking being able to sexually gratify someone especially in this day and age of high alienation I don't know what to tell you.
Seems like you're uncomfortable with someone speaking frankly about how sex makes women vulnerable, seems like the insecurities lie on your side.
Yes, I can't have the best attributes of 100 men. And again you use the a priori assumption that women aren't leveraging sex to begin with. That they're just weilding to natural desires and not consciously trying to use sex as a bargaining chip.
In my entire life I literally knew one single woman that I could honestly say would had sex solely for sexual gratification and would sleep with practically any man for free.
When she finally wanted to settle down she had a line of suitors wanting to wife her up because she had slept with a bunch of marginalized dudes that society was denying sex to. So yeah if a woman has slept with a bunch of dudes but none are willing to commit she was social climbing, full stop. This woman was a pretty thin blonde with huge tits too so she wasn't sleeping with these guys because of some self esteem issue.

*If you thinking being able to sexually gratify someone especially in this day and age of high alienation doesnt give you power over them I don't know what to tell you.

You type that like white woman are more desirable for some reason.

Well, at least you seem to recognize your shortcomings.

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You need to understand where your prejudice comes from. Is it personal experience? Or is it just social conditioning, i.e. you've been told black people are this way.
Most likely it's some combo of both. Now ask your self if thinking this way servers your best interests anymore, whenever you feel your self hating on black people just ask your self (am I getting anything out of this).
Also you should real some Marx. Yes absolutely black eat up welfare and can be stupidly primitive, but that's more a function of their poverty and the state oppressing them than their race. Any group with the historic material legacy of American blacks would be the same.
If you really want to de spook yourself save up for a trip to some eastern part of Russia. You'll find white people living like they're still in the medieval ages.


So the solution is to force women to commit to your special snowflake penis and only your special snowflake penis since you are a beta who cannot compete against other men.
Alright, noted.
You should really seek some mental help ASAP. Inceldom is no joke, Elliot killed real people, it's not too late, seek help my friend.

LMAO, okay tough guy, post some studies that show women that sleep around are better partners to men than women that are celibate.
Oh wait there's all these studies showing women are actually more miserable since the sexual revolution/post Tinder 2008 world than before and they often site the hookup culture. Let's just ignore all that lol
Lol the only thing being forced is men staying married to harpies because women van weild state violence against them. Funny how liberals like you always leave that part out when talking about "forcing" women into sexual relationships. Last time I checked the state won't leave a woman destitute if she won't sleep with a man.
If they want a monopoly on my special snowflake labor time and energy yes. If women don't want that they're more than free to form platonic relationships with men, they're called roommates.
t. liberal
And no I don't want to compete against other men for love and affection. Much like women don't.
Why should I seek help? I'm not a danger to anyone, in fact I've never been happier in my entire life.
So did that female cop that broke in that black guys apartment that she most likely fooled around with, what's your point.
You're not my friend, buddy. I have plenty of love in my life contrary to your strawman.

Was also meant for

So while the material conditions are deteriorating, allowing less freedom for couples to go out and have fun together, with more friction in relationships as budgets are shrinking and needs and wants are unmet, and as worthwhile and fulfilling work becomes harder to find and even harder to get, leaving people unfulfilled in life and ultimately lacking an organizational principle through which they can base their lives upon, the key failing of women's lives is tinder.

This is your mind on idpol.


Why can't men and women "have fun together" in uncommitted platonic relationships? Why are there more impediments to a sexual relationships to men that want LTRs than men thst don't?
Women with more partners are more likely to divorce. The facts suggest there's more "friction" in relationships with sluts.
The need for men to have relationships with women that aren't sluts is being neglected by you? Not important you say, okay what qualities are, who determines them its your feels and what criteria is being used to determine them.
This is all true for men as well so I don't get your point unless you're implying men have some obligation to women because women are going through all this even though as a sex they are responsible. Can you please explain why men have obligations to accept relationships on liberal women's terms?
It is a failing, they objectified men on an industrial scale by sleeping with men that were to powerful to demand a commitment from in the myopic belief that they could manipulate these men into commit with sex, got played like a Sega and wasted a bunch of time, and now expect men that they don't zero effort building trust or bonds to help pay for their mistakes.
Lol it ain't gonna happen, were already seeing lopsided numbers of single women in orgs like churches, something like 1 to 5 ratio and that trend is going to continue.

* going through all this even though as a sex they *aren't* responsible.

Ayo wyte boy ain't got nothing on dis. Look at dese bycebs.

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I mean they can and regularly do, you are the one judging people by their sexual worth through an arbitrary purity score.

porn is what warped his brain in the first place.

Stop watching and leave your basement a meet some real black guys. I'm pretty sure they specifically pick the black guys in there to look as thuggish and degenerate as possible cuz that's the fetish

So why the need for commitment, what difference does it make if a man doesn't commit to a woman because she's a slut. Would it make you feel better if the reason was different.
It's not arbitrary, many men see sex as a form of intense emotional intimacy. Women that sleep around obviously don't and that's not compatible with someone who does. Would you insist a woman should look past a mans say alcoholism. Let's say it has never caused an issue, they're called high functioning alcoholics, so a woman would have no objective reason to reject a man based on that.

interracial sex is gross

Isn't this just another marginalized sexuality? Shouldn't we ad a D for disgustedbygirlswhohavesexwithniggerssexual to the LGBTQBBQ alphabet?

It has always mattered, everywhere. Isn't then the question; why do we suddenly have an ideology unable to deal with this intrinsic aspect of human sexuality?

When there is no god, nothing is permitted…



*And again the state only makes men stay in relationships

You're looking at things the wrong way, OP
Protip: the lowest divorce rates are those of couples where the man is white and the woman is black. The highest rates are those where the man is black and the woman is white.

This is not politics. Fuck off to /r9k/.

There is no need for commitment, you are only as invested into the relationship as you allow it to be.
And it is a thing that most people naturally desire, hence why women peruse this emotional attachment with other men. Of course, others don't see it as such and tend not to care as much as who they sleep with, which is also totally fine.
I mean, if you only judge compatibility with sexual drive, which is again reducing relationships to sex.
Only as much as she should do as she is comfortable with. Since that is the nature of relationships, but this example is so frivolous and disconnected from the reduction of all emotional and romantic interactions with women to sexual interactions that it isn't worth discussing.
Well yes, because that is usually cheating, which isn't exactly exclusive to women. Unless it is a poly relationship, which is whatever I suppose.
No, you just need a grip on reality and to abandon these purity spooks.
Because that is literally not my argument, nor has it been literally anyone's this entire time.
No, it's not that you want this relationship, it is that you try to enforce your spooked moral code on others that is as unethical as the bourgeoisie. Something that proves you have read no Stirner, in fact, because of his quite vivid opinions on these kinds of things.
As a man, I love nothing more than being generalized into the same idiotic categorization as retards such as yourself.
Disregarding marriage being an institutional spook, the relationship doesn't exist until one is committed in it. There is no predestined marriage, and nobody considers the implications of people that they have never met and will never meet for years when they decide to fuck someone, because their entire emotional frame and thought process is built into their current situation. This is built on so many levels of unintelligible thought experiments it is honestly incredible. "Every woman should consider the possibility that their future chance at a maybe husband will be a purist spooked autist who wants to enforce a sex policy more stodgy than the Catholic Church because I have dumb conceptions about how emotional relationships occur."
Ah yes, I remember the famous execution of Karl of Sadbois when he didn't respect a woman's vagina enough or whatever you think happened.
The question should instead be "why is there still property?" Of course you are consumed by idpol so the meaningful questions never cross your mind.
Give me a call when your day of the rope comes, until then I will be working on bringing about socialism for the benefit of all of humanity, you halfchan Zig Forumsack.

It is probably the layers of spooks under the spooks, rather than the spooks on the surface.
Alternately, bottom for a black gay man until you get over it.

First off, why do you think it's an insecurity? I think it can be deducted to evolutionary group instinct that sees interaction with others as a threat (with good reason).

Maybe you shouldn't let a black man fuck you then. I think we can agree you won't be forced.

please come to the board we are dying ;_;

Then what are you arguing against. Women are free to be sluts and men are free to reject them. It's not in your power to stop either. You're just running cover as desperately as you can for your sexual liberation spooks.
Maximum Wew
So you respect the agency of women to make character determinations of men but not women.
Just say you're a female supermacist and be done with it.
The correlation is for the number of partners a female has honey
Why do I need to give up my so called purity spooks. I've stated over and over the different reasons why I want a virgi. and you've yet to argue why a slut would be better for any of them. I haven't even touched on the big one
Single Moms
Why the fuck would I want to complicate my life with her another family (baby daddies family) along with not having a child on my schedule.
But it de facto is, if sluts are so great to marry why don't you just keep them all to yourself. You could have the pick of the litter! How does reducing the pool of sluts to marry serve your self interest?
Lol no, the only moral code that being enforced is by women using the state to keep unhappy men in marriages with the implicit threat of state violence. Please show men where sluts are being persecuted by state violence in the first world.
Do the majority of men have an negative opinion of sluts or not?
Hahaha its so funny that men can be beat killed imprisoned and impoverished by child support and divorce. There's literally a shelter now in the UK for men that are homeless because of divorce. What a belly laugh that one is eh, oh I wonder why men view he left adversely hmmmm
Lol no, the question we should be answering is how can I make the value I create my property. The answer isn't listening to spooked feminists like you that want to see more men turned into debt serfs by the state.

i have a fetish for low-AIQUE women

which board?

Do you actually know any black men in real life? It sounds like you are just working off of stereotypes.

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What about a white man having sex with a black woman?

Black women are ugly, so I don't think that's very common.

The only one needing to be killed is you.

Also, niggers are disgusting and destroy your bloodline. No feminist gaslighting will ever change that. They are poison to my recessive genes and what makes white people attractive: colored hair and colored eyes. Yeah cholo I can tell you’re a bottle blonde, want to guess how? Biracials are disgusting entropy pits and hold back humanity.