Nothing is more fun than slaughtering cop-pigs!

Nothing is more fun than slaughtering cop-pigs!

not if they're killed by the mafia basically authoritarianism vs authoritarianism when it's like that. it depends.

anyway I have their same pants but they're french military cargos, good shit. I like their equipment.

ayy lmao

Kind of funny how we have…

…reactionary cop worship and…

…potentially good analysis.
has flaws, though, you celebrate the death of, well, both sides in thatcase.

I killed the cops myself, you cocksucking bootlicker and i will kill you too! I have your IP adress, you assraped faggot!

They weren't killed by the mafia, they work for the mafia, you stupid bootlicker!

You cocksucking bootlickers deserve to die!

The government is the biggest mafia!

uhm actually
the mafia is the Italian mob
maybe you shouldn't get your politics from racist hollywood stereotypes

radical extremists owned epic style

You are so incredibly stupid that i can hardly put it in words! I will kill you for your stupidity too! That will be the best for you and the whole world!

I like the cut of your jib.


At least he could take the motorcycle

I honestly hope this is true and not just some kid playing internet tough guy.

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Nice thread OP, nice IP and clean your webcam!

And we don't give a shit. Only pussies want the government to force everyone to pay for a fucking wall and border protection.

Come to think of it. Right wingers claim to have the biggest balls on the entire multiverse, always LARPing on the streets with their AR-15s, yet they are scared shitless of a bunch of "shitskins".

Second that.

Enough with the "muh pacifism" faggotry. Let's blow shit up and fuck up right wingers.

This happened 4 years ago or something, so doubt it.
I love pig slaughter as much as the next commie, but I have to say I do pity the people that don't seem to have a choice but to either join the army or police to make a living. I do believe first world workers have this choice, and most that decide to become cops here do it because they want what the job offers.
Anyway… cops will always be deployed to crush our movement, and when the time comes we must not hesitate to retaliate with deadly precission and determination.

…or just shut down the roads and watch them suddenly be afraid to go outside.
Make sure to have deadly precision as a backup, though.

Doesn't communism have law enforcement? Since when was Leftism an equivalent to an NWA song?

Either way, they're low hanging fruit at best. They represent very little.

The police are the physical reality that perpetuates ruling class dominance. They are the military power that, like the knights and mercenaries of feudal societies, enforces property relations, collects taxes, and counters challenges issued by the lower class to the established order.

That's what you've been trying to do for years now, and get your commie asses handed to you every time in a fight YOU started.


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Daily reminder

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Jim is a datamining niggerfaggot

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Like pottery

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I actually have to thank people like you for my skepticism of democracy, ironically enough. The thought that delusional kids like you are anything other than inferiors,yet have equal political rights, disgusts me.

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Jesus Christ finally, when and where?

Berlin, 1945

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quality for quality thread

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