Nazis and other right-wingers seriously think that George Soros a billionaire pays radical anarchists...

Nazis and other right-wingers seriously think that George Soros a billionaire pays radical anarchists, who fight against the capitalist state, from which he profits… HAHAHAHAHA

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BASED DADDY SOROS just gave me my biweekly check for muh antifa participation! I luv paid protesting!

Checks out

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I don't even know where all these George Soros conspiracy theories came from.

I mean, that motherfucker helped accelerate the collapse of the soviet union. Why in fuck would he want to establish communism?

Because communism is when a rich Jew is funding stuff about women, lgbt and Nonwhites and the more stuff he funds, the communister it is.

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the only thing anarchists do is fight violently to ensure the borders remain open so porky pig can import more brown masses as cheap slave labor driving down wages and so he can sell them debt

Burn in hell you apes

Nice, they a bringing the revolution ever closer.

All while voting for billionaires who will remove regulations give george soros tax cuts!

Who cares, they also label everything they don't like as "left" and/or "communism". It's all buzzwords they operate with, soros funding anarchists is one of the statements they love to believe.

Read Baudrillard.

This is what will never stop bothering me. Some far rightists get so close to figuring things out, but because they refuse to accept that corporate dominance by a select group is a logical consequence of capitalism, they have to invent some nonsense Jewish conspiracy theory.

Now they label you as NPC. Which funny cause there all NPCs

I hope this will be on liveleak.

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Based and teal(I think that's the color for ego flag??)pilled


We should seriously bring back propaganda by the deed. I would do it if anarchists today approved of it

Yes, you fight the capitalist system, when you destroy capitalistic conusmer Goods, you stupid piece of shit! And grafitti is there to make a mark! In addition, i don't know an anarchist who buys "anarchist" merchandise, especially since that is not even possible… retard

And what have you done so far to harm the capitalist system?

Smashing windows and why that is a good thing >>>read more

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Women are actually the ones who consume the most, so right-wingers would be the ones, who take a lot of HRT pills …


You mean attacking mindless consumer-slaves? Yeah, they deserve it!

You have the same level of effort in discerning your targets.

this meem needs to die


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Slaves like you who don't do shit to free themselves from their chains and only talk and talk, piss me off the most! Kill yourself!

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By smashing garbage cans and windows anarchists are committing the cardinal sin of property damage, thus triggering capitalist apologists to no end. In this regard, anarchists did nothing wrong.
OP is spamming and we shouldn't be bumping this thread though.


Your mother is spamming my dick, faggot!

I doubt he's orchestrating all of it, but he does run the Open Society.. That's where the conspiracy comes from.

Shut the fuck up, you stupid nazi-soyboy and go back to pol to suck hitlers little dick!

Yeah, da jooo controls it allll!!

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Isn't he a globalist and not a communist? He wants a one world (one globe) system under the shittiest form of capitalism, which benefits his types and his types alone.

Actually this is what Zig Forums believes, don't crush their wet dreams, you cannot wake a bot.


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No one pays radical anarchists to do anything against 'capitalism' since radical anarchists never do anything against 'capitalism'.
Anarchist losers will get their shit kicked in by working class people who are trying to protect their communities whilst the 'anarchist' retard brigade stands for the values of free movement of labour and diversity of labour. Serving the direct interest of the largest corporations on the planet to further worker exploitation.

And these losers do it for free. Well, technically. Their leadership of humanities professors and various professional activists is getting their salaries paid as a direct consequence of the great interest taken in such fields by the various 'philanthropists' to further ideas and values that promote increased movements of labour and diversity of labour.
That's right, no one pays you for anything you bottom feeding gulag-bait. They pay your handlers who make sure someone is there to march when diversity and rainbow capitalism is at stake. The multi-billion dollar research and media grants all end up in someones pocket.

The only thing needed to realize the absurdity of the US anarchist LARP is this: Black bloc losers came out in droves to protest Trump. They would not have done so to protest Hillary. What gives?

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This has been the worst thread.

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No one knows what Zig Forums believes. Not even Zig Forums, because it changes constantly based on their opposition.

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I am not from america. The only losers are wageslave-bitches like you. These so called "antifacucks" are not anarchists! You are a stupid piece of shit and you should kill yourself! The wageslaves like you won't do shit and are getting kicked the shit in by us, faggot!

"Antifa are anarchists"
The thread

No, they are just betacucks and feminist-sluts!

And Black bloc is not a movement, it is a tactic… you are so stupid!

Not to mention weird trans. Look I don't necessarily hate them. But they kill that vibe you know I mean? I personally think we should destroy identity since being anti idpol isn't enough. Also because of those fucking fags and trans can quit flying those disgusting flags. Seriously quit that shit.


Literally no one claims that. Everything else is true and verifiable.

You're like the Jew that claims that "w-w-w-well the Levy brothers and Aaron Gomez jointly did not ship that many slaves between 1887 and 1905!"

Note the language the Capitalist uses, "jointly", but individually they were a massive slave importing behemoth.
Note the constricted years.
The Capitalist OP tries to discount everything else using his legalistic dishonest maneuvers by throwing a easy negative on the end.

No one called black bloc a movement. Learn how to read.

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This. Identity is pure ideology.

What incredible nonsense are you talking about? You are a Christian… Someone who is religious is brain-dead. Kill yourself!

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">Being so small brained that every instance of opposition you feel against your rhetoric gets interpreted as manifestation of the boogeyman you pathologically oppose no matter where it actually comes from."
Yeah thats what nazi-soyboys and christian-faggots like you do!
"No one called black bloc a movement. Learn how to read." You literally did, faggot!

Yes, they are disgusting retards and this whole idpol-bullshit needs to die!

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Hahahahahaha, those nigger hands.

you should try checking this dude called Marx out, I hear he's pretty wicked sick.

implying idpol is ever left

Yeah?!!! It is…

The rationale for property destruction only works if applied at a sufficient scale. Large multinational corporations generate staggering volumes of revenue. While it is true that smashing their windows will damage the businesses targeted by reducing their profit margins, the small size of the anarchist movement renders these attacks as harmful as flea bites to an elephant.

Imagine replying seriously to shitpost

Poster one: "Anarchist lifestylism and tactics are retarded"
Egoist flag: "Naaah, read moar!"
Poster two: "Here's the point of retardation in your tactics, retard."
Egoist flag: "I wuz just shitpoasting, honest."

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Got your internet connection last month, huh?

If you would stop gargling Marx's balls long enough to actually think for yourself, the actual significant players in the game aren't "business owners". They don't "lease the means of production" or whatever you Marxist bullshit phrasing in.

That's so far beneath the actual players in the game that they don't even think about "businesses". These are people who literally determine what the value of a currency is. They can crash entire economies simply by exchanging their currency for a different one. They make their money not even by trading stocks and investments themselves, because they can't even be assed to do that. They literally hire hundreds people to make all their stock market trades for them, who themselves likely never know what the businesses they're buying stock in make in the first place. Hell, they probably don't even know what the acronyms stand for. "Means of production" is so far beneath the level they work at, it's honestly pathetic to watch you people even speak about who consider to be a "porky".

This is all because absolutely everybody on the left derives their entire understanding of "business" and "economics" from some retard who was never a part of either, from the 1800s, who has done nothing but proven to be even more retarded since then as time goes on.

Grow the fuck up, you pathetic cultists.

These images always puzzle me, do faggots think that if rioters didn't topple trash cans or break windows that the people who do these jobs would land some cushy office gig or something?

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This. Like I said in another thread, the way to win over those autists is to weaponize the Porky meme so their low-intelligence conspiracy mentality gets transferred onto the "correct" subject.

"I'm a brainlet" - the post.

It puzzles me that this puzzles you. Do you think that if rioters didn't break windows the people who fix them wouldn't have a job or something?

Yea, the state hates needing reasons to ask for more money to hire extra workers & cops

Then what's the point of the comic? Are we to assume that the "image problem" with the left is because of some destroyed property and not the propaganda campaign waged by liberals for decades?

The state doesn't need a reason, they've been ramping up authoritarian measures for decades independently of smashie hooliganism. If you think they'd suddenly stop if a thousand or so niggas started behaving then you're a fool.