Just got Wolfi Landstreicher translation of Max Stirner...

Just got Wolfi Landstreicher translation of Max Stirner. I heard it's supposed to help a LOT with Stirner and what he was getting at. I knew Stirner only from memes though and like to think I knew what he was talking about. Has anybody else read Wolfi version? How has it helped? Also thoughts on Renzo Novatore?

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Nietzsche would have hated an Anarcho-Autist like Stirner lol. The creator of that image truly wasn't the brightest.

Lel, I posted because Stirner was speaking Spanish

I've read Stirner in German and he uses a lot of poetic, declamatory language. Whenever there is an English translation, it's probably flawed (same with the older Marx works). Although with Marx it isn't that bad because he uses very exact definitions for the terms he uses whereas Stirner … employs a lot of jiggering. No offense to the Stirnerites on this board

I haven't read it but The Unique and It's Property is regarded by most as being easier to read than Ego and It's Own, which I did read. Imo it's important to read Stirner's Critics after whichever translation you read because he elucidates on some points. The worst thing you can do is get your knowledge of Stirner from memes, but that goes without saying.

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I really like Novatore, he had an enjoyable style imo and his ideas are unique and maek you think, although I'm still a bit uneasy about his use of the word "aristocracy".

I've not read the new translation yet, but it's hard to get any worse than the old.

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Isn't super rare now?

I've read Wolfi's and the Cambridge translation, which is apparently a revised version of Byington's. They both have their merits, but I actually think I liked the Cambridge translation more. Wolfi's adds a bit more personality, he notes in his introduction that he wants to present Stirner as more of a "wise guy" than a "wise man." It might be a little more readable because of that. There are some phrasing choices that I'm not huge on, like instead of "spooks" he uses "phantasms" and instead of "wheels in you head" he uses "bats in your belfry." But another reason to read Wolfi's is because he also translated Stirner's Critics, which as states, is also very important and translation continuity only helps. (As a side note though, I think Feuerbach's Essence of Christianity is helpful to read for context on Stirner, and Marx's Saint Max is also worth a read as one of the more thorough critiques of Stirner).

Wolfi's translations has notes on almost every page addressing this. He's goes to great lengths explaining why he chose one translation of a poetic prose over another, and often gives what alternative meanings could also be.

Well that's good. Is there something like with Nietzsche? Since Novatore read both and want to do the same before I read of his writings

By the way the new translation is now on The Anarchist Library, if you want an epub version: theanarchistlibrary.org/library/max-stirner-the-unique-and-its-property

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I like Wolfi but no. It doesn't helps, it's the same shit only the memetic "spook" word was removed for "Phantasm".

honestly I'm gonna sound like an ass to Wolfi but the original is better. The new translation at least gave new life to the philosophy.

source: I read both books already. you're not missing anything from the new translation.

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its not easier. it's the same tbh.

Ego book > Unique book
simply because of the meme: spooks. almost nothing else is changed, you won't notice.

Why did he change spooks? Was he annoyed by the memes?

Iirc some german user said it was a closer translation

W-w-what Novatore mean by this? And why is it making me hot?

It means renzo had autogynophiliac fantasies about being a sex-positive feminist who masturbates to her own image in the mirror and balls loads of dudes while only loving herself.
I'm glad you all liked the shitty novatore translations from my insu days which were later falsely attributed to wolfi but i'm frankly regretful for feeding an ideology which I have come to despise

Yeah I was reading female and the one I posted above. It…was weird. Seriously I had to look around to see if anybody was behind me. It was quite nice otherwise.
Also insudays?

Renzo was trans
retweet if you agree

Nah autogynophilia ≠ dysmorphia. He wrote many more fantasies about being a sad tuffguy than being a hawt gurl.

Positions evolve over time. I still like Novatore as a poet. Anyway you should read the translations (corrected versions?) on sites.google.com/site/anarchyinitaly/ instead of the versions on anarchistlibrary that were scraped from my old scribd. I don't speak italian so it was all just dictionary+affinity.

I am enjoying Novatore ALOT right now. He's actually making me enjoy poets, I use to think they were all useless and boring as hell. But Novatore gave me a bit hope for them

because he thinks it's more accurate? it was a dumb decision it's not hard to figure out that by spooks Stirner means imaginary bullshit ideology.Imaginary fear.

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