Family matters

Reminder that dismantling families and the "bourgeois" family morality has lead to disaster in the early days of the revolution.
Reminder that there's literally nothing wrong with the current model of family and marriage.
Reminder to not listen to sjw dementia.

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We are not going to dismantle the family unit, it will wither under socialism.

Fucking lol though, where is this clip from? It's satire, r-right?

It's a well known fact that people tried to implement some insane models of "free society" in the early days of the revolution and only after Stalin took power the fun were shut down.

Aha, can you point me to your source of this ☘️well known fact☘️?

The family unit is being done away with under capitalism, because of the commodification of human relations. If anything, socialism will bring families to fulfill their true purpose.

Don't know what this means, but you're probably stoopid.

The obsession with so-called "leftists" for the destruction of the family unit is pure fetishism because they hate their parents. Family is healthy. This is obvious, as people with families live longer, have less mental illness, and are overall happier. The concept of family should be expanded, not eliminated.

Having a family is unfair to those who don't have families, and provides unequal outcomes because of unequal starting conditions. People need to be raised by the state and have proper morals and views instilled by them, instead of being left to the devices of whatever stupid shit their parents indoctrinate them into.

…aaaaand this is how we know the thread was started by some Zig Forumsyp.

Yes the bourgoise family is so good. Can't wait to be alienated from my parents because "muh buy a new home" and live there with a woman that shits on son from the vag (two cost too much) that we both don't have the time to raise (don't forget to work overtime) so we have to hire a babysitter or leave him to school or shit and he grows lonely and smokes crack but hey who knew about it. Too busy working to watch the only son in our disgregatet, isolated "family".
You are a fucking moron and the flag is appropriate for you small sized brain. Not strange idiots like you fap over DRUDISSHUN but know shit about family history. Hint: it was very different between time and places before capitalism got a stranglehold everywhere. Now go read a book or kill yourself fag


muh family unit is the number one enabler of child abuse because it encourages you to think of children as the property of their parents. The bourgeois family needs to be destroyed in order to give people freedom.

That's a weird use of the word fetishism… Tell me about your mother, user.
Anyway, I don't see any obsession with "destroying the family unit" anywhere. We Marxists see the family as a product of our time - it has never been the same over a longer period of time since we evolved from primitive communism.
Yes, the commune will again be our family.

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The dialectic is in motion

Back to Zig Forums retard, read Marx and get redpilled on your shitty boomer nuclear family worship.

Whatever (insert random shit OP likes) is proletarian and whatever hurts muh feels is bourgeois.

Also wrong.

…Plato's a commie overlord now, huh?

Anyone that thinks a child carrying you and your family's genetics is interchangeable with a child from someone else and that communal child rearing will be viable were just latchkey kid that were emotionally neglected.

Lol, more leftcom brainlets.

100% agree OP. Too bad sjw red liberals who hate their parents and project that hatred onto everyone else feel the need to destroy something good.

are there any statistics that say adopted children "turn out" worse? otherwise I'm calling bullshit. we also have no really good examples of communal rearing in modern times outside of maybe the kibbutz movement or communal daycares in the soviet union. As it is, children spend the majority of their childhood in school, a form of "communal living", and we somehow see that as acceptable even though the child almost rarely sees his parents and if he does he sees them after work when their mental resources have already been taxed. Latchkey kiddism is part and parcel of the modern family. Also, historically some native american tribes like the cherokee incorporated children just fine, as for example when they forced the murderer into their family in exchange for the life of the one they took.

famulus is latin for slave/servant
And this is especially true, if both your parents are manic-depressive violent alcoholics
Don't force your picture perfect ideals upon everyone
Some people should not be allowed to breed

not an argument

While OP's post is itself is a 3/10 troll the quotes around "'bourgeois' family" are particularly silly, given that the nuclear family conceived of by most as "normal" is in fact a very recent invention, but that clip looks like prime trolling material.

Let's see what we rope in:

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Oops, honestly the filter should keep a trivial search from leading right back here, though.

I'm in complete agreement, but I think that people should be open to children living with their parents for longer periods of time (and vice versa as the parents age).

Well, there is the plain fact that it is a physical impossibility to maintain when a single wage is incapable of fully supporting two adults and 2.5 children. Being impossible for most individuals would most certainly qualify as something wrong with it.

1. belief that every adult (or most every adult) has the right to make babies and then raise them to adulthood, barring extreme circumstances, is harmful
2. belief that women should be mothers is harmful
3. belief that the biological parents of a child are the best to raise it is harmful
4. forced birth policies are harmful
5. opposition to eugenics is harmful

Family is a spook and natalism is a curse

No it won't, non-capitalist societies also had nuclear families as the dominant form of familial organization. The fact that capitalism may have promoted the nuclear family in the west does not mean it is inherently tied to capitalism.

Nice bait.

A weak Zig Forums bait. Both Marx and Lenin was firmly against 'free love', and what later became the Sexual Revolution.

Opposition of original communist and Stalin on that issue is entirely false.

Wrong, but the most right model of family and marriage was in the Soviet Union.

ackshewally some of us are pushed the other way and long to create those family relationships we never had growing up