Attention comrades! We may be turning to a new chapter in our history of the United Soviet Socialist Chans with a...

Attention comrades! We may be turning to a new chapter in our history of the United Soviet Socialist Chans with a thread on leftypol for the discussion of moderation. Come voice your opinion! Let the Red and Black unite once more against Body Odor!

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Sorry for double post

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I don't care about moderation.
Zig Forums is filled with reddit and all the good old posters left, that shithole is as good as dead and no amount of moderation (or lack thereof) can fix it.

What is actually happening on leftypol at the moment? From the looks of it nobody seems to know what is going on.

Who cares? This comfy to watch.

It's not that complex.
>one vol makes this LARP post >>>Zig Forums2655743 in that same thread
>same vol makes thread claiming there's a "coup" against the BO and that all the other vols support it (which is retarded because even if all the vols supported it (which they didn't) there's no way for them to remove BO), >>>Zig Forums2655933

Isn't there someone that can actually remove BO? I forgot what position it was.

site admin. but he doesn't care.

Why doesn't he care?

Because only his precious Zig Forums was enough to betray Hotwheels' principles and reach down from global to stop ImKampfy from destroying Zig Forums. Stupid board should've been allowed to die in the mire of stormnigger torture chamber rulecuckery.

aside from what this user mentioned, the site admin and the site OWNER are actually right-wing trumptards who are happy to see the left-wing community on Zig Forums die out. ffs, the Zig Forums twitter page openly promotes the Q conspiracy.

This is clearly a reactionary coup attempt by rightist elements against the immortal leadership of Marxism-Leninism-BOism.

Don't forgot us liberals

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It's like pottery.

man, im surprised at how many people seem to have never noticed that hotwheels abandoned the site to Jim and Ron a couple years ago.

also, vote time:

Hotwheels has been gone for like years dude. And he only really liked nazis because Stormfags were the only people who would publish his article on why it sucks to be born with brittle bone disease and that it probably would have been good to prevent his piece of shit father from having kids by incentivizing him to get sterilized. hotwheels had a rough life

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This++ but I'm not going to bother myself with saging

You mean Dengist BOism?

22 to 6

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>not a cynical maneuver to rope in boomers after we ran out of /r/T_D & /r/Socialism rapefugees from reddit

Even ignoring this level of newfaggotry, what Hotwheels supported was free speech on the principle of badly hotpocketed boards naturally dying off as new boards are formed by diaspora, global mods intervening with Zig Forums was a gross violation of that principle. Really, halfchan legacy boards shouldn't have been allowed in the first place.

MELA (make eugenics leftwing again)

The Coup failed. BO removed the mod who unbanned everyone.
Remember that in a few Months Zig Forums will fall apart. First the few remaining leftcoms will leave, than the Anarchists, and eventually the anti-revisionist M-Ls will go to /marx/ and then the board will be nearly dead and the revisionist twitter/reddit trannies will go back to where they came. All that will be left is a cold desolate board, who’s only remberence is people asking “What If The Coup Succeeded?” over and over on

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