Voluntary idpol containment thread

Please post your idpol arguments here/take your idpol arguments and talking points here and exclusively here so it doesn't derail other threads or monopolize the board. AoC, MRA, SJW, whatever.
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Who here would be in favor of state sponsored I Q tests and incentives from the state for smarter couples to reproduce?

I just want the gubberment to pay for my titty pills. Is that so wrong?

We must support the right of gender fluid people to have custody rights to their kids on the days they identify as fathers, even if they knocked up the mother when she was 15.


Yes, because “tits” don’t objectively exist. The difference between “tits” and “not tits” is extremely vague and subjective comrade.

Wait, so that would mean that pretty much everybody should GTFO, right?

This. One or a few are fine, but there are WAY too many of these threads in the catalog:

As opposed to, for instance, the following two, that were more like a real thread, with a link in the OP and a specific topic, rather than just "DAE X IdPol":

I'm fine with wholly voluntary eugenics enforced entirely by soft sociocultural pressure, especially for something uncontrovertial, for instance Dawkins' "If your kid has Downs' Syndrome, abort and try again". But state incentives are almost invariably a bad idea, especially for something fuzzy like IQ.

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We must critically support pedobear against the imperialism of the heterosexual male head of household…


What is the Pencil Test, Alex?

Agreed that the latter two threads you link are okay since they're about specific political events.

Hi, im a leftist and i really hate niggers and refuse to consider them apart of any leftist movement. Ive done nothing to help my local community but study vast esoteric theory. Ultimately leftism is purely an aesthetic choice for me, as im comfortably middle class with time to kill on the internet.

Anybody else get the feeling consistency regarding idpol is actually rare, like really everyone is usually more biased towards certain forms of idpol opposed to others regardless of what they say. That's why you have red conservatives on one end calling themselves anti idpol while being some of the biggest idpolers on the left and people like Bat'ko/Muke on the other. So yeah I just honestly don't give a single fuck about being anti idpol anymore and can freely admit that I am much more biased against radical/liberal feminists, ethno nationalists/racialists, tradcons, etc while being sympathetic to varying degrees in regards to incels, MRA/M.G.T.O.W., and even some LGBT shit.

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they try to always say that it isn't relevant by showing it's relevancy somehow. it's ironic. full circle. Thats why i don't even talk about it but when i see a black man getting told that he is "out of his cotton picking mind" I find it obvious that the person using that slur is a racist. I don't give a fuck about that exactly, I give a fuck that he is in a position of power where he shouldn't at all for the convenience of the laborer in general whatever his race. To hell with racists.

Absolutely. Usually in the "idpol is terrible and by the way this label and this label will be vaporized in the revolution" fashion.
Every positive idpol can be replaced with "imagine no labels," on the other hand.

I think this is mostly due to a concept of idpol that's too vague to be useful. It's very easy to interpret "identity politics is bad" as "I don't want to be bothered with problems that other people deal with, but my problems are still important to me." There's also just the fact that not all idpol issues are created equally since they're a hodgepodge of whatever was convenient for the institutions that enacted them.

I make the distinction that racism or other institutionalized discrimination (explicit or implicit) is itself idpol (since idpol is basically just shaping politics based on idenity), and that addressing it is not necessarily idpol (because idpol has created material problems). For instance it's not necessarily idpol if you talk about how cops disproportionately target black people or how courts give men harsher sentences or LGBTs are more likely to get fired or refused service. Where it becomes idpol is where you advocate for discrimination based on these identities as a reaction to the issues. You see this some in BLM, in the men's rights movement, and with some LGBT people. There's always going to be this reactionary element hiding in any movement focusing on a specific identity. If you're going to do something about problems like that you have to be on guard for people who want "the pedulum to swing the other way" and for currently disadvantaged people to gain certain advantages, rather than removing the structure of disparity/discrimination altogether.

Of course, if you merely discuss these sorts of issues without the context of capitalism, you ignore the underlying structure that allows them to happen in the first place. Put anti-idpol in the radical context of abolishing hierarchies, and if you exercise some basic critical thinking it should be pretty apparent what sorts of ideas are idpol reaction to idpol instead of anti-idpol subversion of idpol. Just ask whether the ideas if put into practice would support fair and equal treatment of people as individuals instead of as stereotypical examples of some group arbitrarily defined by people in power.

I'd say I generally agree with these, I just being hardline anti idpol fell out of fashion due to the what you would say is a "vague concept of idpol" and the fact that not all idpols are equal and this is intersubjective. Even Unruhe who bashes LGBT idpol and woke ethnonationalism all the time still seems weary to give the same treatment to radical feminists

It's not so much a feeling as a fact, the anti-idpol label here is increasingly used to support nationalists and social conservatives to own the libs. I've come to the belief that it is possible to work with idpol and that idpol without any class solidarity or consiousness is ultimately a failure of the left to tie issues faced by such folks to the class struggle or incorporate such issues into action that will help them in the short term.

This thread stinks CIA niggery.

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Guys have been saying that since 2015, but it has never become a real issue. Whenever faggots start in with that shit (usually Zig Forums trying to be slick entryists) they invariably get told to fuck off. That is a sufficient response.

I actually like the eugenics programs of the Nazis outside of anti-miscegenation laws and race autism