Good night USA, your time is over!

Good night USA, your time is over!

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Quality thread needs quality theme

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Contributing, song about the only people that have ever beat the US in a war

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This pic is hot ;p

At least post something good

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shit thread

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You are the biggest faggot, you porkydick sucking bootlicker! Fuck you and your incest family! You will bleed in the gulag!

I just wanted to keep it Red Alert themed.

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What a faggot!

Calm your autism, comrade!

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"Autism" no "autism" is a gift, sweetie!

Can you repeat that again in English?

can you take your meds?

No, they just make you submissive and stupid, don't you realize that when you always take your drugs?

Oh i see…

This is like the guy who says 'omg you have no life' to anyone that beats him at COD

this is one of the guys who plays games like CoD


Oh man, ya nailed me alright.

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at least your taste in animu isn't total garbage




Don't you have homework or something?


Hello, I am a communist not because I understand Dialectical Materialism, but because I played Red Alert once.

So because you take a picture from a videogame for a thread, means for you that you don't understand dialectical materialism? By the way, you should learn english!

So far you've shitposted a bunch of semi-coherent insults and nothing else. What's he supposed to think?

You started it. And you do not always have to change your emblem,I know that you're always the same guy … :D

nope, i am the other guy

Yeah, and i am the other other guy…

How low can you go?

Konosuba is 100% garbage.

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