Why the fuck is every major US website and app pushing for its users to vote? What gives?

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Because voting is supposed to be a proof you a responsible citizen that cares about the country and shit.
Don't you want to be a good citizen OP? Also we need to stop the Blumpfian fascism.

To improve pathetic voter turnout

Capitalism currently relies on the lure of electoral politics to pacify the population, by channeling working class discontent into organizing for elections rather than direct action class interests are subsumed to the maintenance of the state.

Probably to push the notion that if you don't vote for one of the two interchangeable asspuppets who have promised to fuck things up even further, you don't care and have no right to bitch when they fuck things up.

Because voting validates the system. The legitimacy of liberal democracy is falling apart in the eyes of the public for a lot of different reasons, and they need an injection of voter enthusiasm to keep the show going.

An actual Brewster's Millions "None of the Above" campaign might actually take off.

Higher Voter Turnout gives the Burger Political System more legitimacy.

Less conspiratorial answer that doesn't imply all capitalists are consciously working together (shame on you guys), higher turnout means better Democrat chances and all the tech companies are sick of Trump's administration attacking them and giving them bad press (their business suffers when America is more hated internationally). So encouraging more people to vote is likely to mean more Blue seats in Congress and the Senate.

This, also the sheer fact the message is online means that those affected are more likely to vote Democrat, the party the tech monopolies are (literally) banking on.

The damage Trump did can’t be undone. Everyone outside of Burgerland now sees us for he Empire we are. Everyone in the Blue dots hates themselves for being Americans. And everyone in the red see hates everyone who isn’t them. Comrade Trump’s work is done, regardless of who wins in November. Let us rejoice. Also most importantly American-Tirkish relations are permanently down the gutter, so the next administration will continue supporting the YPG. And that’s what really matters.

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Because if it's guaranteed that everybody votes, any given candidate just has to convince the voter he's the least of a few evils instead of convincing the voter to vote at all. This means every candidate can give the capitalist class more or less everything while giving the voters choice over paper-thin differences.

Democarps and Rebublicans are just part of the ruling aparatus. To say that the Democrats choose something is the same as saying that the US Army "chose" to invade panama. They are funded and controlled by the capitalists, their leaders are all either capitalists or employed by capitalists, and yes, capitalists do get together in cringy societies to plot. since you are probably some red democrat who wandered here from plebbit i'll give you the just of it:

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Anyone notice this little message you cant clear under left wing news channels on youtube?

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I'm not sure if you know this or not, but that's not a real Marx quote, and spreading that image is not helpful. Using Zig Forums tier rhetoric ("dude cucks lmao") doesn't turn it against them or bring anyone new to socialism, it just legitimizes Zig Forums's use of it.

Wow, what a revelation! And yet no mention of CIA/FBI ties for CNN, let alone wholesale state mouthpieces like BBC and Al-Jazeera.

they do have the same message for Al-Jazeera but not the BBC.
but whats really funny is Telesur is labeled as being funded by the "Latin-American government" which doesn't even exist

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One thing I wi;; never understand about them is why are they ran by radlibs, when Quatar is a very conservative country, with an even more conservative government. You’d thing they’d promote conservatism, and say Muslims and Christians should work together towards conservatism.

Why isn’t the same message here about PBS being funded in whole or by part by the American government?

Al-Jazeera promoting a radlib agenda in the west doesn't mean they are radlibs. They want westerners to be radlibs. Their tone in arabic is very different

Because America is a force for good in the world and our media is the mouth of truth, you dumb prole

What about the BBC?

Most of the "get out and vote" messages appear in places they will be seen mostly by demographics that vote Democratic. (I.E. in iphone apps that no fucking boomer would ever use) It's a way to increase Democratic voter turnout without explicitly telling people to vote Democratic.

What does large negro dick got to do with anything?

What's the difference in Arabic? I've never heard this before but its interesting

Google something like 'al jazeera arabic vs english'.

Legitimize the rule of capital by crediting the election outcome