Virgins Rise Up

Even if this guy flashed his dick in some Puerto Rican girl’s face 40 years ago, who cares. Liberalism is a mind virus. Combat Liberalism. Combat Feminism.

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Combat incels.
Hourly reminder that Bernie would have won.

Ok? This level of deflection is extremely characteristic of you slippery "anti-sjws".

Trite, antiquated phrases like “women hold up half the sky” are typical of soc dems and typical liberals.

Those were all quotes from comrade Mao.

From his weaker moments. Combat Liberalism is from the revolutionary period and ergo more authentic Mao Zedong Thought.


If not, it’s CIA false flagging.

In May 1975, Redstockings, a radical feminist group, published a report that Steinem and others put together on the Vienna Youth Festival and its attendees for the Independent Research Service.[96][97] Though she acknowledged having worked for the CIA-financed foundation in the late 1950s and early 1960s in interviews given to the New York Times and Washington Post in 1967 in the wake of the Ramparts magazine CIA exposures (nearly two years before Steinem attended her first Redstockings or feminist meeting), Steinem in 1975 denied any continuing involvement.[98]

In her book "My Life On The Road", Steinem spoke openly about the relationship she had with "The Agency" in the 1950s and 1960s. While popularly pilloried because of her paymaster, Steinem defended the CIA relationship, saying: "In my experience The Agency was completely different from its image; it was liberal, nonviolent and honorable."[99]

Made by incel gang

Feminism is liberalism. Selectively choosing Mao quotes to push an agenda is liberalism. Mao is not liberalism.

we have a containment thread for this until porchmonkey fucked it up

eventually I grew to hate them

eat me

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Kavanaugh is a war criminal, sexual misconduct is smalltime.

Mao may have cared about women's lib but he didn't throw low status men under the bus like you're proposing the left do either, you gynocentric faggot. The party actually set up consensual arranged marriages for young men who had trouble in those areas in order to bring them into the movement, so if you're gonna quote Mao in order to support your arguments you better tell the whole fucking story

You know that isnt even that much of a bad idea.

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I have not made any such proposal. My problem is not with "low status men", but with the incel community and misogynist mentality.
I quoted Mao because OP used a picture of Mao and referenced Mao's Combat Liberalism to lend authority to his position, without knowing what the fuck Mao means by liberalism.

Just get a sex doll and wait for artificial wombs to become a reality.

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shouldn't you be shitting on Jim's Bootyblasted Baby Boomer Board?

Like hell it doesn’t.

Mao's best contributions were a bunch of quotes, which is perhaps the single most liberal thing ever.

Confirmed! Liberals on suicide watch.

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No, his best contribution was organizing to effectively fight the Empire of Japan while Chaing and his nationalists shit themselves.

how the FUCK are quotes "liberal" ?
I'd like some of whatever you're smoking !

No need to fight they should have collaborated. You can't hug your children with nuclear arms, kids

this. The thing radlibs with red coating do not understand is that if one truly advocates for equality he cannot be for it only for one side. Radlibs love to talk shit of male problems, especially emotional ones, and whoever criticize this narrative is an incel/virgin/mysoginist/whatever. And then they wonder why people are getting fed up with this shit. The tragic thing is that there are people who truly believe in man/woman equality and these faggots ruin everything by ostracizing discussion about male problems. Even worse, when these people (correctly) point out that gender/sex related problems are a result of capitalism and useless to fight outside class struggle, when they then proceed to deride men and solely focus on women problem without ever admitting those of man (the most they can admit is anger issues or whatever) they are basically framing males as partecipating in a system that by default gives them not only an higher status but that somewhat solves their problems, and this is very damaging.
I hate the mysoginist "incels" or whatever as much as the female supremacists, but as the female supremacist ride on the wave of PC liberal culture that says a "minority" (since when women were a minority I'd love a liberal to answer) is always oppressed no matter what, the male chauvinist also have their wave to ride on, a wave of ignored problems that makes them go through slippery slopes until they want "muh traditional family" or "muh state appointed gfs" or some shit, feminists try to paint these people as evil but they are not some ganondorf minions rubbing their hands, they are literally the male counterpart of the feminists. Both feed into each other paranoia also.

Regardless of that feminist bitch, Kavanaugh is a piece of shit.

You’re a piece of shit.

So show me where in the thread I did anything like the things you claim us "radlibs" do, and show me where OP or anyone else complained about any male problems.
The only thing OP has done was whine about feminism, which makes it pretty obvious that he's part of the "mysoginist incels".
If any of you fucks actually bothered to listen to what any feminists have to say, you'd know most of them adress issues that relate to problems men experience. As a lot of them like to say, liberation for women is liberation for both.

so if I'm not a black supremacist, I am a racist? Why does feminism has this special aura that it can't be criticized because if you do you hate women. Feminism is not about equality because it doesn't recognize male as human beings with problems; for feminists males that have problems are "dysfunctional" (thus the constant dehumanization of "incels" "virgins" etc) becaue it sees men as conspiring agents that collaborate to oppress women. No, feminists do not address issues that relate to men problems if they are not related to possible female experience, sure as hell not in mainstream discourse. Of course I am not talking about "average joe feminists" since the word for a lot of people means "equality", but feminist political movement are an agenda to sway mental energy from capitalism in a supremacy scheme based on destroying an ideal magical oppressor. No, iberation for women is not liberation for both, liberation of both is liberation of both. But I can see how a radlib like you can't even understand such a basic concept. The very thing that you jumped in this thread scraming incels at "anti-sjws" is what makes you so, but you can't even look past your nose without seeing mysoginist incels so I do not expect you to really understand that real equality is not working for only one group while being paranoiac and hateful towards the other.

Who says it can't be? OP didn't give a critique of feminism, he said "combat feminism" and "virgins rise up".
Which feminist figureheads or otherwise can you point to who convey this message?
Citation fucking needed.
I just realized your entire rant is too retarded to waste too much time on, so I'm peacing out.

Back to r/the_donald, faggot.

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