Idpol needs to die! It does not benefit the workers and only helps the bourgeoisie to retain its power!

Idpol needs to die! It does not benefit the workers and only helps the bourgeoisie to retain its power!

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How does it help the Porkies retain their Power that there are People fighting for the Oppressed in more than just Class Struggle?

Agreed OP. Fuck off back to r/socialism all you snowflakes here.

Because workers are all oppressed, not because of their gender or skin color, but because of the capitalist class system!

Because in our current predicament it isn't "more than just" it's "in place of".

So you are just denying that racism and sexism even exist?

I don't see any reason why you can't fight multiple types of oppression at the same time.
So what are you talking about with
"in our current predicament" then?

Agreed. Divide and conquer has been the preferred tactic by exploiters throughout human history and capitalism is no exception. Friendly reminder that some of the originators of anti-class idpol in the '70s were on the CIA payroll.

Women, black and white men have the same right to be wageslaves… so yeah, sexism and racism are not really the issue…

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It does but you cannot get rid of it in a capitalist system. Any attempt to "smash" it will be futile since the system itself is structured in a way that fed "isms" into it and at most you can guarantee that discriminatory laws like segregation/apartheid don't get passed but that's it.

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So you think that based on the fact that they are struggling because of their class, their additional struggle is null and void?

But you don't need any fundamental change in System to discourage or even completely abolish racism and sexism.
The problem is that assholes like you still don't want to help your fellow comrades in their struggle against their oppression.
Because since you seemingly have not faced that kind of oppression you are ignorant of it.

Why not both? I would argue that idpol is a lesser form of “oppression” in comparison to capitalism of course but I don’t think anyone can deny their existence

There is even a law that forces companies to have a women's quota for leader positions, so what kind of sexism or racism do you mean?

According to your logic, men would be the oppressed gender… But the real problem is that there are companies in private hands!

Yes. You do.
Read a fucking book, retard.

Oh, the irony.
I'm literally a minority but go on, lecture me on oppression.
I bet you are one of those faggy pasty soyboys.

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We're all agreed, OP, but did you REALLY need to make another generic anti-idpol thread outside the containment?

Because there are two types of idpol oppression, explicitly idpol (such as laws permitting or requiring segregation, redlining, hiring discrimination, etc.) and implicitly idpol. Capitalism, in order to function, inherently requires that capitalists be given unaccountable power to arbitrarily refuse people credit, housing, jobs, raises, promotions, etc.. Since the oppression inherent to capitalism could be motivated by the non-idpol evil of capitalism, by idpol, or both, capitalist oppression and implicit idpol oppression under capitalism are practically and legally indistinguishable.

Since basically all explicit idpol was eliminated by legal reformism in many decades ago, and implicit idpol is IMPOSSIBLE to fight in any way other than by fighting capitalism, this means idpol is useless at best, class-collaborationist porky sabotage of leftism at worst.

Contrariwise, under socialism (with laws against explicit idpol), someone could be as racist/sexist/whatever as they please, but since there is no class oppression inherent to socialism, there would be no camouflage within which such motivations could implicitly do harm to others.

How do you propose to do that? Censorship? Brainwashing? Mass surveillance? Cultural vanguard? Even if your goal were possible it isn't, even if such tools of cultural enforcement wouldn't be perverted to destroy you they always are, what is the real purpose? Are you trying to eliminate harmless wrongthink, or are you trying to actually prevent harm?

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Say what you want about left*pol, at least these shitty zero effort anti-idpol threads get rightfully anchored/deleted


if you like it so much there why are you here?

I use both, and both have flaws specific to each other.

…you're technically right in the US, with the phrase "all persons born," but it basically doesn't mean a damn thing.

What a faggot! Gulags were developed for cucks like you!

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Idpol feminists deny that sexism against men exists. How can we be equal if feminism fights to keep female privilege intact?


Agreed OP. Death to IdPol! It is cancer of the left!


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In the eyes of the ordinary man IDpol and SJW fanaticism is ridiculous. They are an embarrassment and most want no association with them.