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To the anarchists of Zig Forums. It's the year 1936 Spain, you just witnessed the social revolution in Barcelona, you have never been happier in your entire life. You and your comrades march dangerously enthusiastically to Zaragoza. But you must cross the province of Aragon to get there first! While you travel across Aragon you liberate dozens of villages. The peasants and workers there are confused, why are their men with red and black hats walking around? People there no nothing of Anarchism, only church and work. One of the peasants has heard the rumors that anarchists burnt down churches the villager being extremely Catholic is at outrage. The rest don't seem to care, but they still think you want to spread total chaos(anarchy)

So my question is, how are you going to explain Anarchism or Anarchist Communism or any other form you may like egoism feminism etc etc. How are you going to explain to a simple layman, not just a layman but an entire village of them. And of course the angry villager. Will you give a fiery speech on how god doesn't exist? Or how capital exploits them?

Hope you lads enjoy it. Thanks in advance

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Step 1 : travel far kill Stalin.

Nah. I'd just tell them to accept the rule of no one. Hopefully, to try to rule no one either, but if we can't get that, none of the ruled accepting the rule of another will sort it out - anarchy + destructive chaos -> eventually just anarchy.
We can spare the parts about cooperation for when they're hungry.

Even if I'm a new atheist, I have no problem with people worshipping whatever god they want, as long as they keep it to themselves.

Religion as such is not a problem, if that means you believe in god, the problem is organised religion; i.e: religion and politics as one entity. The quakers are probably the best example of religious communism/anarchism.

Long-story-short: Feel free to believe in whatever god of your choice as much as you want, just don't pretend the commune has to abide by your rules nor support your religion.

I'm surprised not one single anarchist has tried to assassinate him

I don't know how I'd talk to early-mid 20th century Spanish workers, but most people these days receive anarchist ideas fairly well if you take the time to have a conversation with them. I have no idea how to talk to an entire town at once during a revolution, but at this point that seems less of an immediate issue than organizing with other workers in our currently existing situation.

That we know of.

You de-spook peasants completely in one speech. It takes some time, especially when it comes to faith. However I have bigger problem than if somebody believes in god or not. Man, my milk is not selling!


This is the kind of situation where it makes the most sense to fall back on slogans like "power to the people". Explain the basics that these institutions are stealing from them and are basically bandits who figured out a sustainable theft model.

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It wasn't necessary to preach anarchism to the [email protected] in Aragon, they were class conscious and the majority in the region were overwhelmingly sympathetic to anarchism, many were already CNT militants and they independently declared libertarian communism in the region of their own accord. It was the antifascist transitional government that forcibly dissolved the anarchist CRDA, arrested CNT militants and reimposed republican government.

this. Aragon and Catalonia were probably some of the least catholic-cucked regions of Spain. The north would be a completely different question

I found the land owner/bourgeois

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Why milk? Seriously if Stirner had started any other thing OTHER THAN MILK! It wouldn't have failed, like a stogie shop, would be nice. Also sorry your gonna have to collectivize that milk shop wh*Te boi

If you're not highly critical of faith-based - i.e. bad - epistemology, why even call yourself a new atheist?

Mega milk pleases the ego

You appear to not understand what an anarchist is. You arent an anarchist simply because you believe what anarchists write about. You arent even an anarchist if you try to start a revolution based on the beliefs of anarchists. You are an anarchist if you write something which adds to the theories of anarchism. You are an anarchist if you add to the body of work by anarchists. Any idiot can tell you they are an anarchist. It takes writing a whole book of theoretical positioning to actually prove you are an anarchist. Anyone can read what the anarchists wrote but very very few people can prove they are anarchists. Simply believing in anarchism does not make you an anarchist

Most Peasants in Spain supported the Anarchist. Many villages in Anarchist areas voluntarily abolished money. The only people in the villages who were against the Anarchists were landlords.

If you want to do milk, you should do milk.

No offense, but what have you written?

Don't listen to him OP he just uploaded 5 pages to the anarchist library and thinks he's big.
So starting a revolution won't make me one? But writing a book does? What?

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While there was certainly a substantial strain of atheism among the CNT-FAI, most of the anger against churches and priests in Spain was political in nature, as the Catholic church in Spain at that time was infamous as a ruthless conduit of exploitation, profiteering, and class war. The priests executed during the war weren't primarily executed for being priests, but for being traitors to their countrymen.

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What is the anarchist stance on revolutionary terror? Should porkies and counterrevolutionaries be repressed? What mechanisms and bodies should be used to carry this out?

Depends on the anarchist. For my part I think the best solution to reaction is to distribute arms to the poor so they can stop or deter counterrevolution as close to the source as possible. Counterrevolutionaries tend to be cowardly. They'll probably want to limit the capacity of the people to defend themselves before trying anything overtly violent. Don't give them that chance.

Good think I know Spanish

So you are in favour of repression, but by armed workers rather than a professional police force like the Cheka?


what said

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Propaganda by the deed
I still don't know why we stopped doing this.

Street circus between skinheads and COINTELfa is retarded, but I'd certainly be down for assassinating porkies and bombing oil terminals.

Don't porkies love to have huge parties or meetings and dinners? I remember seeing a picture if a bunch of them on a looong table

Semantics aside, you believe in the use of force to keep porkies and their lackeys from organizing and acting politically correct?

No, only from performing violent acts, like said:

We gotta get our shit straight. What the fuck is fighting a bunch internet Nazis gonna do? I mean yeah were still gonna do it. While also sending a message, funny enough propaganda by the deed will probably bring anarchism back from the dead

What do you suggest, then? Kill all religious people?

I'm not saying you cannot vehemently criticize religion, but going full terrorist on them isn't gonna help eradicate religion. Quite the opposite.

This is actually pretty interesting. We can't certainly explain anarchists thought in one speech. I think that certain people should stay in the village and give speeches and educate the villagers either after their done working or before. Or whenever the villagers like to.

the CNT are Lilith in human form that massacred Carlist Basques (who are already an ethnic minority in Spain and France), saged for poor choice of pics

Do I have to remind you who bombed Guernica? Also
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There's no reason to convince people or 'raise awareness', people are conditioned to believe whatever reality tunnel they were programmed with by the other mammals in the same 30 mi radius they grew up in.

You're never going to convince anyone. If you really want/need to you can use a chemical agent like LSD or mushrooms to break down previous impressions and make a new imprint, but if that is not someone's volitional act of strength to grow then it will backfire and the new program won't take.

Otherwise people are conditioned to violently shitsling and reject anything new, because we are mere primates.

My best advice is preach to yourself and convince yourself more and more. This way you build an attractive personal power & if other people happen to hear and agree, then all the better.

Only insofar as "keep porkies and their lackeys from organizing and acting politically" constitutes aggression. In other words, for defensive purposes. They're free to lose their class status and be just another worker. They're free not to participate in the system and not receive reciprocity. They're free to fuck off and try capitalism elsewhere. They're not free to take public property or otherwise attack the commune or whatever political unit we're talking about. And if the people are all armed and basically trained the counter-revolution is not going to get much farther than shouting about how it was better (for them) before.

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Not enough.

You tell them the truth, that religion is just a mind controlling program of the rulers and the state an instrument of the rulers to enslave the population!

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