Is it me or are capitalists believing their own propaganda and out of touch...

Is it me or are capitalists believing their own propaganda and out of touch. I mean how is this editorial comic suppose to make Corbyn look bad?

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They got tricked by the real marxists.

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WTF I love Corbyn now!


Silly, Fukuyama said we have no future, that we live in the final chapter of human civilization.

Some of us remember the future.

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Obviously because Garl Margs is inherently scary.

The modern press works like a hugbox enabler, not like propaganda. Thus, knowing that their audience is right wing, they make something they'd consume.

TFW he was right, except because the chapter ends with political, economical, Climate and nuclear Finale of the human race

Even Fukuyama isn't Fukuyamaist hehe *sniff* *pulls t-shirt*

I think the key here is that Marx is supposedly outdated.

But he was definitely wrong. Even he admits it. The end of the USSR did not spell an end to socialism. In fact, we're seeing a rebirth. You may not know it now, but we are living in a very special time in history.

Where? Communist parties have a slight increase in membership over the past three years, but other than that?

Marx was outdated before he even passed away, and communists haven't evolved in the slightest since then.

For capitalism literally a year in the future is too far forward to consider, CEOs and bankers only give a shit about what they can slash and burn to sell off this year, doesn't matter if the whole thing falls apart the next. Apple doesn't want consumers to realise that their $1000 Taiwanese piece of shit will be purposefully obsolete in 6 months, every new product is the final, ultimate one that is the culmination of the march of progress, except the next one.

This is how retarded you sound, because you make absolutely zero distinction between the type of people who's business is their money maker, and the type of people who buy enough shares in a company to slash and sell it for a quick buck. And yes, EVEN THOSE people look VERY far into their own future. They just don't give a shit about the future of the company they're selling.

That is not what Fukyama meant back in 1991, he meant the all challengers to capitalism died with the Soviet Union thus western bourgeois democracy as it existed in 1991 was been proven correct and can never be challenged till the heat death of the universe. That the western world of 2091 would have the same political economy as 1991.

Yes, I know that, just saying that even his view of looking 100 years in the future would be considered outlandish now, the people in charge of our world don't look more than a few years at best ahead, primarily driven by their bonus structure.

YES, they certainly do, if they can golden parachute their way to another company to break down for parts.

Why are boomers criticizing the one thing they did right?

The Middle East. Islamists are loosing influence and the youth is turning red.

Literally where outside Rojava

Iraq just had huge protests against unemployment and austerity.

i want to be optimistic but unless those protesters were specifically advocating for socialism then i'm skeptical

Even just "relatively liberal enough to avoid being captured by ethnic sectarians like in Egypt" would be great

This is disturbingly retarded.
Exactly how many "CEO" jobs do you think exist within a given country?
Do you know how it looks for a CEO when the business he was managing gets totally "scrapped"?
Do you know the difference between a CEO, a shareholder, and what a share is?
Who do you think does the "scrapping" in the first place, and why?

You're not going to find these answers in any of your shitty Marxism books.

Gee, I dunno?

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Is that supposed to be bad?

Same cartoonist.

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I take the bait :D

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Anti-socialist GENIUS rhetoricians, btfoing commies epic style. How will we ever compete?

The protests are largely organised by the Communist Party if it is of any interest to you.


Look at how TWA was ripped apart, or how Trump himself ripped up Eastern. That's the game they are playing, and it's one where every six months a new business plan gets adopted, preferably one that lets them cash out pension plans as executive compensation instead. Corporate raiding is serious business, and is THE business of wall street. Or Milken's insider trading.

Just look at how Lampert is flying Sears into the ground, so his real estate company can profit in the process. That is what capitalism ultimately is, a retail store being bulldozed over so it can be vacant land to serve as collateral for another business deal.


Maybe not in the US, but the Chinese definitely plan ahead for far longer into the future

There's nobody in charge user. The bourgs are entirely focused on securing their own personal wealth and nothing else. I know it's more comfortable to imagine that they're sitting around a dark table with cigar smoke in the air planning out carefully how the future will go, but the truth is much more terrifying, there's NOBODY at the wheel at all. We're gonna go right off the cliff.

True, but the Chinese are much more autocrats than bourgeois democrats, they're capable of looking to the future. Republicans cannot think in the long term anymore.