Is nationalism the most brainlet ideology? It's literally feels > reals the belief

Is nationalism the most brainlet ideology? It's literally feels > reals the belief.

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My line is neo liberals are marxists, is this an exchange you want to have?

Why does the use of tired and worn out memes as serious characterizations of beliefs correlate so strongly with the use of the term literally?

Death to AmeriKKKa tbh

Lol keep telling that to yourselves, when September 11th rolls around in my country this false-flag is not even mentioned in the news.

Sounds like you live in the US, where it isn't mentioned because of low faith in the institutions…

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A lot of time it is. However nationalism can also be used to push socialism.

Nationalism originally appeared as progressive force.

And now it's a reactionary one. Dialectics baby.

It's a pretty natural tendency to want to protect what is closest to you, which is why this logical fallacy exists. However, nationalism leads to class collaboration, which ironically will negatively impact those around you. Now, if you were citizen of a workers' state, then nationalism is not only justified, but required, because all workers of the world are your countrymen waiting to be liberated.

Even if you don't live in a workers state, all workers of the world are your countrymen waiting to be liberated.

It can still be progressive in backwards countries. For example, Islamism like that of ISIS rejects the secular nationalism in the region. Same applies to tribal societies in Africa or countries under imperialism.

tl/dr, it depends on the circumstance, nationalism can be good or bad

Thesis: Feudal monarchy
Antithesis: Liberal nationalism
Synthesis: Bourgeois nation states

Thesis 2: Bourgeois nation states
Antithesis 2: Internationalist socialism
Synthesis 2: Motherfucking Nazbol Gang baby!

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Things aren't good or bad by themselves. Development and progressing forward is what's good.
You support capitalism if you used to have feudalism. You want to weigh 500 pounds if you used to weigh 600.

I live in Chile actually. Now it's probably pretty obvious why they don't mention it.

it doesn't matter how low faith in the institutions gets, nothing ever happens, in my country up to 90% of people would have the entire government hanged, and their families executed, this has been a thing for decades, and yet they still are there


I'd say patriotism/patriotardism is more brainlet honestly.

What's the difference?

You're literally just taking a brainlet ideology and inverting it. You're still a brainlet, fam.

Just genocide my peers already.

I'd explain it myself but I doubt I could do it better, I dislike most of this guy's takes but he gets down "patriotism" pretty well.

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Rip Allende. Keep fighting the good fight.

neocon is nationalism though.

If any of this is true, then why do communists consistently crack down on any dissenting speech against the country, either through censorship or execution?
Shouldn't all these communists just be like "Nah, that's cool bro, you can criticize Soviet Russia. After all, we're not Russians, we're citizens of the world!"

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Because the USSR was nationalist as soon as Stalin took over.

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Okay, then same thing in North Korea.

Where did that guy even imply the USSR was communist? Just because they didn't reach communism doesn't mean Stalin wasn't a communist you know.

Still not communism

Communism is a hypothetical end state that can only be reached through economic and social development to a world where nobody is compelled to work and labour is voluntary due to extreme automation and mechanisation, it doesn't need to be declared because its existence will be intuitively obvious. Anyone who declares they have achieved communism is a revisionist. Indeed you can also argue that Stalin et al weren't even socialists but that's a seperate argument, I don't believe they even got there though.

So communists don't exist, because every time its been tried has been a complete and utter failure?

Stalin never declared they reached communism. He said they reached socialism, to which I'd agree and most people here would probably agree as well.

North Korea does not even pretend.

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Really? With that flag you are taking a Leninist position?

Communism isn't "tried" you nitwit. It's achieved.

I like the sandinistas. And I believe the USSR reached socialism. Is it that big of a surprise to you?

Patriotism is ove of a country. Nationalism is love of a nation.

Criticism of the Government was allowed in the USSR. What wasn’t allowed was doing anti-goverment ACTIONS.


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While Nationalism in the modern context is dumb because Nations are basically just different "teams" to support in GeoPol Nationalism has had its uses through history see National Liberation / Anti-Imperialism / Anti-Fedualism in Germany / Italy / France etc

Assuming you mean post Stalin then sure, just don’t expect to get anywhere in society if you’re a dissident. And don’t expect to have your views published anywhere (legally). And don’t expect to be able to be involved in official politics in any way. In other words, you can criticize the government, but the government will just do everything it can to make sure that it’s basically impossible to turn that criticism into actual change, while also turning you into a second class citizen.

Too bad Lenin declared socialism is communism.

I dunno>>96142
this tbh


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Nationalism is a powerful force and can be used for good. I think it was Kim Il Sung who said patriotism and love for your nation comes hand-in-hand with internationalism. I do agree that we should love our nations and not neglect our history and culture (while combatting reaction within it), while not adopting harmful forms of nationalism which are too narrow in outlook, racist, xenophobic, etc


the most brainlet ideology is utopian anarchism. because its unrealistic.

Yes, to be a nationalist is to be cucked by spooks and additionally cucked by the bourgeoisie for workers.

Is that the one with rivers of milk and honey, or the Free Market?

Absolutely. One of nastier nostalgia based spooks that plague human minds.

How are terrorist attacks and military service even related?

Yes, nationalism is the most retarded religion ever. Look at israel for example.

The reason you had to say "utopian anarchism" is because if you just said "utopianism" people would have thought you just meant Communism and they would have shouted you down. This should have indicated to you that you're wrong, but it obviously didn't. You're the brainlet, you meme eating fuck.


Maybe “should” was the wrong word, but I am attached to my country because it is where nearly everything I hold dear is: the way of life I am familiar with, those similar to me (in one way or another), those I love, my family, home. I’m sure many feel the same way. Because I am a patriot I want to see my country be the best it can be while also acknowledging its many downsides. Of course, nationalism can often become jingoistic, too narrow in outlook, etc and those are the main downsides to nationalism. But to discard the idea that people may have some attachment to their countries (not governments) and culture is silly. Its a powerful force and should be used by any party trying to get support as long as it doesn’t mutate into those negative forms of nationalism I described above

People have attachment to a lot of spooks. That doesn't mean it's a good thing.

The way of life for working people is not defined by national borders. Travel abroad, and pay attention to how folks who do the same kind of work that you do in different places go about their days. Nothing defines a person's lifestyle more than how they spend eight-plus hours each of five days per week.

who cares