Reddit quarantines all “offensive” communities including FULLCOMMUNISM Anonymous 09/28/18 (Fri) 13:
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Holy shit this is fucked.
When we were pushing for censorship we meant censorship of aut right and all the evil nazis that plague our society.
I think we done goofed. I just wanted to go on the internet and not have to hear ideas that disproved my own. Not have my own freedom of expression curtailed.

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Fullcommunism deserved it though.

There is a thread about it already
Lurk the catalog before creating new threads, you dumb nigger.

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Do you not understand the difference between political beliefs (not protected class) and sexuality (protected class)?

Pretty typical from anarchists I guess, since most libertarians think the civil rights act was a mistake.

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Why any capitalist website would rather allow communists who call for the death of the website owners in a revolutionary terror than people who say nigger, I never understood.

Protected from bakers not baking a cake ?

On one hand stopping sjw tankies from being the first experience someone has with the left is good, but on the other hand such posters will flee to Zig Forums which in turn means some will come here.

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Who cares? Let it burn.

So you've decided bakeries are not a vital service now? And you're going to be the one to decide the boundaries there are you? So baking is out, how about a mechanic shop? I mean a car is a luxury I think we can all agree. If it's the only one in the area, well, that's not the fault of the mechanic. How about a supermarket? I mean they sell cakes and other baked goods and we already know they're not essential items. Perhaps a cafe doesn't count as a vital service? I mean it's not like you'll die without a slice of cake and a cup of Joe over break. So now we're back to the situation where black people aren't allowed to sit at the counter again, because people like you don't understand that you can't have a civil right that only applies when it's not objected to by anyone.

Just bake the fucking gay cake, it's not like they're forcing you to get gay married.

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Meanwhile the sjw anarkiddies at /r/COMPLETEANARCHY are celebrating the epic BTFO of /r/FULLCOMMUNISM on the basis that Stalin was an awful transphobic shitlord.
There's no escape from the sjw nightmare.

And this is despite the fact that FC banned all slurs, going so far as to ban words like "idiot" to not offend anyone. Nothing is ever good enough for these vampires.

Oh come on. I want that to be the last thing Zig Forums sees in the gulag. It'd be great.

"Comrade Trigglypuff sends her regards"

So what if the cake company is refusing to serve liberals?

Then it would have a tiny clientelle.

Then they have my critical support as allies against liberalism.

This was completely unexpected. They weren't warned this would happen at all.

I made one post at r/completeanarchy saying, without slurs, carefully formulated, friendly, saying that despite certain criticism, the accusation that Stalin was a misogynist is quite silly.

Got banned within an hour.

Probably not the best idea to open your post by declaring yourself an ML. The response exemplifies the childish mentality of reddit """anarchists""", however.

Why does the left attract so many of these types of people?

Because brainlet liberals, by virtue of their own ignorance, think that they are the voice of change and thus "left" despite the plain fact that the system that they advocate is identical to the current system only with fewer mean words getting thrown around. That and there is probably still an alphabet soup program dedicated to infecting genuine opposition camps with that nonsense (eg. the progressive stack at Occupy Wall Street gatherings).

The same reason Tumblr, Twatter, and NSABook users are subhuman wastes of oxygen: Because Reddit's entire structure (upboats, hotpockets, histories, subscriptions, ePeen, shamelessly reposting OC from better sites, bans, autobans, etc.) aligns with sociopathy. They have even generated scores of cancerous insanity deriving from these mechanics:

t. Body Odour

you have solved the spooky mystery!

Calm down

A worse community than channers

I am surprised KiA didn't make it.

That flag, the >muh ML and a hate-on for anarcho-whatevers aren't definitive proof but are still a pretty safe bet

All this. Reddit is structured to be as passive-aggressive and poisonous as possible, and if somebody puts info about themselves out and somebody else finds it that is not doxing. I'm glad somebody else objects to it, I've got a friend who uses/is used by it who looks askance at me for coming here. It's a little thing, but they really do eff up memes whenever they post them, and the top comments are always bootlicking or shilling of some kind. And it will keep making things miserable for as long as people continue to use it. is voat still a thing?


Damn that must have been cool

Hilarity. Banned from r/socialism for pointing out that they were warned supporting censorship would end up harming the left in the same manner as the right and that these demands sprang from liberals, not socialists. These people are stupid and have no self-awareness. :)

i disagree, its entirely the opposite (in a certain sense): the entire website is setup for socialization, everything is through user interaction, digital hierarchies, emotional production etc
it exploits human desire (laziness) and collective self-love, a weird combo of individualism and social hierarchy (sorted by compliance to a particular subleddits values, plus general leddit-hillary ideology)

Censorship is used against people from both sides. It ends up reinforcing the status quo and taking victims from both sides. If you read about the ACLU, you’ll find that over the years they have defended both communist party members and Ku Klux Klan members from censorship.

State enforced homosexuality. In all seriousness, there’s a dilemma between upholding the individual rights of the gay guys and the individual rights of the cake shop owner.

It is built around the capitalist exploitation of socialization. Redditors perform free social labor for the site by creating and uploading TONS of content for nothing more than upvotes. Meanwhile, Reddit reaps profits from their labor through gold and advertising.

I unironically believe that we need a new form of social media that compensates posters for performing social labor. Paid shitposting now!

Look into Brave. It pays you to browse.

At the very least Reddit is a breeding ground for narcissism. And while not all narcissists are sociopaths, all sociopaths are narcissists.

Is there now?

He's right, there is a conflict, but as I said we sorted this all out with the civil rights act, we decided the right to not be deprived of access to all services over race/sex/etc was more important than the right to discriminate against the scary blacks.

Got a twelve month ban from /leftwhypol/ for criticising Stalin's censorship and saying that the left should support free speech

You mean we should support overwhelming socialist countries with capitalist propaganda?

What? Your comment doesn't even make sense

Supporting "free speech" means supporting the propagandizing of imperialists and counterrevolutionaries. As long as those threats exist, free speech must be curtailed.

The reality of your proposition is that those who already have power due to our current economic arrangements are the ones who are going to be censoring us. We can either have fully free speech or we can have free speech for capitalists.

based reddit

They're going to censor us anyway you retard. The only reason we are permitted to speak freely is because we aren't seen as a threat.

Literally just proves once again that first world liberals don't see anarchism as a threat to capitalist society. And they are right. It isn't.

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Race you there.

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oh boy here we go


Nice self-fulfilling prophesy. Anyway, the FUTURE actions of the opposition are no reason to relinquish the ability to openly propagandize NOW, you fucking mong.

That sounds so fucking awesome.

I can't wait.

you're a retard, go back to Zig Forums

Reddit is shit, but tankies bring it on themselves by being retarded rpers whose main praxis is publicly dreaming of DPRK citizenship or screeching about gulaging everyone who was mean to them from their social media accounts. Anarchists have their problems but I'll take the drunk punk faggots over those delusional tankies any day.

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I'm tankie sympathetic myself but the anarchists in my neck of the woods are the kind who will bumrush fascists first and ask questions later so yeah, very chad-like demeanor.

I'd add that the two area far-right groupuscles won't even set foot in the town wearing their colors because that makes them smash-on-sight, and the neo-Nazi gang will just creep in at night to put up a few flyers and then vanish because they're terrified of these kids. The punk anarchist kids live in squalor and they're kinda gross tbh but they ain't sign holders.

Snitch and neoliberal controlled subs like r/anarchism isn't quarantined but other subs are


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The gays could bake their own cake if they have an oven, access to a grocery store and an internet connection. Don’t conflate this to capitalist class exploitation. It’s petit-bourgeois (at best, if not lumpenproletariat) squabbling and you should feel bad for invoking Marx to justify your liberal hangups.

Being black is something a person can not control, while being gay is a brain disease caused by liberalism.

It's dumb but FC is a shit sub anyway. CA isn't much better either, and if anyone had a reason to take internet anarchists seriously they would have been hit with a similar quarantine.

Because they know those "communists" aren't really a threat, and furthermore, that their liberal userbase doesn't see them as a threat on the same level that they do the "fascists."

It's weird but depending on what you mean by this I either completely agree or completely disagree.

Only liberalism could produce the narcissistic self love required for homosexuality - and - brand it as something good and to be protected.

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