The creator of the website is a fervent supporter of free speech and he says people of all ideologies are welcome to...

The creator of the website is a fervent supporter of free speech and he says people of all ideologies are welcome to submit articles.

You know what to do. Any contributors to Spectre Rouge can re-post their articles or if you have articles you've written laying around you should submit them.

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WTF even happened? It seemed to fade away around the time NewsAnon 1.0 vanished, then BO went insane, and any sign of it evaporated.

I suggest we use this website as the new left(y)pol mag. People could even write replies and 'debunk' the right-wing articles.

That wouldn't work very well. Leftist politics work best when kept between leftists.
At least that's been my experience. If you mention anything explicitly Marxist, you will usually just receive a lot of toxic, misogynistic troll replies.


How do you turn people who aren't leftists into leftists?

So? Just ignore the replies. The point is that the article stays up.

What? You know as well as I do that these kinds of "free speech" websites always attract the alt-right crowd. You would have as much converting them as you would just posting on Zig Forums.

I've found that working on an individual basis, with people you actually know, and easing them into it works far better. This forces them to think about what you're saying, instead of just the usual toxic responses you get online. Even if the article stays up, if people are allowed to comment on it, then all the alt-right comments will make people discount any article you write.

I think we're slowly making inroads. Even here, the number of /v/irgins telling stormniggers to fuck themselves on a range of issues (microtransaction legislation, "videogames DO cause muh dСgο½…neο½’acy", "christard fundies dindunuffin", boycotting games because of things outside the game, etc.) is large enough to appear in every relevant thread.

Exactly. But they often have someone who writes the articles, or a team of approved submitters. With this website there's a chance to appropriate and use for our means. Especially if we write more articles.

I'm not sure which way you're saying those things are going, but I've noticed the exact opposite. If the topic is "microtransactions", and you bring up in any way the subject of capitalism, you'll get at least a dozen people making fun of you.

I'm pretty sure they'll still have the greater numbers, and can you really state leftist ideas better than the original works on the various subjects? It's better to just give your friends copies or links to the books themselves, then try to summarize them in a worse manner.

Look at the website. There isn't much activity. That's why it's a good opportunity.

I think a short article works better than telling people 'Go read Capital'.

Baby steps. People simply being able to admit that "muh free market" is garbage, and regulation to stamp out the most blatantly exploitative practices is in no way a slippery slope to censorship, is pretty glorious to watch. Even when somebody starts explicitly shitting on capitalism, I'll usually see at least a couple other IDs jump in defending their opinion now, though you're right it invariably results in a tidal wave of shitposting.

Why do we even need that? We already have leftpol for shitposting.

Unless you wanna go mainstream (and good luck with that, since feminists have the mainstream left by the balls) you're wasting your time.

Free speech is just a dog whistle for racism. Notice how when people talk about free speech, it's always about the freedom to say things they shouldn't be saying in the first place…

Yeah, that'll win /v/ over.

A magazine to polish up our finest effortposters' ruminations for posterity strikes me as something we should bring back

It's long been a mantra that "get woke go broke" is a decent enough filter to keep riffraff out, as long as they aren't being subsidized by whale-fodder/roster update simulator 201X in some other subsidiary.

Don't get woke, have rentseeker call you -istphobe, have rentseeker play the ball to woke media buddies, have rentseeker receiving "abuse", have woke media buddies report on the terrible culture of -istphobe abuse in sector, have larger media corporations take over reports from woke media, have wikipedia take over the reporting from corporate media as historical fact.

Compounded outrage is the most powerful force in the economy, and for some reason the people who'd have you believe that they're most powerless, most marginalized, most underprivileged are in near complete control over its production.

I think it's a mixture of that, and sockpuppet accounts to create fake outrage over nothing.

Someone needs to repost Cockshott’s blog on here.

We have nothing to lose by posting leftist material here.

You do realize centrists say the same thing about us. They think talking about leftism should be illegal.

This doesn't mean the left is making any inroads. Somebody wanting stormtards to fuck off doesn't mean they're suddenly going to become communists.

Fuck you, liberal. Just because something offends you doesn't mean it's harmful or that it shouldn't be talked about. I'll keep posting about how the age of consent laws in America are absurdly, needlessly restrictive garbage based on zero-evidence feminist hysteria and you can just deal with it. Maybe I'll write an article about it just to listen to the salt from you about people you don't like being allowed to speak their opinion. You stink of Reddit faggotry.

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Porky meme is critically underused around Zig Forumsyps.

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I know that in your head you think that you are being triggering and epically exposing the hypocrisy and non-sense out of the people you are arguing against but in reality, my dude, you are just acting like an atheist trying to reason with heavily fundamentalist/brainwashed religious morons. People have dogmatic quasi-religious views about the AoC subject and no matter what you say they'll never change their minds.

It's pretty obvious the first para of was irony

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Keep fighting the good fight user

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only the faggots use the porky meme


you are wrong sir

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You think I don't know that? The objective isn't to convince people who won't see reason. It's to make them mad as fuck for laughs while convincing those who can. Atheism beat religion for the most part by mocking it into oblivion. We're going to have to emulate that by calling them pathetic cucks who believe propaganda made up by salty roasties. Detailed arguments pertaining to scientific studies and such largely fall on deaf ears. The key is to know when you're dealing with someone who can actually be convinced with rational discussion. Sadly most of the supposedly rational "intellectuals" are liberal hacks who toe the party line on this, either out of fear of the lynch mob or because they're mad that they wouldn't get to pork teen pussy even if it was legal because they have nothing girls are attracted to.

It must be a relief to be able to just post memes instead of actually having to produce evidence. It seems like so much less effort than using logic.

Of course, if you limit your revolution to formerly-disenfranchised adults, you'll still have a useless and dystopian idpol-based regime.

Right libertarianism is a meme so what's the point?

Go back to dreaming about your flying car you clown.

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