1-O was a year ago

A year ago, Catalunya tried to become independent but it was stopped by the police hitting old people. In two days we will face an strike to remember 1-O, and people are saying that autumn will be politically active.

What do you think about the catalan struggle of independence?

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No country has the need to exist
No form of nationalism is dialectical much less when the independence was being promoted by a neolib party to evade taxes.

O am I laffin

Not joining the EU just means being a puppet to the USA or Russia. Europe can be the leading light in the world if only the EU was reformed, I know it's not that great but there's no alternative.

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Which will never happen. The EU is the pet-project of the European bourgeoisie

So are roads and factories, therefore let's just tear them all down to somehow foment revolution. Victory can only come from using the weapons of the bourg against him.

oh boy the tankie autistic screeching is still going about how Catalonia isn't reals because they want to forget how hard they fucked up and lost the war for the Republicans

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I hope you paid the tax on that meme, user

Who did the EU invade lately? Other than the key imperialists joining US projects (which is part of my point).

Europeans don't really have much interest in empire building these days, if the EU was the leading superpower I think we'd be much better off.

Fuck off Merkel, and take your rapefugees with you.

Feudal power has been destroyed, the peasantry is gone, the productive forces have been sufficiently developed, so who cares? It was fun to watch anarchists defend nationalism because of some shit from a century ago though

What, like the burgers who are mired in poverty and cannot keep up their aging infrastructure? Or the Chinese who have suicide nets outside their windows? Quit thinking in terms of national economies. That shit has not been a thing since WWII.

I think it’s good because this will cause a crisis in the Spanish economy which might lead to revolution. It’ll also empower the ETA.

Being independent means not taking a side in the geopolitical dickmesurment. Not creating a third team. If you don’t want to be influenced by Russia or America just develop a Nuclear Deterrent and they can’t touch you.

The EU is an org for Porky ment to enforce neoliberalism. It can’t be reformed. it isn’t a road or a factory. It’s a repressive force.

The goal of the EU is to unify Europe at the expense of individual European nations. It’s inherently Imperialist.

Yeah, so let defend the ones that do with tooth and nail.
Even if they are monarchistic and led by post-fascists.

Basques are more native to Europe than the Catalonians. f off.

Catalonians didn't invade Basqueland. You fuck off

It's still legalistically a monarchy though and that has real consequences. It safeguards a reactionary element that collaborates with the bourgeoisie against a socialist force if it were to emerge. This is why time and time again socialists theoreticians have outlined that you need a thorough bourgeois purge of feudal elements before a socialist project will have a chance of succeeding. As a dialectical materialist, a leftcom no less, I'd expect you of understanding this. Instead you took the opportunity to (willfully?) miss this very obvious point of the Catalan independence movement so as to complain, as that's why you got "involved" in politics in the first place.
Also the workers' of the world are nowhere close to spontaneously doing away with class society, so shit like this happening in the most developed place in the world, rich with revolutionary socialist undercurrents growing beneath the lid, so with the 1st, you may actually have a materially increased chance of getting the 2nd, but only after the 1st, if you get me. Dialectics and what have you.

I was in Barcelona some months ago, say a kindergarden teacher with her class, it had only one spanish kid. Then i saw a school recess, had trouble finding spanish kids, it was a sea of arabs, chinese, blacks.
At the same time i saw street manifestations for the CAtalan culture agaisnt Madrid.
They are done for, the next multiculti generation wont care a single shit about catalan culture and yet they are yelling agaisnt MAdrid and wanting to be independant, what a joke, that is the least of their problems, they have already destroyed their culture and their people and it wasnt Madrid.

They are like a fertility bourgeois, cant be bothered to have kids, that's lowly mundane work for the imported multiculti plebs, they are above that lower cast activity, must enjoy the pleasures of life and not having responsibilities. And so i saw plenty of pregnant and with baby carts foreign women but little catalan women.
It hurt to watch.

Then i asked a Catalan about this, he said he rather be diluted by the international crowd than by Spain.
The independence thing is just a matter of vain pride.
God have mercy.

an indipendence struggle mooved by criminals who puppeted all this shit to get free from the court because of their disgusting curroption. The only legit indipendist party is the CUP, and due to the fact mentioned before, they never agreed to form a coalition for indipendence with the other catalonian parties until last year.

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