While I understand that the cost of a rolex isn't much when you're dealing with the economy of an entire nation...

While I understand that the cost of a rolex isn't much when you're dealing with the economy of an entire nation, do you think it is bad taste that leaders like Fidel Castro wear two rolexes?

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Why are brown people so tasteless and gaudy?? Everything they do is so gauche. Even their "cuisine" is immature, and underdeveloped. They think seasoning is the pinnacle of culinary technique. No balance, no nuance, no subtlety in their food. They just blast the fucking shit out of everything with spices instead of balancing ingredients to create a symphony of flavor. Seasonings are the bass guitar, not the guitar, singer, drums, and bass. This juvenile aesthetic is on full display in OP's pic. Two fucking rolex watches while wearing some loose as fuck olive drab military uniform. No sense of taste at all. You can clearly tell the people of the global south never had an ice age to weed out the dullards and sharpen their senses.

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The rolex was probably looted from some Porky killed in the Revolution. However a leader should always dress modestly. The only exception is military medals on a Leader’s Uniform. This is because these medals show intelligence, courage, and sacrifice, which are good leadership traits.

Castro is whiter than your average amerimut. And Che is a fucking Nord.

On any other board I would assume this was bait

Indeed, medals demonstrate that you are a man of the people, every medal having been earned in the name of your comrades.

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Castro has nice watches
Castro doesn't have nice watches
Really makes you think. Also isn't this one of those CIA propaganda images?

He was in Moscow on a diplomatic visit and was wearing two watches so he could keep track of time in Moscow and in Havana, which shows that he was a responsible comrade attending to matters in his homeland while on a busy official trip abroad.

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A couple more interesting things about this photo.

One watch (the silver one) is a Submariner. The other (black) watch is a GMT, which tells time in two places at once. At the time, Moscow and Washington were in two different time zones, so he was keeping track of the time in Moscow, Washington and Havana.

Also, Rolex was not a luxury item in the early 60s, but was considered to be an all-around solid and functional brand. It became a luxury brand in the 1980s.

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Correction: Washington and Havana were in two different time zones. Today they're in the same zone.

this is more evidence of why Castro was a godlike leader

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As an italian I can say that t*rkish and erithrean cuisine beat the shit out of most "hwite" cuisine; anglo and german cuisine are fucking shit that needs to be wiped off the earth and a lot of slavic cuisine while it has some good dishes is very monotonous. Not to say that these "brown" cuisines I tried are superior to mediterrean or chinese food, which are the absolute masterrrace, but you are a fucking iiot who don't know shit and your stupid food simphony shit is cringy as fuck and I hope you never say that stuff to an italian irl because he could lose all respect in you. It amazes me how people like you think they are so grand and spout nonsensical pseudointellectual shit while they know nothing about what they are talking about.

LMAO are you the autist who wrote this?

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Bitter food is an acquired taste, and after eating it a bit I can say it’s really fucking good.
This explains everything, you put fucking Sugar and cheese in EVREYTHING.

If this isn't pasta I want it to be.

He was from argentina and argentina es white

I googled it and it looked like something you'd find in a dying 100 year old man's diaper
Bitch, they practically invented breakfast
I will beat the fuck out of you.

European cuisine is a well conducted symphony of flavors with various nuances. 3rd world slop is some nigger with a face tat screaming about drugs and luxury clothing while blasting a highly repetitive bass melody.

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yuropoor swill is bland shit that will make you fat.

You're cute.

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I resent symphony-comparisons from people who don't know dick about music.

Btw only people who can't handle spices thinks spiced food cannot be subtle.

If it isn't Italian or French it's trash, and those two try to kill you with cholesterol.

nah, you are just ignorant of the extremely different regional realities of Italian food, yes in pasta dishes you can often add cheese (which is optional btw) but there are a lot of meat, rice or vegetable dishes in all italy that do not require cheese. I will not even comment on the sugar part because it's too fucking dumb.

wow now you are such an expert right? Next time I'll do like you, I'll just google a movie and start shitposting about it no need to watch it. Can't believe you are so dumb that you criticize food based on looks. Pathetic, I bet you are afraid to eat entrails because they look icky.
aaaah the good old english breakfast with boiled eggs and bacon. What the fuck are you saying? English breakfast is stupid and sweet breakfast rules.
face it it sucks and you will never have the variety and ingredient quality of nonretarded cuisines, only dumb motherfuckers who never tried anything else think german ""cuisine"" is even remotely good.

Mediterrean diet (the specific subset of italian cuisine that is quasi vegetarian) is actually very healthy.

lol retard. Cuisine from the Romance language countries just smear spices and cheese everywhere. There palet is incapable of containing the taste of Bitter. And half there food is food is deserts. And the few good foods they make is just a ripoff of the original Greek dish. Anglo cuisine barely exists. However German and Scottish food is very good, this is best shown in the dishes Haggis, which and Sauerbraten which don’t give into the sweet taste. Instead these dishes rely on bitter which gives them more flavor. Yes it’s an acquired taste, but it’s a good one.

This is American blacks, not people from the third world.

Black 'America' is the third world.

That is a understatement, at best you could ask why Castro wasn't wearing a watch made in the Comecon yet Cuba wasn't part of the Comecon till 1972, also Cuba had a number of western watches left over from when it was a US vassal.
Compared to industrialized leaders, Castro was still dressed down even factoring in his watches.


If you're in Texas, you can pick both. Whitey loves that shit. Black people, on the other hand, can't even eat Mexican candy.

I wouldn't go as far as calling American 'whites' white.

The niggas I went to high school with ate that shit up, dunno what part of texas you're from.

"White" is an ahistorical construct and a "white" ethnostate would end up purity spiraling into oblivion as burgers, slavs, mcs, frogs, bongs, pastafags, etc. stopped being white enough.

Hell, that's true for most of the States. Hot sause has been the most popular condiment in the country for a long while now.

No you, you retarted wop.


what is it with fascists and lukewarm takes recently? at least they used to be entertaining when they made dumb comments that are easily disprovable, now they just make boring takes literally any lib would make.

True, before the advent of cheap, accurate quartz watches it was possible to justify a Rolex on the basis of accuracy, etc. Overpriced for sure but not something you'd be shamed for owning, sort of like a socialist using Apple products today.

I've got some news to break to you: I am bourgie. I literally invest in the markets – shocking I know – and my father is a capitalist; as in he owns a company that makes things and he makes his money off the labor of others.

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back to >>>Zig Forums kiddos

They have been infested with socially stunted liberals who are afraid of dark people (even though a bunch of them are dark people) and want to be edgy. That's what they get for bringing internet memes into IRL.

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well seeing as how Castro himself was the son of a wealthy plantation owner I am not exactly surprised

Communism is literally a plot by already rich porkies to install themselves as literal god kings so they can Lord over the proles with even more absolute power

Wait, isn't that exactly what you want: a tiny cabal of rich fucks led by a guy with absolute authority that you can salute as he drives by on parade?

no I personally just don't want to live in proximity to non whites

So you're not a fascist. You are just a liberal who wears the swastika for shock value exactly like said.