Unruhe denounces idpol insanity

Party-enforced orgies and liberal identity politics fractures PC-USA

Jason "ROO!" Unruhe is here to inform us of the charges against the Party of Communists USA


example of an IdPol-focused page:

ROO! is also inviting the PCUSA on his show possibly this week to defend themselves from these serious allegations:

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See, the problem is that this is possible, not that this is done.
A mutualist prostitute-hiring consumer cooperative organization would be… kinda fucking awesome. Instead, you have the capacity for some to extract the surplus of others and devote it to themselves. It's not that they did so - it's that it was possible.
Your "idpol-focused page" isn't really that problematic; working groups are reasonable and should be single-topic. What the organization does, that's another question. Running the whole party as a capitalist enterprise to buy the CEO and upper management hookers, otoh…
…well, hookers were meant for the people.

Hang them.

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This sounds way more fun than the DSA

lmfao what a joke of an ideology. Join the nazbol gang while you still can

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Man, those CIA trannies are getting bold.

oh shit a Warhammer 40k book cover painting, time to change my political stance!

this tbh

Someone tweet CNN about this!

This everything wrong with Burger Communist Orgs.

Was this meant to be sarcastic?

Getting off with your cumrades is praxis my friend

Seriously though I think turbo-woke communists having orgies is basically the militant German left circa 1972. Red Army Faction.

The RAF probably had hotter women though

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please stop posting here Jason.

The left has become a joke.

Yeah like Jason Unruhe is getting any lmao

The suggestion otherwise would be a pretty funny joke

… Hang them for not wanting to join an orgy? I mean, they're probably boring people, but I don't think they should die.

It never ceases to amaze me how people who can't even keep together a select group of people who are more less ideological equals want the rest of us to believe that their politics should rule the world.


CPUSA is a well known CIA psyop they endorsed HIllary fucking clinton for fuck's sake

This isn't CPUSA it's some other party and I have never heard of it.

This just shows the left is far more virile than the right, and has rigorous cum energy

Gawd I wish Amerifat anarchists would just STFU.

Sargon of Assmad is in the video comments touting for Trump. Quite a surprising number of e-celebs have appeared. Almost like a broad coalition is forming againsts troonism or something.,.

They’re like American soldiers fucking women in Vietnam now. They’re so powerful they don’t even have to hide their efforts.

I have expanded all the comments and I could only find Styhexenhammer666 and Magdalen Bern. Care to post the Sargon comment?


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Time to make Unruhe and Jim Profit posting a bannable offense yet?
It never seems to stop

Linkage and pasta


Ever wonder how Roo keeps track of all events? It's that antenna on his head, it enhances his Posadist ESP powers and lets him spy on revisionists.

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But Trump has his own brand of idpol. Namely that wall shit.

It's a ML party, at least spend 2 minutes looking at OPs link.

Now THIS is leftism!

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This is AMERICA.

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Yeah but "classical liberals" don't recognize right-wing IdPol as IdPol. They think it's "fact-based" or whatever. That's why you get Dave Rubin talking with Molyneux how blacks are low Autism Level subhumans because that's "common sense".

Was just about to say that. We have our ridiculous left-wing caricatures in Yurop as well, but it's never that bad as you can see in this picture. America is full of crazy people, everybody knows this. I've been there myself - the neighbourhood, downtown, the busses and trains (if they exist) - full of crazy people.

It's a minority here as well, most burgers are out of shape normies and that largely extends to radicals despite more weirdos than the normal population.

We are in no way obligated to help people in countries like Kenya. Not saying it's ok to exploit them or attack them, but they're too fucking stupid for modern civilization.
They literally destroy the electricity infrastructure we give them so they can fry McNuggets or whatever. FastFood > electricity apparently. What about how Indians smash the toilets we give them so they don't get Cholera?
That's right, they prefer to shit in their own water supply and get Cholera, rather than have toilets, because the toilets are considered unholy. Tell me, why is it my responsibility to help these people again? We've done enough.

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2 million $ of investment in Africa every year, and 3 $ of extraction every year. Tell me more how we are "giving them shit".

meant to say:
2 billion investment
3 billion extraction

I am well aware how ruling capitalists use Africa for natural resources and cheap labor. Again, I said, " Not saying it's ok to exploit them or attack them". That doesn't change the fact that you can't pick up a 65 intelligence quotient Somalian and drop him in Japan. He's not going to do well.

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There is only one cure for such retardation…

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Not necessarily.
Said Somalian might be good at sports, singing, acting or strong and good at caring weights which would make him a valuable asset in construction work.
There's still a bunch of jobs that don't require cerebral work yet, you talk like if everything required people to be geniuses or something.

Japan does not have the infrastructure to take on millions of immigrants. You make it out to be just one. If only other leftists had the foresight, the understanding to just drop the immigration issue, holy fuck. NOBODY WANTS THIS.

A simple question for you: how many toilets are you going to buy this month to send to India? Is there a number?

That map always cracks me up.

Don't tell us. Tell Sargon.

Yes, my autism made me think that you were literally talking about just one individual.
If you meant millions of dumb niggers flooding another country then you should've been more clear in cause it's obvious that it wouldn't end well.

you made it unfunny

Sage & report all Unruhe threads.
Sage & report all Jim Profit threads.

They don't use latrines because they don't want to have to clean them out because cleaning waste is for untouchables.They wouldn't use them unless it came with dalit slave to clean it for them

I wonder if he's going to get more patches for his battle jacket

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Ted Kaczynski predicted this

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Next level deflection. The Nazi will never accept reality even when it shits him in the mouth.

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molymeme has above average intelligence
his i-q is 101

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