Socdems fuck up

How do we break this cycle of retardation?

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Why you hatin on dialectics?

By working on a class basis instead of caring about the progressive wing of capital. I mean, do you know any party which focuses almost exclusively on strengthening workers' rights rather than on culture wars so that every worker, no matter if conservative or progressive, would find that party appealing?

The problem is, the party that does that is severely ostracised and is considered a pariah.

Abandon the dead end of electoralism.

Any examples? I can't even think up of such a party existing anywhere, yet alone becoming relevant enough to be actively ostracized.

The Left party in Germany.
At least at the very beginning was very pro-worker (considering that the Western German part was almost entirely consisting of trade unionists, it's no wonder).
Media absolutely hated them. So much, that despite them being opposition leader, they got even less mentions than FDP (market liberals) and AfD (far-right) despite both not even being in the parliament.

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Ah yeah, I recall that party, it probably got a lot of shot not merely since as being pro-workers, but also being a legacy party of the SED. Too bad their programme nowadays has pretty questionable points to say at least

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Yeah but the left-liberal wing of Die Linke (Gysi, Ramelow, Bartsch, or that ridiculous cuck that is mayor in Berlin these days) is now fully embraced by the mainstream and wielded against the more radical wing.

The old campaign against PdS or Linke now sees a revival in regards to Wagenknecht's aufstehen. They compare it to Hitler. Yes, they literally do that. You have "PolSci professors" and "historians" in talkshows telling everybody how that her movement is just like the Nazis.

You can't

That's why I said in the beginning.
Shitlibs are making grounds. Yet still nobody votes for them, due to bad rep.

In the East though. As I told you, the WASG part was mostly trade unionists.
Funnily enough, media slammed members of the WESTERN part for being SED, while in the East (where they were in coalition with the SPD) it was OK, despite, you know, it being the region where the GDR actually was.

You forgot Kipping who is the face of embracing the idpol.
And of course they were going to link it with the right, calling it Querfront. But they also called Corbyn and Melenchon this. They would call Portugal this too, but they declared a gag order on this topic, because it can not be what is not allowed to be.
Wagenknecht faction is still strong, stronger than anticipated, but they are losing ground.


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And yet they're bleeding voters so hard they're slowly getting eclipsed by AfD with "71% negative electorate" kek

They are bleeding it to the Greens.
Wait until the next electoral period where the Greens bleed it back to the SPD.
The pick in the OP describes it perfectly.

That's true, but still it proves how dispensable are the four parties orbiting the centre. On the other hand AfD can count on only 30% of the voters and despite that they still poll around 15-18%, which is between half and 3/5 of their total available voting base. If Die Linke could gather as much of their potential electorate, they could have between 25% and 30%, which is a massive increase from the current 10%.

Put SJWs in gas chambers. They're at the root of the left's state.

Not with the current leadership.
Idpol aside, they are looking for approval at the wrong places (traditional corporate media, establishment).
Their core topics, like education, are deemed very important, but how much do you think was it covered in talkshows and the like?
What do we get instead? Immigrants this, immigrants that. And who is going to profit from it?
The AfuckingD of course, who else.
The CSU hopes to profit from this too, but they adopted so much positions from the AfD (not to tell about the Maaßen debacle), they look like a Chinese bootleg by comparison.

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