Dementia insititution building fake town for patients
This is terrifying if you think about it.

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who cares

Not really, dementia patients have very intense needs and such a facility is useful in caring for such people on a larger scale.

This is awesome if you think about it.

I don't know, a while fake town sounds terrifying

Okay. Don't go there then, but how about some sympathy for the demented?

Seems fine to me

It's not for you, it's for people that are mentally ill to the point of being unable to care for themselves or cared for by their loved ones. Would you prefer they be shot?

They should be put out of their misery at some point. If I was demented I’d rather be dead

And is that point the second they're diagnosed with dementia or should they and their families have input on the matter?
You aren't everyone though, many people would prefer to live with dementia than to die.

If they’re totally fucked up and a complete waste of space (i.e. incapable of functioning) you have to look at it beyond feelings and look at the cost it takes to accomodate these people and realize that it would be cheaper to simply humanely euthanize them rather than letting them drift through life demented.

Actually, if we kill every single person on earth we don't have to spend a single dime ever again!


My concern isn't about people with dementia but the idea of living in an artificial place and being unaware of it, it just makes the whole deal a lot worse.

tl;dw: let's send dementia patients to live in disneyland.

This but unironically.

I always see Winnie the Pooh in the corner

If you have schizophrenia maybe and think everything is about you. This is a great idea.

And anyway, fake towns are cool, just look up the stuff they do for counter-terror training where the troops get put in a fake town for a few weeks filled with actors where a certain amount of them are playing as OPFOR trying to 'kill' the soldiers.

The problem is that it can be really hard to tell how far gone someone is, even ones in later stages can have brief sober periods where they suddenly seem normal and aware, and then fall back to being a drooling idiot. If they can snap out long enough to say "I don't want to die" then it puts you in a grey area on whether or not they can have control over their own life decisions. Putting down mentally ill also opens up the door to abuse, like family members wanting their inheritance early or cruel care workers wanting to get rid of a patient they don't like. even if they aren't too cognitively impaired yet.

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Have you interacted with dementia patients much? I've worked at a retirement home some, and those people need pretty dramatic help. They're in their own world most of the time, and that world is collapsing. A fake town where they have decent freedom of movement and no danger of getting hit by cars or mugged or anything is about the best you could do for them.

It's not like this is The Truman Show where someone of sound mind is being confined for our entertainment.

Alzheimers/dementia is a terminal illness, and you can't actually verify that a person even has it except in autopsy.

Who cares about the fake town, dementia is fucking horrifying

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