Is no one going to give commiecat a name? I'd have assumed you'd be all for it...

Is no one going to give commiecat a name? I'd have assumed you'd be all for it, what with it being your board tan and all.

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Her name is Alunya and it's been that way for years.

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No, someone suggested that in the last thread. And I pointed out that it's a shit name, and that because I'm the first person to think of naming commiecat, I get to decide the final name.

how are you gonna make me, you whiny turd?

Because I'm the first person to think of naming commiecat; duh.

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She's from Catalonia. Cat-o-lonia, alunya.

I don't care how you came up with the name, it's a stupid name that you just came up with on the fly after I asked for name suggestions. Now, I realize you're all fucking gung-ho to name your board-tan, and I realize you like the name, but I don't, and because I came up with the idea to name her, I get to come up with the name.

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You're not going to convince anybody to with your shitty attitude, and you have no power to force anybody to do anything since you're on the internet and are probably a slenderman-phisiqued squeaker irl. Go do your homework.

Are you high Zig Forums? I'm not asking anyone to change. I'm only asking for people to come up with new names. Now you're just repeating your idea for the new name over and over again and saying some stupid shit about how I'm making you change something.

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You're asking us to do something for you. So far you've failed to bribe, trick, threaten, beg or sweet-talk anybody because you don't understand how social interaction works.

No, I'm asking if anyone has any suggestions. All you had to do was just not suggest anything. It's not like I'm going to fucking track you down and make you suggest shit for me. But if you are going to suggest shit, I'm going to point out when a suggestion is obviously shit, like your suggestion was. You can rectify this problem by simply not suggesting anything more.

forgive me

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You're either a lukewarm troll or an autist. Your request is denied.

But there's a bunch of commie cat girls, user. This is just one of them. You can't have one representing all of them. Read a book!

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You've got the wrong board, dipshit.

Are there any as rapeable as commiecat?

Zig Forums and Zig Forums are effectively the same board tbh

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I don't know who that is. You seem to have inadvertently stumbled onto the concept of a Baudrillardian simulacrum.

No, there is a reason we're split, and it's because of major ideological differences. Kind of how you think one cat girl can represent all of communism.

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It's always fun watching leftists squabble with each other over minutia. Almost as fun as the idea of having a commiecat to mutilate and rape at my leisure. Almost.

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I think authoritarianism, an adherence to anti-US rhetoric, and censorship on the half of Zig Forums and its tranny board owner count as major philosophical differences.

Don't let me stop you. I fap to this too. Lewds are lewds, and there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

But Zig Forums; all leftists are authoritarian.

But Zig Forums; all leftists are inherently anti-US.

But Zig Forums; all leftists are censorious authoritarians.

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This is untrue. In fact, some are so dedidcated to the abolition of hierarchy that they go into nonsense idiocy, like Bookchinites.

Untrue, where do you think neo-conservatives came from?

Also untrue, censorship requires hierarchy, which many leftists have a pathological fear of.

I also suggest you make her flatter. I like delicious dfc.

Uh-huh. Sure. That's why leftists all seem to be obsessed with dictating to everyone else how they're going to live their lives.

Leftists. Not sure why you'd think ☘️neocohens☘️ being anti-US contradicts the idea of leftists being anti-US.

And? Leftists all like to censor anything that goes against their personal beliefs.

Commiecat is only good with massive titties. A flat chested commiecat would be a sad commiecat.

fuck it

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No, famalamo, quite the contrary, we seek to free you from the inhuman force that is capital, which is what actually seems to have power over all of society, making slaves of all. This we call fetishism.

Neocons are pro-US interventionism. This is an evolution of Trotskyism, just applied in a different way. Also, I'm an ardent communist and spent years in the US Army as an infantryman. Doesn't get more pro-US than that. I just think we can do better for ourselves.

Is that happening now, or are we having a conversation? Also, you've stopped posting pictures. Stop censoring yourself, drawfag.

Isn't the joke that communists are often starving? Make a flat version.

Yeah, "free." That's why commie societies are always so free, right?

Not because of any pro-American sentiment


Does your dad also work for nintendo?

Eh, I'm just waiting for the tranny BO to delete this thread and permaban me. At which point I'll just switch to a new VPN or Tor exit node and start all over again. Or maybe I'll just say fuck it and keep playing System Shock. Or maybe I'll actually get back to work.

I didn't do the drawing. The drawfag on /b/ did the drawing.

Do you honestly think I'd be here if I could draw my own commiecat OC?

Yes, but commiecat isn't a communist living in a communist society. She's a Starbucks Marxist living happily in a capitalist society with plenty to eat. She's basically the female version of the fat faggot that can't even lift his airsoft AK.

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Well, we're not quite there yet. I think it will be some time.

Exactly because of it. Read Strauss.

It doesn't take a lot to be a grunt. Not really like having your dad work at Nintendo. My dad worked at a lumber mill.

I keep telling you, this isn't Zig Forums.

I would advise system shock, or better yet, NOLF1+2. Few people bring that FPS up anymore, and it's hilarious.

Oh, you piece of shit. Well, thanks for sharing anyway.

Yeah, maybe you were just being tsundere.

I don't know about that. We already have a cat like that.

Tell me, user, you fuck a leftist girl yet? Hatefucking can be good. Just saying.

Just gonna ignore all the other commie societies that always seem to end up killing massive numbers of people and suppressing freedom?

Yeah, I'm sure all the neocohens that fellate pissrael every day totally wanted to invade Iraq because it was in America's best interest

I never read anything other than technical journals. There's no reason to read anything else.

Are you autistic or a newfaggot?

It's Zig Forums. Which is the same thing.

I used to live in a college town. That should be a sufficient answer.

Hatefucking is best fucking.

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Socialism is a science, as such, we learn and refine theory. People didn't stop trying capitalism after the Great Depression, and capitalism kills millions today.

The reasoning is varied, but it places making the world safe for American democracy at the top. I tended to support the war, and though I was never in Iraq, I think we did good things overall. Some people just deserved to die.

He's not some obscure author, he's the founding thinker of the American conservative movement, and his writings on Plato's republic are highly influential even today.

I know the meme. We all know that kid, but being in the Army is fairly common after more than a decade of war, and 11b is not a hard MOS to get into. In fact, it's usually the default.

I've explained to you several times why this is not the case.


My nigga.

Have an alt-right cat.

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I'm pretty sure in science you're supposed to learn from your mistakes.

No, we just started developing ever more encroaching government and an ever larger military industrial spying complex, leading to the shit world we have today.

I don't care about some niggers killing each other in sub-saharan apefrica.

That's the window dressing. The real reason was to make the world safe for greater pissrael.

Wasting trillions of dollars on a bunch of room temperature Autism Level sandniggers while American infrastructure and society declines year after year is a good thing?

So an ineffective dumbass then? Good to know.


Authoritarian, no fun allowed, and supporting of government that stomps on peoples' faces. What's the difference between the two?

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And the lesson isn't "stop doing science".

A natural thing to happen in capitalism. Marx predicted this.

Then why complain about "muh commies"? Clearly you don't value human life in and of itself.

This is true, but a majority of Americans think this will help usher in the second coming of Christ. It's too easy. Find one political group in the US that doesn't suck Israel off.

I think modernizing the world is a good thing for everyone, even under capitalism. I'll admit that I have personal reasons, but I think it was a good deed, at least in Afghanistan most of all.

They do currently use the same framework and they are in the seats of power in the US. I think that's hardly ineffective.

Again, not that rare, especially being a grunt.

We're having fun now, you haven't been banned (though there is a "spoiler nudes" policy), and I don't support stomping on anyone's face unless they're being dickheads like the Taliban.

You've already been told. I don't repeat myself.

If you have a particular path that's clearly not showing results, that is the lesson. Geocentrism and the miasmic theory of disease are the scientific equivalents of communism.

How exactly does "let people do their private business in private, without a government body to tell them what they're allowed to produce or own" turn into "the government is allowed to spy on people 24/7 and tell people what they are and are not allowed to own or do"?

Because you have this awful tendency to ruin societies.

Niggers aren't human. Neither are sandniggers. Neither are slants.

And this proves that neocohens are pro-US how?

I couldn't give less of a fuck about "the rest of the world." My concerns about the world end at the borders of the United States. If it was physically possible to encase the entire country in an impenetrable dome and sink to the bottom of the ocean like the lost city of fucking atlantis, I'd be all for it.

Iraq was far better before America came in than it is now. At least they had a stable government and weren't collapsed in anarchy. The same is true of Libya and all the other "Arab spring" countries.

Just waiting on that. I suppose the BO is probably too busy dilating to manage the board at the moment.

And that is what I mean when I say "no fun allowed."

Except for the doubleplusungood wrongthinkers, of course.

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