Has anarcho-nihilism ever been concretely defined? Have any decent books or other texts been written on it? If it has yet to be given a generally accepted definition, what is it to you?

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Sounds like they're two very well defined things that can be placed side by side if one is inclined to accept them both.
Like "anarcha-feminism", (but of course very unlike anarcho-capitalism.)

They were gonna define it but they couldn't be bothered and did some more MDMA instead.

It's as real as Anarcho-Depression. Doesn't make sense.

Anarcha-Feminism is something Egoists shouldn't believe in. its idpol, just like anything else. just advance yourself, fuck everyone else.

I don't understand how Egoists can still be Feminist. its about the advancement of the self over others…who cares about demographics?

that being said

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most Anarcho-Nihilists are pretty chill folks. I'd kill them last.

based on personal experience anarcho-nihilists are just postleft anarchists by a different name.

Liberal-feminism, aka third wave feminism, isn't something a Nazmeme should believe is socialist.
No, not everyone else. You must have skipped a chapter or two.

Well, I'm a woman who likes women for starters. Socialism has feminism built into it. And it's not the liberal's version

Be sure to wear your little scarf

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stopped reading there. feminism is divisive. in all its forms. stop being spooked. first off, nobody cares about your gender on a taiwanese lobster fishing board and if you were a true egoist, nothing would be absolute truth, even so-called "rights of others", second of all, pre-Marxist socialism does not, as things were done from a peasant vs. nobleman perspective, and second off all, I don't wear scarves, not even in the winter time, I wear black and camo all year long.

here's a (you) back at ya

If you're a bourgeois being a (non NAP)ancap is hardly nonsensical

"Ancap" is a contradiction. Anfem is nearly redundant. I say nearly because there are sexist anarchists who need to work on their manners

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manners are bougie if you're an actual egoist. you should only care about your own feelings above others. and that's it.

oh and I actually prefer Hamilton but whatever.

Read the spook book

question: do you believe that there is a systemic problem with the way that other schools of anarchist thought outside of anfems view sexism and gender inequality, or is the problem only limited to some individuals within the anarchist movement being sexist

The latter.
I suspect some of the difficulties that arise from the differences between the sexes will persist after a successful revolution. But probably not as pronounced.

Egoism concerns what I want, and if what I want is to act in the interest of others, then I will do so. To act in self interest doesn't mean to act like a selfish asshole, it means to act selfish whether or not that means being an asshole, my property. :^)

I forgot to sage such a low quality thread, but oh well. I guess there's a little more I have to say, anyway.
When I take the time out to hear my friend's problems and remedy them however I can, I do so because it pleases me; when I help my comrade with actions they struggle with, I do so because it pleases me; when I do things for others, I do it for me. There's a case to be made that much the Spook Book was both a philosophic text and a satire, much akin to theories regarding Machiavelli's The Prince.

you're an Egoist, not an Anarcho-Nihilist, stop shitting up the thread.


Anarcho-Nihilism is differentiated by it's foundation, where traditional currents of anarchism base their claims on concepts such as freedom or ethics, Anarcho-Nihilism rejects this and thus claims are based on practically realizing this nothingness in the annihilation of hierarchy. In practice, Anarcho-Nihilism is hardly different from other Anarchist tendencies, but in theory, Anarcho-Nihilism is a radical break from the other currents.

I always seen them as people who were close to be egoist anarchists but they ate the nihilism pill in the last minute.

I agree that it isn't really anarchism but it still makes sense from an egoist perspective if you happen to bourgeois, particularly petty bourg. Ancaps also tend to me much more willing to transgress common morality than anarchists are too, with the exception of certain post left anarchist like Hakim Bey

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to me, nihilism is the term that encompasses anarchism. If anarchism is already a negative definition (negation of archons, of hierarchies), nihilism is the negation of the existent. Anarchists, as said, traditionally may rally for certain values such as solidarity, mutual aid, etc and these are the 'social' anarchists. For nihilists, none of these 'values' have any value. As they write in "attentat" (attached), "Values, beliefs, and ethics are systems of control that obscure reality behind a veil of affective participation."

Personally, I believe nihilism to be a position that reflects weakness, and is a zero-point of transition to a new future that must be seriously grappled with. This does mean a break with or at least deep skepticism towards all values one currently holds. I believe this is the meaning of Nietzsche's transvaluation. Personally I am more of a "L'appelist" than a nihilist. I'm attaching attentat which is so-so, then I know Aragorn! has written a bit on an-nil.

Capitalists, yes. It's in their name. And of course they can be egoists too. Why I often call them Ayncaps.

The silent treatment does wound more than the fag comment. Pat yourself on the back.

There is important difference. If you are submissive without questioning to those values, beliefs etc. (spooks) or if certain values, beliefs, etc. define your unique. There is the difference between me, but I guess nihilists categorically dismiss all those things without any further examination. Am I wrong? t. doesn't know that much about nihilism

for me

How does socialism have feminism built into it? I don't disagree, just want to hear your thoughts on it.

The short of it:
Socialism is emancipation for all, and whatever woman doesn't want that is as crazy as the man of the same mind.

From its very beginnings it's been about liberté, égalité and fraternité, for all the people, the "third estate", including women. Sure it was inspired by Christian movements and there were plenty of sexist socialists and proto-socialists, but people like Mary Wollstonecraft (and even de Sade) put the issue of women's rights into it.
Left-liberals have always tried to adopt small portions of the socialist movement in order to appease, successfully however unfortunate, which is why you see plenty of working class and lower middle class women on the more pro-capitalist end. I can't recall if Elizabeth Cady Stanton considered herself socialists, but she was more left than the Anthony when they split on ideological differences.

You're that lesbian Capitalist filth that everyone raped on /b/ am I correct? Socialism isn't going to be emancipation for everyone because whores like you will be chained up in a cellar and used for sex and purposes of depravity. Kill yourself, my whore.

PDF related, I'm surprised it hasn't been posted yet.

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Is this available as EPUB?

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The anarcho-nihilist position is essentially that we are fucked. That the current manifestation of human society (civilization, leviathan, industrial society, global capitalism, whatever) is beyond salvation, and so our response to it should be one of unmitigated hostility. There are no demands to be made, no utopic visions to be upheld, no political programs to be followed - the path of resistance is one of pure negation. In short, "that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake inde­pendent of any constructive program or possibility." 1.:

What are some good texts to check out for annil? And what happened to n1x?

He died of terminal faggotry.

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