How is this looking?

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Get this fucking revisionist!

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Rate me. Might have changed, but too lazy to do it again.

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We're hitting levels of spooks that shouldn't even be possible!…

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I am fucked up

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I just answered honestly what i think and didn't pick what will give me the highest communism score.

I answered honestly too for reference. Just happens I'm 100% red :^)

Sure, friendo. Sure.

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that 12% nationalism bothers me.

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What does it take to make you believe us?

who cares? let it. be stoic.

BourbonBol gang!

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what does this make me?

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Carlist flag, nice. Basque-Celt here, proud to be.

Anarcho-Nazbol, possibly. dunno what that is. Blood & Soil Anarcho-Communism maybe?

Revolution Socialism Justice.

I guess blackacidlizzard-pilled

on another note, why is ecology on the left when it is a historically right wing phenomenon

I'm very avenger
Also firefox fucked the screencap

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fucking gay

Can you elaborate on that? Leftists have been more engaged in ecology than right wingers since the 60's and 70's.

"since the 60s and 70s" not since of "all time" is the emphasis here

I'm sort of a Monarchist/Conservative/Environmentalist and a Communist at the same time…not sure what that even is.

in a VC I had with some other people, Asserism was called "rebranded neo-feudalism" if I'm Asserist, I must be a very Communistic one.

Hi comrades.

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Woah shit

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Sure but do you have examples of right wing discourses on ecology? I thought before the 60's nobody talked about this stuff since pollution and climate change are recent events.


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There was barely any kind of understanding of protecting the environment before the 60s, I really fail to see how you could demonstrate the right have historically been more for ecology.

unironically read Adolf Hitler's treatises on the matter.

u + 2

Pretty accurate for me

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anyone else up for a Filteries test?

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maybe you didn't understand the full consequences of some of your answers or how they would actually impact people

or maybe you have reactionary counter-revolutionary tendencies and biases you arent aware of?

I left a lot of regulation questions neutral because under communism there would be no wage labor so there would be no minimum wage, for example

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we gang now

sure why not

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It's in french though.

I find the idea that sexual orientation (and gender) is social construct to be a dangerous. It easily leads to people using IDpol. You had members of Communist (aka socialist) party calling women who didn't have sex with them "transphobic."
I there this one where literal lesbians organised an event telling "transgenders" (i.e. men in women's clothes) to fuck off, because these "transgenders" would keep calling the women "transphobic" for not having sex with them. If men want to enter the sex market, they should climb the sex appeal latter, and weaponized IDpol just to unearned sex. Gender and sex are the same thing and to do so otherwise will lead to IDpol. And IDpol is bloody dangerous.
Rehab does reduce justice, but it's not over 50%. That's kinda important. Just teaching people that murder, thief, and etc is wrong is kinda ineffective. Even kindergartners know murder, thief, and etc is wrong. People murder and steal because their selfish, and thus they deserved what they have done.
Just Pro-life and Pro-family, but I do believe in rapid scientific progress. Pretty much it.
You can live in a society where multiculturalism is a thing, and the cultures you don't like (for example, arabian culture) you can change it. China and Russia are multiculturalist and they're not shitholes. I believe in some kind of society where groups run their own states (like the states in the USA), so they can keep their traditions and values, because most traditions aren't bad.
Fuck capitalism is all I got to say.
Rev up those regulations
Mother nature should be taken care at maximal, but that doesn't mean we should sacrifice building more nanobots and flying cars just to protect her.
In order to change the USA (and the rest of the world) into a socialist utopia, you have to participate by becoming a politician, get the people's vote, and abolish capitalism.
You get lower taxes under a monarchy, especially a socialist one.

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memes were a mistake

You wish they were a mistake.

I mostly agree with everything here but you lost me at """"socialist"""" monarchy my nig.

Yeah, essentialism vs constructivism is some what of a false dichotomy.
I also don't see the point of monarchy in socialism, or even under bourgeois 'democracy', since the monarch will always be a figure head for the ruling class of that society.

Well here is mine.

Rate it, please.

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stop being spooked

Both essentialism and constructvism are false

Nah, essentialism is mostly true. How could both be false though?



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Essentialism states that nature is unchanging
Constructionist says nature doesn't exist.
both go against DiaMat

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its not a meme, it actually can be achievable through federated land with self managed worker unions and mutual aid, led by an autocrat

the middle man being the landlord, the CEO, etc

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That should be the reddit "socialists'" flag.

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complete faggotry

I’m active member of ZSP and IP I also take part in socialist meetings I also pay for my membership in IWW. And what are you doing to make communism real? Also what’s so bad about it? I’m against Idpol I’m just progressive (because being anti idpol is not about being reactionary cunt you fucking moron) I had 100% commie internationalist etc. Come the fuck on.

Thats what consistent anti idpol would actually look like

Yeah I know what you mean, I just try to interpret it as best I can, like if it talks about minimum wage and shit I'm like yeah, sure, I know what it meant.

The bigger problem is that nobody reads each other's posts in these threads lol, it's kind of pointless except to demonstrate change over time to yourself.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Some questions are so vague that you could interpret them in completely opposite ways though.
And I think most of us don't take these tests seriously anyway. They're not much better than the meme compass.

Constructivism vs essentialism is kind of a bullshit dichotomy like individualism vs collectivism is. Socially constructed things are usually based somewhat on material reality, and in order to understand material reality at all we have to construct an explanation (usually done socially). Casting the conflict as construct vs essence though is also pretty silly to a materialist because an essence is a construct, just not a self-aware one.

Game over, student. You'll get a wooden coat and in your house will be playing music. But you will never hear it!

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