Do you guys concern yourself with race at all?

Is it a topic for you? Do you ever think about it?
About race, race-mixing, the projected demographics of the western world, the state of Brazil and soon the US, the mutts?

I am just curious what you think personally. Besides your ideology.
While you may not care much, Black, Hispanics and other "minorities" care about it a lot.

I don't want to talk so much about political actions that should/shouldn't be taken. Just your personal opinion.

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I do, because whites have recessive genes. the only place transhumanism could benefit humanity.

But seriously, no, I don't really think about it. Race is a spook.

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I honestly don't understand people like you.
You say you don't care about race.
But at the same time you know for 100% that "everything will be fine", because of statistical magic. Like Humans have a hard-wired behavior that after a certain time, their reproductive behavior changes. Because of a magic spell cast by the collective.

You say you don't care, but only because of your ideological belief that everything will be fine.

If you truly didn't care, you just wouldn't care. You would just ignore racial statistics and birth rates, because it doesn't matter. If Europe becomes Muslims, a shade of brown, non-white. Doesn't matter.

But for you it doesn't matter, because magic will prevent from minorities from ever being a majority, because of magiccal statistical spell that will get cast on them.

it's actually impossible for that to be true, because with continued immigration you have new Generations, who need a magical spell cast on them. So your non-european demographics still get increased, even if your belief in magic was true.

Not really, no. Not if I can help it.
I like to study history and sociopolitical things, the arts and culture, but the genetics of people don't matter so much. "The future can take care of itself" is something I could say, but I am wondering if there will be, can be, a future anymore. I do hope so. And I don't care what complexion they'll have if we do make it out of this next century. "Trans-humanism" and all that jive will likely make the topic completely moot.

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I would love for society to concede that race is an invention and move on as a post-racial society. However, at least in America, everyone is deranged about it. Blacks, despite being historically marginalized on the grounds of race, would be wildly opposed to post-racialism as it would signal the end of their seemingly eternal victim complex. Instead, they would be judged merely as people, as would all people, and they won't have that.

>Therefore you care
You afraid of overpopulation? Ah, no. Islam is your problem. Guess what can snuff that out.

Oh brother. 9_9

Islam is just part of the problem. The problem is the different culture. That won't just disappear with Atheism.

I said I don't really care, I guess it would be mildly sad/unfair if there were no more white people but there were still other ethnicities. But I don't find it something troubling or likely enough to really worry about, all the races are basically the same.

It's statistics, not magic, sorry if scary numbers confuse you, but the demographic transition model is predictable and quantifiable, and there's no particular reason to think it won't continue to hold true.

Gee, it's almost like you righties bring this shit up constantly, so if I want to participate in politics today I kind of have to think about it.

Well, I want global equality, so that there wouldn't be any need for mass migration on economic/stability reasons, you're the one who allows capitalism to continue and demand cheaper labour constantly.

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Gotta love how this dude has no idea what I stand for.
So ideologically retaded, he can't help but argue with a strawman.

I can tell you're some brand of fascist which is just capitalism by force.

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What part of this culture do you want to remain static?

Though no, I didn't mean atheism. I mean capitalism/capital.

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libtards btfo

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This is a weak denial. Where's the argument.

What do you think about the queen of Zig Forums?

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Yeah, given that I live in a very diverse area and my nigger and latino friends have a lot more shit to deal with from cops. I don't have any humans vs orcs delusions like you fags though.

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you're speaking to an egoist (or a spooked one) who thinks all their base belongs to them.

anyways, I see Islamic/Christian fusion as a future for the west. I see them as less of a problem than the Kosher folks, most surprisingly who, in classic Trot Entryist fashion, infest the left AND the right.

cops are generally a problem for everyone, but especially poor folks. making cop hate a race thing is dumb af.

I'm a poorfag, I get stopped less and treated better by cops than my friends who ain't white. It's one thing to reject liberal idpol as a strategy but you have to have your head in the sand to not recognize that racism is a major problem in burgerland.

Your liberal social views differ little from any corporation's HR department. Ahem, so, who's the tool of capitalism now?

good job, you really owned him there

These are the people you argue with on these boards. They think you can just fusion ideologies like in Dragonball.

Jesus fucking christ.

Don't care about race at all. I care about what you can do.
What can you add to society beyond your genes?
Your opinions mean nothing.
That photo means nothing.

Neither does mine.
Like the greatest Democrat ever said. What can you do for your country?


It's not alcohol. It's just genetics.

Like Dr. King I earnestly believe in a world where people are judged on the content of their character and arguments rather than how they look.

Read Settlers. They're always going to hate you if you're white.

yes, because americans are obsessed with it, and due to global american cultural hegemony I interact with americans, discuss things related to america and read material concerning america
I work to remove race as a political category, against both the idpol 'left' and right. unfortunately american conceptions of racial politics are also landing here in the old continent, which is especially ironic in the case of the postmodern populist-nativists
only interesting insofar as the mixed-race children's identities form and interact with the communities around them, though this is again more an issue in a strongly racialised society
by this you mean that there'll be more nonwhite people in western countries? non-issue.
Race in general is an abstract, and the idea identitarians have, especially of the nazi sort, of 'pure' and 'true' races shows complete ignorance of history. 2000 years ago you had one set of peoples, 1000 years ago another, the present set, and a 1000 years in the future there'll be a new set of peoples. picking one random point here, the present or 100 years ago or whatever, to be measuring stick for Pure Races to Be Preserved is pretty absurd.
sage for idpol/thinly veiled Zig Forumsyp thread

The only people capable of not concerning themselves with race are either in a multicultural upper class(see silicon valley, Singapore) or simply haven't lived around truly shit races.
Live around Indonesians, Australian aborigines or Sub-Saharan blacks.
Contrary to Zig Forums, the vast majority of them are quite friendly just like any other subset of humanity, but they just don't have the brain power to contribute and will put a massive burden on your welfare systems as apposed to whites or asians.

Maybe in the future when AI has made human intelligence irrelevant then we can all get together and not care but until then you will be forever retarded if you ignore race and IQ.


I hate niggers so yes.

What about a poor ass white person suffering with poor as blacks and mexicans? We're all broke motherfuckers here.

What about that?

Blame whitey right?

No thanks I don't waste my time on idpol trash.

race is literally the only thing that matters, believing that race is irrelevant is literally white privilege

go walk through a nigger baboon shithole ghetto very quickly you will realize you ARE white and not only is there nothing you can do about it quite literally is the only thing that matters in a multicultural baboon shithole context

They are probably racist, rude and vulgar, so we hate them.
Blacks and Hispanics are disadvantaged on the other hand.

the irony being of course is that shitskins are hated precisely for the content of their character

Doesn't matter what you think lol. The reality is non-whites believe it and hate you for it.

Friends? But refers to with epithets. Sorry, but can you explain the logic behind this please? I'd really like to know.

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I am non-white, and I just hate you for actually believing that non-whites all fall for that shit. Seriously, though, have you ever actually seen the people who buy into that ahistorical Settlers nonsense? They are nearly all lily white trust fund kids who got their degrees at expensive private schools. They are the kind of people who make you actually believe in white guilt. Of course, they will push their few minorities to the fore, because of the "progressive stack," but behind them they are like the IRL version of the cast of 90210. Remember that ethnicity poll of r/socialism from a couple years back? That tells the story.

Race really matters only when it comes to my sexual/romantic preferences, I find certain ethnic groups more attractive than others, but when it comes to society, economics and politics, no, race does not matter at all because it is an outdated taxonomy from the 18th century.

black girls are hot


Her eyes are practically on the side of her head, that’s alcohol homie.

Cops stop whites less because whites commit fewer crimes, and they have much lower rates of recidivism. Not to mention the fact that non-whites are much more likely to attack the police. Don't pretend that pattern recognition is bad.

Racialism is as IdPol as it gets. Racialists are equally as annoying as SJWs and racialism has been proven fallacious ad nauseam. Race, much like any form of IdPol, is a distraction from porky to divide the working class.

While we are at white identity politics, there isn't "white genocide", but white suicide. Maybe instead of shitposting on chan boards, incel faggots should get out more. They are unfuckable because they choose to be unfuckable. I can assure you I've seen a lot of ugly motherfuckers get tons of sex.

Either way, any so called "race realist" should just get the fuck over it. "Niggers" are fucking your "beautiful aryan" women (fact: the aryan people have nothing to do with skin pigments, at all) because you spend 24/7 shitposting on Zig Forums instead of actually trying to get laid. Hell, even statistics show that white women almost exclusively date white men, so if you're white and an incel, you're an absolute failure and deserve to die a virgin.

Race is real and is in front of you.
Denying nature not only make you awkward, but is sign of psychosis.
If you are a nigger or a Capitalist, embrace the blood's call.
However if your parents committed racial adultery and your blood is impure, your best course to improve humanity, is to refuse to reproduce.


Knock it off.
Don't you see that most of White Nationalists are stepping away from women?
Don't you realize that modern women are gross and not self respecting man wants any relationship with them? But just to fuck and dump them.
Don't you realize that modern women are unsuitable for to be a wife, and they are horrible mothers?
Don't realize that any modern woman has the experience of a professional escort and make her unable to bond to any man?

Wake up degenerate!
Old the evils you sow with your ideology of corruption are here to bite us all in the ass.
Well done /s.

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Do you know what is the issue here?
It is very simple, it is called "Forced Assimilation".
Whites have been forced at gun point by ZOG Occupied Government to share and give up their land to foreigners.
Now the offspring of these invaders believe that have the same rights than the native Whites.
This is recipe for civil war and RAHOWA.
Think whatever you want, but the fate of everybody will be decided by the barrel of the gun.
It is the left towing the ☘️globalist☘️ agenda who have created this incoming Armageddon in every country where Whites live. They know it and have been their plan all along.
And if there are "victims" and "oppressed" here, are Whites looking for freedom from non Whites.

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yeahhhhh that's cool and all but what about all the non whites who hate wypipo with the fire of a thousand suns who never even heard of settlers nor need to

Self identified incels are outright hostile towards white idpol a lot of the time, but yeah I agree racialism is dumb.

The real reason for this (in the US) is that race is used as a weapon against them and a combination of that with ghettoization (particularly as an economic phenomenon) resulted in race-based defensive blocks and race-based perceptions of community. You can acknowledge the material conditions which led to this without adopting a definitively racial outlook. Racism is an issue, but race in terms of what percentage of the population falls into what demographic construct isn't. And even racism is a secondary issue - it's perpetuated through a combination of reactionary politics and economic policy which encourages quasi-feudal social orders built around legacy land ownership.

It is all about brain power to succeed.
And think that is non Whites who come to leech Whites' civilizations and not the other way around.
Demography is destiny.

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average nigger Autism Level is on the level of average 1950's white people IQ.
This is because Autism Level rises as people live in better standards over time, obviously.

Non-whites aren't really oppressors. Plenty of straight white males are in power, and are just acting in their self-interest to keep/increase that power. Just as much as jews do.

You're living in a fantasy world you chose because you romanticize the past and want to feel part of something. For lack of personal identity or accomplishment, you associate with the identity and accomplishment of other people.
Being disgusted by niggers is fine. But don't think there's something deeper to it than the fact that it's your personal opinion.

You would put blind trust in any decent speaker that says the things you agree with because you don't have faith in your own ability to do critical thinking.
You'd rather believe made-up stories that show you're the heroic white knight that will save the beautiful white women in distress because you fear them rejecting you and want to blame someone else for that.

You think that there's some secret cabal doing secret bad stuff because it's an easier way to explain your own distress than to realize it comes not from an abnormal source but from the controlling factors in our society that we think of as normal.

You want to think of yourself as born special. As an inheritor of atlantian blood. Someone born with a purpose.
Because otherwise you'd have to face the fact that you'd have to pick your purpose yourself.

Don't act like you don't know the difference between genotypes and phenotypes

I want to address this. The fact of the matter is although capitalism, which I should add is not practiced in any orthodox setting anywhere on earth, is flawed and leads to unethical consequences it is still the most functional system we have as it acknowledges the finite resources a country has access to and balances consumption with production. A problem I have with communists, anarcho capitalists, and other economic ideologies is that they are in no way pragmatic and are entirely based off of one’s moral code. Global equality cannot exist on this planet. We do not have the resources, infrastructure, or technology to do it. We cannot make other nation’s prosperous if they have no means to become prosperous, and we can’t just expend our own resources helping another country, as that will stretch us thin and will lead to worse problems later on. All we can do is focus on our own prosperity and get to a point in which we CAN help out others, and at this point in time, we CAN’T. The problem isn’t capitalism, the problem is global capitalism. Trading of resources, jobs, and currency between nation’s when those could be put to better usage in our own nation is stupid. If you think I’m talking about the west, not at all. I’m talking about the trading of oil in the middle east, precious metals in africa, and so on and so forth. These nations aren’t focused on circulating these resources inside their own nations and prioritizing the wealth across everyone in their borders, but selling off resources to foreign lands in exchange for flimsy currency. Until that ceases to happen and nations start focusing internally instead of externally and trying to compete in a world economy, then there is absolutely no way that these nations will ever be prosperous. That means close your borders, stop piggybacking poorer nations, and focus on the survival of your own people.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter if you think that “all races are the same.” They aren’t. They have different genes, they have a specific look to them, and will be with time evolve seperately from each other. I do not see a problem with this, actively trying integrate and even taking an apathetic look to their extinction is in of itself genocidal and unethical. We actively participate in the protections of endangered species of other animals, why the hell are we so quick to wipe out the growing divisions between humans? Furthermore, inside of these races lie a wide variety of ethnicities, which contain by themselves their own genes, cultures, and histories. By not giving a fuck about them being wiped from the earth, you are saying you are content with the ethnic and cultural extinction of unique individuals who have been forged from thousands of years of shared history. A white guy moving into Egypt isn’t egyptian, an arab in germany isnt a german, they can “act” as if they are any of these ethnicities, but do they share kindred blood? A family line that has toiled away at that land? A familiarity with their fellow peoples, who’s dynasties stretch back however long? A shared history? No. They have none of these things. Only the families with their ancestry have this. To conclude, apathy in regards to racial extinction is not caring about the genes, ethnicities, and cultures of said race, and you would be perfectly fine with a unique group of humans in all of their flaws and beauties completely wiped away. This, I cannot disagree with more, and applies not only to whites, but every single race and ethnic division this world houses.

honestly I just don't want to live among non whites/am viscerally disgusted by the appearance of non whites and this should be enough, the Autism Level and crime rates are just a cherry on top of course, also the fact that the entirety of the modern world derives from the intellectual labor of a group of people that were overwhelmingly white too is a nice bonus but I don't spend too much time thinking about this, obviously i have very little in common with the European super geniuses of the last 5 centuries that literally built the modern world other than superficial similarities in appearance

as for the jews plotting to advance their interests yadda yadda yadda it's funny that you mock that as an Alex Jones tier reptile people conspiracy when there are quite literally dozens of highly influential and wealthy jewish special interest groups who openly and explicitly state they work to further Jewish interests, but of course this is a separate conversation

No, she doesn't have a fucked up mouth-nose region.

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I'm not american so no, I don't give a fuck about it at all and I wish the americunts didn't had a cultural hegemony over the world and didn't spread their cancerous idpol through their media entertainment everywhere.

First: Imao
Second: ZOG Occupied Government already entails "Occupied Government", you don't have to type it down again you massive fucking brainlet

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wew, 2008 called, it wants Impact back

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what? what do you think capitalism means?
not at all, why do you think the private loan explosion happened?
Marxism at least is entirely amoralistic and materialistic, sure you can support it for moral reasons but the theory behind doesn't necessitate any moral systems.
your conception of economics and states and their relationship in the modern world is very warped
turns out capitalism necessitates the maximum expansion of markets and thus by its internal mechanisms expands beyond any borders. you have no sense of cause and effect. Why do you think capitalism is global now? random chance? The Jew?
what use is hoarding tons and tons of oil in some state in the arabian peninsula?
any state that attempts something like that will be 'liberated'. the internal focus is something that happened in socialist countries, though with help from the Soviet centre.
yes. that is called change. do you shed tears for all the cultures that have lived and died in human history? do you think 'culture' is something disparate from the material world, something you can capture in amber and display in a fish bowl?
this matters exactly why? all this talk of ancestral land and soil is just sentimental muh feels-tier shit.
yes, because an infinite number of possible new unique groups of humans will rise in their stead.
your conception of the world has a problem typical of liberals: you have absolutely no sense of history and what that entails - change.

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I'm not sure what any of these sentences mean in the order you've put them in.

The cheapest divide and conquer tactics there is.

So you were baiting?

Why is the zoomer generation of channers so fucking gay?
Look which board the 4chan archives deems worth saving for the future.

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today's leftists conveniently ignore the question of jewish tribalism. read culture of critique doofuses.


It was only a matter of time with guys who wear those uniforms.

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I don't judge people based on appearance.

literally why would the average person in europe or america being brown matter. just. honest to god why should people care.

as long as they aint niggers

Sadly for you race isn't an invention.
Race based on skin color is "an invention", but you're ignorant as fuck if you delude yourself that a black person and an asian person are not different. The word race is not the right word to use sure, but what people are talking about when they talk about race is definitely real. Tell it to biology


You fucking nazis there is nothing wrong with white pride first of all, second of all there is nothing wrong with gay trump supporters or gay right-wingers

Why wouldn't they? It's their culture and heritage that's at stake.
Perhaps some people like having a race that's less likely to commit crimes and murder each other and less likely to be racist.

Lel. Biology told it to us.

This is why nobody takes you race autists seriously. Other than retards and maybe some old farts literally nobody gives a shit about muh cultur and heritagee.
Here retard, lemme help you. The next time you need to say something to defend racism/racialism just drop this hot pic and BTFO everybody. Forget this bullshit about cultur and haritaje, people just laugh when they see retards talking about this sort of irrelevant bullshit but they might give you attention if you talk to their penises instead.

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Based colured ppl

I am completely against any kind of racism, which of course means that I oppose racism by Jews against non-Jews, Muslim Arabs and blacks against whites and white Nazis against blacks, Arabs or non-believing Jews!

What I hate is the total hypocrisy of many liberals who only cry out in the face of racism from white Nazis to non-whites, but when Jews discriminate non-Jews or even kill them like in Israel or if blacks and muslim Arabs murder whites, because they are white, do not see racism in it.

Humanity will become one race given enough time, it's impossible to stop it. I fully believe we'll all be mestizo in a thousand years or so.

This kind of race realism only works on the crypto libs at Zig Forums

Which kind?

eh, maybe to an extent but I'm the minority where I live. I deal with obnoxious blacks more than I'd like to. to each their own, it depends on your environment.

I do because the bitch on right has a broke ass face.

honestly race is one of the major things that stops me from commiting myself to the left. If there was a white identity leftist party, I'd probably be all for it. As it stands though most white leftists are either crypto-jews or obsessed with BBC. I don't buy Zig Forumss economics, but at least they're defending their own.

also, shit like this doesn't help convince me leftists aren't just liberals LARPing as papa marx.

Do you seriously think that non autistic/retarded people actually care about muh cultur?
Or did your autism/very low intelligence prevented you from getting the sarcasm in the picture?

The average person is a capitalist user, therefor you should be too.
fucking retard.

Yeah, whatever fag.
Just continue to use flawed arguments that can't convince anyone like a fucking dumbass who can't learn from mistakes and can't listen to advice. I bet you didn't even realize that I was trying to help.
You are actually lucky that the nazis didn't won in WWII as retards like you wouldn't pass their eugenics so you wouldn't even exist if they had won.

Society is a product of population genetics

Not really.
Only very very occasionally, if forced to like with black pete.

Not in a racialized manner, but more in a "i dont want religious nuts or massive migrant streams who dont intergreate"
Dont care
Dont care, if americans finally mutted up we wouldnt have to listen to your endless whining about race

If you want me to throw you a bone, I do have a small bias against black people here, but that is because the few few few black people that I do ever meet live in the ghettos and thus act like ghetto trash.

I dont care what americans think

Race mixing is cool. But I wouldnt date a black woman mainly because I am not attracted to them and because a coloured kid faces many prejudices and coloured kids that went to school in my posh-ish town at a high level somehow still ended up in trash americanized gangster culture. My kids will have enough issues just being normal already, I dont need to give them the additional handicap of being associated with american blackness, if I can help it. Mixed asian kids do not face any discrimination here so if I were to meet a girl who happened to be asian it wouldnt influence me.

Also I think about afrikaners a lot more than about americans, since they are sort-of our lost colony and thus I feel a bit of a sense of duty to help them and fix the mess we made down there. American can all kill each other for all I care.

I think the main difference between you and I is that when I think about race, its because the conception of race exists, and my thinking boils down to "I wish race as a concept didnt exist", while you DO want it to exist and use it as a basis of apartheid/genocidal/retarded actions.

Its a wordfilter, newfriend. Z O G filters to RIP In Peace but with ZOG Occupied Government

Oh and >inb4 they ended up in ghetto culture because muh nignogs
All the arabs, t*rks and marrocans ended up in there too, even though there is hardly a difference genetically between t*rks and greeks. Its due to the microcosm of culture within my country.


No it's not. That is a patently retarded assumption.

Maybe I should have said an unintentional bias.
Also living in shitty conditions doesnt mean you can be shitty to me, I will still think you are a cunt, and if you are known for harassing/stabbing people I will avoid you.