Worst Youtubers on the Left

A thread about those kinds of YouTubers who will do more harm than good for the left. Pic related are my picks, Thom Avella, Peter Coffin and Thought Slime. All of them are actually embracing right-wing memes by being "ironic soyboy furry cucks to trigger the right", which is not what you should do. Also Peter Coffin is a grifter and a creep. The only difference between those guys and the OG SJWs from the early 2010s is they can actually formulate a sentence without stuttering, but that doesn't change that they are still massively dislikable and unappealing.

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I don't use youtube for politics that's autistic as fuck but this dude AzureScapegoat managed to sneak into my recs and he woulnd't be so bad if he didn't decide to plaster his ugly mug all over his videos for some unknown reason so fuck him

What is this, 2014?

He really, really isn't pleasant to look at, but I havn't seen him doing anything stupid so far, he mostly does videogames and pretty basic videos. His video about Cuba was good. I still don't know why these uglos always think they need to do a face reveal, it's like when you see a fat chick wearing daring clothing.

I still find the others I posted to be far more annoying.

them, and contra shaun, and hbombSassenach
I hate ppl who say that these people should be used as entry points for the radleft, when DemSoc01 and Jimmy Dore do a much better job at that

Yeah sure, a ranting tranny who gets naked on camera and talks about autogynephilia is a totally appealing entry point for normies. Whoever says that is an idiot. As you said, Dore, DemSoc or even BadMouse do a much better job without the insane posturing.

Pretty much any IdPol one, although we already know that.

I don't really use youtube for politics, since most of them are either MAGApedes or SJWs. The only one I find tolerable is Kyle Kulinski.

The guy who smears Jimmy Dore and thinks North Koreans are legit insane?

Also, let me add, I believe you can argue for IdPol in a somewhat reasonable fashion (Shaun or even Mexie come over as reasonable, and even FinnBol has a made an IdPol video without autistic screeching), my beef with the individuals above is that they are ridiculous characters. Even if they were anti-IdPol I would still dislike them because they are so crass and unappealing.

Politics on Youtube is cancer.

The only one I enjoy anymore is pic related, I also watch Adolf Stalin but I don't know if he could be considered "left"

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When did he smear Jimmy?


Where is the smear? I don't get it.

I actually confused him with Sam Seder. My bad.

They are all worse. Stop watching opinionstube and read a book.

Books can't resist all the sweat I produce when exercising, you fat lazy pig.

You're the one who eats so much that you need to exercise it off.

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thanks, fam. economically, yeah far left. Sorelian in those terms

peter coffin is a partisan hack who is only popular because of cherry picking, he is literally
kind of guy

this so much, contra is a mental nutcase, and shaun is literally autistic, make 2 hour videos on paul joseph "IMAJUN MAI SHOK" watson.

cuck philosophy is based, try him

seder is NPC, his stick is inviting low i-q lolberts and "debating" (namecalling) them

Using YouTube to reinforce your political beliefs is for illiterate children.


That's a low bar. He's constantly retweeting the radlib bullshit that falls out of @Marxism_Wokeism

All I'm getting from this thread is that the left is truly dead and the battle is lost. Fuck leftists for falling for idpol bullshit, at this point the only thing that could even remotely save it is to fully embrace the fact that minorities and women can't be trusted to participate in leftist movements without making it about them and their individualist, narcissistic victim complexes and ensuing sense of entitlement.

You know you can read books and still watch YouTube for entertainment and making fun of it.

Don't fall for COINTELPRO demoralization.

Peter likes to bitch a lot about intellectual labor to transparently defend himself as proletariat so he can pretend succdem is real existing communism.

its really annoying

* paul cockshott
Also while he may not be left wing I miss blackacidlizzard


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It's really annoying how it's mostly just absolute social rejects making up communism's presence on the internet.

There's good shit on youtube, but this is true of youtube politicos aside from the ones who cover news and shit.

good, at least it challenges the stereotype of socialists being some social bee or some crap that Zig Forums likes to invent.

Why would people do this. Why do people want to appear weak?

Good question.

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Fuck back to reddit with that shit. What the goddamn hell do you think this is supposed to be about if not fighting for marginalized people? You shitbirds are just looking to enhance your own status and you don't give a fuck about anybody's problems.

This, the I'd rather be represented by total autistssince I am one myself than oversocialized normalfaggot npcs

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I've got nothing against people like this, it's just annoying that they seem to be pretty much the only people putting a face on left-wing or sort of left-wing ideas. Who all do we have making content who isn't one of these guys? It doesn't help "losers" when they look like the only people advocating socialism. Especially when the kinds of things that make them "losers" also mean they're not that good at making appealing content.
Not really. I'm just bummed out by our optics, man.

Seriously though, what youtubers or other content creators do we have with broader normie appeal than guys like Thom Avella and Libertarian Socialist Rants?

Is that the stereotype though? I thought it was "degenerates begging for gibsmedats."

Since when is advocating socialism about representation though? It's not just about individual people's problems. It's a systemic critique. Who "represents" you is doing that as a side effect of discussing capitalism and what to do about it. It's secondary.

I heard on discord that Jim is gonna go see Jason for Christmas and that as a promo video Jason is gonna put a suit on Jim and they'll smoke hookah to The Kanye and Lil Pump song

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The real movement to abolish the present state of things.


You're right, I can't argue with that, its just that its fairly alienating for me that most of the left are insufferable normalfaggots regardless of whether they are pro or anti idpol though.

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You're such a fuckin' Fed
I hate it

I really wish this wasn't true.

I'd rather deal with feds than moderators at this point, Body Oder should have taught you that much


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good channel

Toilet paper is not a meal, lazy.


isn't socialism about helping social rejects become less alienated from capitalist society?

Must be one of the reasons Socialism and communism is attractive to me as one myself

Shaun's videos on PJW were pretty good to be honest.

I don't want to be part of a socialism that doesn't do that, but at the same time I'd like some attractive and charismatic people to help popularize the ideas. Let's be real.

I watched my first video from this guy ever the other day and it was some of the most autistic shit I've ever seen

have you seen stefan molyneux?

Of course it is and that's why its fucking awesome, also you can't just watch one Jim Profit video and expect to get his philosophy. If you watch more it will begin to flow together, just give him a chance.

That spoiler is often used by tremendous faggots, no offense.

All YouTubers are agents of burgeoisie.

No, they are just faggots, clowns and idiots.

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If you watch youtube videos that aren't fetish vids of people shitting their pants you're a massive fag

" I still don't know why these uglos always think they need to do a face reveal, it's like when you see a fat chick wearing daring clothing"

Some fat chicks are pretty, though.With those I often wish they'd wear less clothing, and reveal more cleavage or leg.
Apologies to any fat chicks reading this who feels I am objectifying them.
It's strange how tastes change, though. I read somewhere that Marilyn Monroe would be considered too fat for a film career these days.
Maybe her success was a cultural reflection of the end of Depression-era soup kitchens?

ThoughtSlime is pretty fun, you just shouldn't take his video's seriously at all. It's honestly the definition of Utopian as a slur 900% of the time. He takes jabs at right wingers, but isn't too sure of what he'd do when they're gone. Add Batcuck on here. I'd ask for thoughts on Anarchopac but I don't need three (You)'s over the span of two days.

The quality of this comment made me lose all faith in the left.

anarchopac is decent when sticking to facts but is a bit loopy, seems to be a shut-in

You've seen his IdPol video? Or how you shouldn't debate any right-winger? The guy is a cliche.
A "disabled transsexual" who decided to be a woman one day ("Zoe" lmao) after years of being "agender", despite dressing manly and taking no efforts to physically appear as a woman, calls his dad an abusive patriarch despite him financing a DECADE of him visiting college. Absolutely useless
His fact videos are just quote-mining Bakunin and that's all

Eh, this is some interesting stuff that shows how radically different social views have been.

They seem pretty ignorant or a liar if I'm being honest though. The "my dark past" video contains misrepresentations that you'd only make if you were only passingly familiar with what you were describing. Same sort of thing as when a boomer says they had a "radical phase" but think communism is about stealing your toothbrush.

This video's info comes exclusively from a book by Ruth Mazo Karras. It's largely correct, but to say that there was no concept of homosexuality is a bit of a stretch.

I mean they can read but as you said they're often quite dishonest. His beef with Unruhe was cringeworthy.

All of them. Youtube is trash. I hate it when people say "I watch youtube" because it is meaningless, they don't watch 'youtube' because that's a platform, they watch shitty videos made by narcissists who like to hear themselves talk.

There are only a few youtube channels worth watching and coincidentally they include no or minimal talking.

You know what else I hate about youtube? The videos that are just images changing every 10-15 seconds and a nasally voice in a badly protected microphone telling me what they think. Who gives a shit, write essays or books, don't force me to endure poor quality of the media because despite what people might say it does fucking matter. I was gonna say I wish there was a youtube for text, but I guess that's medium.com

They will never do that because if you are actually writing papers people will check your sources and bibliography and take apart your bullshit. YouTubers use the medium of jumpcuts, overly fast talking, strawmanning, stream of consciousness etc. deliberately so people can't actually deconstruct them.

Just imagine Contra's capitalism videos in writing. What a mess.

what is wrong with her videos on capitalism?

Don't worry guys, I'm that we will form the vanguard party.

Oh shit, now I have to watch something which already takes five times as long as reading the corresponding script would. In addition to that, I have to constantly stop and write down what is said in order to obtain what I would just copy-paste when dealing with text and also deal with ambiguous pronunciation. Precise sources referring to specific pages in books are replaced in speech by references to a book's title alone, or worse, just the name of the author (and don't you count on getting the whole name of the author, you see verbal communication is a lot about figuring out who doesn't belong by constantly making cryptic references to stuff the in-group already knows about).

All in all, these operations take about twenty times as long as the corresponding operations when dealing with text. And what's the payoff? When you present that as handy text, are people thankful? Pfffft no. Your cold letters got nothing on the instinctive emotional connection created by staring at the mug of somebody who pretends he's talking to you. In the battle of human face versus abstract letters, even ugly faces win.

You could create a video I suppose, to level the playing field, and then, if there is anybody who wants to analyze the merit of your claims rather than doing cheap shots appealing to the prejudices of one's audience, that person will have to go through all the shit mentioned in the first paragraph. And so on, back and forth. Well, let's be real, that back and forth doesn't happen because vloggers can't be really arsed to have any analytical back and forth where they actually reflect on what they say, unlike some bloggers. Just do the math for the time it would take to have an exchange for three or four rounds. So instead, vloggers just repeat some position and appeal to an audience that is not won over by what you say, but already believes all that and/or is thirsty as fuck, and they have no deeper interactions with each other than

Cockshott tho

Paul Cockshott's achievements: 1. Took part in the resistance against the poll tax which brought down Thatcher, 2. has analyzed statistics to show the strong correlation of total costs and labor time, 3. author (together with Allin Cottrell) of the most thoughtful general outline for computer-aided socialist economic planning.
$:8 per month on Patreon.

Peter Coffin's achievements: 1. Kicked himself in the nuts on TV, 2. faked having an Asian girlfriend in order to have the self-depreciation cover for making racist jokes, 3. now born again as left-wing intellectual who teaches that capitalist exploitation is whenever you are said about something.
$: 1,832 per month on Patreon.

transgenderism is capitalism in action. first world nonsense.

so is yer mum's gay nigger penis