But I thought only stupid, lazy good-for-nothings needed universal healthcare...

But I thought only stupid, lazy good-for-nothings needed universal healthcare. Surely one of the most brilliant scientists on the planet wouldn't have struggled to pay medical bills would he?

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yeah not a fan of that last name. I can smell the money off him from a mile away.

Obama could probably get $5 for his nobel peace prize.

He should have asked his pops for a small loan of a million dollars.

Hes a scientist not a businessman. He probably would just spend it rather than turn it in to billions.

scientists and inventors dying because of a terrible status quo is basically tradition tbh


Yep, a Ukrainian Jew

Health insurance and Medicare don't cover nursing home fees

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If he's so smart, why ain't he rich?

It is possible to have higher aims than money in life. Tim Berners Lee could be the richest motherfucker on the planet right now if he kept the www. protocol for himself.

o im laffin

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This has to be a parody account.

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Nope, real from what I can tell.

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Pretty much this

Actually he would be the poorest mofo on the planet because he kept it for himself. I thought you knew Intellectual property is a sham.

Yet another Trump dickrider, much like that faggot Yiannopoulos. You get extra internet points for being a self hating minority.

If he had a loan for a million dollars, he would have used it to fund groundbreaking research to advance society instead of screwing over blue-collar contractors and burying them in legal fees if they tried to sue.

Every time.

Its pretty obvious that its a parody.
Either that or he didnt take his own advice.

A million is a drop in the ocean in terms of groundbreaking research.
You need a business model to generate income before you can fritter money away.

on average they aren't. and they usually intermarry within their own tribe. sounds like the rhetoric of some guy from Germany with a funny moustache.

Are you referring to Marx or Engels?

This comment is so reddit.

Wait. Aren't they the same person?

No, you're thunking of Sterner and Engels.

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