To understand Zig Forums you first have to understand the Left and Jewish subversion in its totality

To understand Zig Forums you first have to understand the Left and Jewish subversion in its totality.

Principle 1: The Jew does not actually desire a Communist revolution as Marx or even (in a rare case of a Jew acting genuinely) as Lenin envisioned. Jews want a quasi-revolution that empowers THEM at the expense of the Sassenachim, hence their reliance on urbanite bureacrats, vanguards made up of intellectuals, criminals and low-level state officials, etc.

Actual peasant uprisings historically have ALWAYS resulted in Jews being exterminated, particularly in Eastern Europe–I'm sure you're familiar with the Khmelnytsky Uprising, where Cossacks and others essentially rose up against their Polish masters not so much because the Poles were Catholic and oppressing them, but specifically because they employed Jews as landlords and administrators who ruthlessly exploited Ukraine and the Cossacks. Jews do not want organic revolts but controlled revolts–i.e., they don't want ACTUAL left-wing revolutions, they want systemic transfers of power to Jews or Jewish agents which they can *call* revolutions.

Principle 2: As a result of Principle 1, the Jews must ensure that any revolutionary movement is controlled by Jews, or else to ineffectual to actually instigate and win a rebellion against the current social order without Jewish assistance. The greatest weapon in the arsenal of the Jew is Intersectionality, and it has been employed to GREAT effect in every field, but especially against Left-Wing movements in general. Part of the reason why Jews are primarily associated with the Left is that Intersectionality, or Identity Politics, makes it very easy for those movements to control.

Conclusion: Because of Principles 1 and 2, any Left-Wing group that is not currently infested by trannies, niggers, various shitskins, faggots etc, is targeted for mass-inclusion of those peoples because this is the only way that Jews can break up and control them or render them inert. If a left-wing group were actually made up of white men, it might succeed–this is totally intolerable to the Jew, so he finds ways to sabotage these groups by forcing these marginalized mentally ill people into them at every opportunity.

A side-note: This is also what happened to Lolbertarianism, Atheism (remember Atheism+?) and most recently the "Skeptic" community, and it is what happened to the "Alt-Right" as well. Jews will actively seek to sneak faggots, blacks, Jews, Jew-Enabling Sassenachim and other corrosive elements into any movement, because the very EXISTENCE of diversity grants Jews power within that movement.

TL;DR, Jews sabotaged the Left hard, and Zig Forums is the perfect example of what an ineffectual, weak, and cultureless political group looks like. Halfchan's Zig Forums has also been subverted ruthlessly in this manner. This is why ZERO tolerance is important. ZERO compromise. Any crack no matter how small can and will be exploited to turn your movement or space of conversation into an ineffectual cringe-arena.

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Hey Zig Forums, whatcha doin?

commit not alive fash

Counter Semitism>Anti Semitism

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well, he's right you know

When and where do the Jews participate in this conspiring?
Do all Jews participate or what subset?

Inmediately stopped reading. You're not "redpilled". You're just useful idiots for the bourgeoisie, firmly convinced of your own "dark enlightenment"; yet still cucked by the ruling elites.

Not only did your beloved leader Hitler cucked himself for the rich, but he betrayed the not socialist workers party by executing the only moderately left wing strasserite fraction of the party.

You're not different from IdPol scum, since you also obssess with "muh white race" horseshit. You're your very own kind of identity politics and we give the middle finger to any IdPol faggot. You're the textbook definition of unwarranted self importance.

Either focus on class struggle or fuck off.
and many dozens more


No idea why the fuck america loves israel so much, and there are plenty of racial and religious jews against its idea or its aggression towards palestine. The existence of pro-jew groups does not mean everyone of that race is in on a massive worldwide conspiracy, just like how the existence of the KKK doesn't mean all white people are conspiring against blacks.
Well yeah, if you proclaim a race war of course they will organize and defend themselves. A lot of polacks don't seem to understand cause and effect.
Where does it say anything about jews?
Literally every country has shady unethical intelligence agencies, if israel didn't they'd be fucking morons.

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The SPLC has a pro-islam bias. Hardly jew-friendly.
Besides, you're not actually answering the questions. This is just duckspeak, i.e. quacking out orthodox beliefs without thinking.


of course the jews defend muslims, except for the ones living under their jack boot in Israel

really? do you really have *no idea*?

it's all just a mystery eh? AIPAC being the strongest lobby in DC and the entirety of the msm and financial system being run by jews has absolutely nothing to do with it right? Jews being 50% of all us billionaires and outright owning both the Democrat and Republican party via donations has nothing to with it huh?

it's all just a huge mystery, ZOG Occupied Government doesn't real

Uhm, no.
A ridiculous number of muslims are genocidally anti-semitic, even more than you lot are. That's the jews' biggest existential threat.

like I said, jews are muslim apologists # number 1 so long as the muslims they are defending are not in Israel

Something has made the posters on Zig Forums turn out the way they have.
If not the Jews then who did it?

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Don't be thick.
Muslims outside of israel are a threat to jews as well. Even more so at times since they control nuclear-armed states.

Muslims outside of the middle east are less of a threat to the jews than muslims within the middle east, why do you think the jews are so hell bent on exporting the entirety of Mena to europe as refugees via war and sabotage, by the time muslims start to exert real demographic power in the nuclear armed state of europe (hopefully never, if we have anything to say about it) Europe would have long de-nuclearized

would be hella cool if Iran gets the bomb though but I don't think that will happen

Muslim immigration has made it so that jews are having a harder time living in the west now than before. It's not good for the jews.
Before you were talking about muslims in israel, but now tried to transform it into muslims in the middle east. Leave the goalposts be.
And in general, you aren't making a compelling case by claiming that the jews orchestrate things that are bad for them, and then trying to filö the holes by even more complex scheming.

The biggest threat to the jews, ironically is the same as Europe. Its the muslims in their countries completely outbreeding them.

In 30 years Israel will be a muslim state.

Jews want to empty the middle east of muslims to expand the borders of greater Israel, they accomplish this by waging proxy war against the muslim arab nations in the middle east and at the same time facilitating their migration to Europe where they fight tooth and nail to get them citizenship rights, it's not exactly complicated, if a few individual jews suffer from antisemitism from the new muslim arrivals it's not a problem it's in fact a benefit as jews want more diaspora jews to return to israel anyway

Jews will sterilize the Palestinians (if they have not started already) whole sale before they are allowed to exert demographic dominance in Israel, in 30 years europe will 30% muslim or more while israel will free of muslims and will stretch all the ways to the Tigris and Euphrates

I wasnt talking about the Palestinians I was talking about Muslims living in Israel with Israeli citizenship.

At last count 20% of the general israeli population, who can vote and hold many positions of power in government and academia Israel are muslims.
That percentage grows very rapidly due to muslims high reproduction rates.

Someone screencap this fool

the muslims in Israel with actual citizenship rights or even knisset positions are token positions with no power or consequence, it's just empty political gestures, even the aprtheid state of Rhodesia allowed some black africans to have greater privileges and "bush council" pseudo political positions

also even secular israeli jews have a respectable fertility rate in their own right, there will no outbreeding by muslims there will only be parity (of course this is not so in Europe)

You started the same thread on Zig Forums.
Fuck off back to Zig Forums!

You could make the same argument for Europe.
Maybe its political gestures but its political gestures with millions of people who totally outreproduce the local population.

That is a dangerous game if you want your country to continue existing.

Are you trying to make my argument for me?
Rhodesia is probably the worst example you could come up with for a country that is stable and peaceful in the long term.

Another thread about jews? Man you are recently very busy here.

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Rhodesia fell because it was a minority rule apartheid state that faced international sanctions

israel is not a minority ruled state and is wholly integrated into the global economy with no meaningful sanctions against it

also the Israeli birthright is very high in its own right, israeli jews are not under demographic threat due to fertility rates

it's good for the zionists though, since it accelerates jewish diaspora migration to Israel
every time there is a racist attack against the jews of europe, the zionists secretly cheer

rude sage for
thread no 3253463947

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Someone has to post here.
Its only slightly less dead than leftypol.

Last time I checked they were under demographic threat. That is the point Im making.
If the percentage of your people is going down and the percentage of an opposing group is going up,its a self fueling thing because as the more fertile group increases, it has more and more numbers to reproduce more.
Thats happenning in places like Burma too. Over decades the muslim population grew to the point where it could attack the buddhist population without fear.

well you're wrong there, as I've mentioned the Israeli Jewish birth rate is quite handsome in its own right, making abortions harder to get does that

Hmm just checked and it looks like they made quite the drastic turnaround in 2016/7.
Im no Jew expert. I do support Israel though because otherwise they would be living here in the west So Im not sure how they pulled that off but we need to copy them.

Jews aren't the only semites, you know.

casting an awful wide net there, some of us here don't.

Plus the reason most sane people support Israel is because its like a containment country.
Like when cuckchan goes down they all flood here and make everything shitty. That would happen with Jews if Israel was destroyed.

Calm the fuck down, it was just the crazy tranny BO.

"sane" people. I'm pretty sure its the other way around. jewish people are also very neurotic.