Do you think you'll live to see the revolution? I don't think I'll be in this world when that happens...

Do you think you'll live to see the revolution? I don't think I'll be in this world when that happens, and it saddens me quite a lot.

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When I'm old.
One thing is clear, in order for it to be successful, we need to have it world wide

Sometimes I doubt it tbh. But thinking about the current state of the world and where things are heading, I'm hoping I'll still be alive if it where to happen.

Lenin thought he wouldn't live to see a revolution either

Seeds. Plant them. Now.

Is that why he crushed it?

When the powerful allow a 'revolution', you know nothing real changes. When real changes do happen, the powerful pretend nothing has changed.

Will there ever be a revolution?

Most people are becoming either a far right neoreactionary dickhead or a neoliberal SJW faggot. Then the actual left, like us, are doing jackshit about it.

How about we start a mainstream anti-IdPol movement?

What socialist revolution did Lenin prevent / Crush

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I think either I will live to see the revolution or I will live to see the collapse of civilization due to climate change. In either case, I will probably live to see the third world war.

which of the 15 demands put forth by the Kronstadt sailors do you think were actually addressed

Hopefully, yes.


As a burger I don't think so, we are much more likely to see two fascist coups before we get anywhere with socialism.

Probably no and even if I do, I'll be too old to see its completion.

I might be alive to see some form of small-scale revolution, but worldwide revolution seems many hundreds of years in the making. Climate change will probably end up reducing that, though.

I think socialism or barbarism is going to emerge within my lifetime. I hope socialism wins, I fear barbarism will triumph because most socialists are performance artists or reformists.

I think we'll see something between now and 2023, no later. Technology is diffusing and advancing too rapidly for the US to maintain its hegemony.
My dad was in the military during the Cold War. They used to say China could beat the US in a war with just sticks. They have so many soilders and people there's not enough bombs and bullets to kill them all.

hmmm tell that to the sailors at the bottom of the baltic sea

Sorry for Late Reply

The Main issues that triggered the uprisings in Krondstat / Tanbov etc were caused by the economic Strain on the peasentry placed on them by the "War Communism" (Read : Food Rationing) Policies put in place during the Civil war
As the war came to a close Lenin and Later Stalin Implemented the NEP to satisfy those who had been negativly effected by the Policies
During the NEP period no Large scale peasents revolts occured again and the Soviets Finally transitioned to a Socialist economy in the 30s with little issue

The "peasant revolts" were the proletariat trying to make the revolution happen. They were under the impression that it had happened, but were sorely wrong. The counterrevolutionaries seized control and ran the union under state authoritarian capitalism.

Citation needed
the Last Vestiges of State-Capitalism were done away with in 1933 with the final Ending of the NEP policy by Stalin and the ending of power over enterprises by the NEP class that had been allowed to exist up to that point

Typical anarchist


And yet they were capitalists. The people were not the party, the party were not the people. The party were the people's employers. And what's this "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" meme? When did they think that would happen? When would they let the workers won their workplace? After they crush capitalist imperialism and set up a world dictatorship?

Typical capitalists

>he workers own their workplace

Did members of the CPSU own the Enterprises operating in the Soviet Union?
Anyone could Join or choose not to join the CPSU and Individuals could progress through the party apparatus as they showed their abilities at leadership
No. The state was the controller of soviet enterprise and controlled wages
Members of the Politburo / General Secretary / SSR govs / Other Beuracratic positions had literally no power over and didnt profit from state enterprises
When a goverment Representing the Proletariate comes to power and uses said power to enforce its class interests
It did Happen
They did in Union/Co-Existence with state Plans to Coordinate and ensure increase / Maintaining of living standards for the Proletariate
This was actually mentioned in the Original stating goal of the Union Treaty

If its a world wide revolution then itll be a fast track to one world government. Game over.

As long as we keep 2nd amendment


A lot of the Kronstadt uprising’s concerns were legitimate but their reaction was borderline treasonous. Especially given that this was even before the ban on factions, so if they had any objections they ought to have voiced them and fought for their positions through democratic centralism, not endangered the whole revolution by chimping our.

I guess we're not going to make it

And the Ukraine?

Never heard of rubles?
Revisionism. Forcing everyone into a political party and claiming that its socialism is like banning the church and declaring everyone atheists.
And other fictions.
It never happened. –But if it had, wew. Didn't work out so well did it.

Not aiming high enough

The existence of currency for economic planing / trade with other countries / Distribution of resources does not magically make government Bureaucrats into capitalist owners of the MoP
Never happened
the Soviet Union never claimed that "The more are people members of the CPSU the more socialisty we are!"
It refereed itself as socialist because it had achieved a state of development on par with Lower Stage-Communism / Socialism
With the destruction of the Feudal Castes (Landed / Church / Royals / Merchants) and the suppression of the capitalist class the vast VAST majority of positions of Bureaucracy and leadership in the USSR were held by Proles
So the goverment of the USSR / RSFSR between 1917-1989 Simply never existed to you?

You realize i could spend actual hours speaking to the progressive / socialist advances of the USSR and the increase of the living standards of proletariate as a result of it?
I assume youve already heard most of it though

No. According to you tankies we aim too high. I was scoffing at your one world state, which would magically become benign and usher in communism.
And the 2nd Amendment fanatics. Respecting laws like every good little authoritarian.

It makes them the boss. It was just a little switcheroo game.
Lenin claimed it was capitalism. Stalin claimed he had made it socialism. That stage they reached? A good PR stunt of Stalin.
A state. Under state authoritarian capitalism. As corruptible as capitalist state oligarchies. That's why I say your Camelot didn't represent the people.

With Sufficient development and the threat of capitalist restoration extinguished the goverment would be pressed to begin the De-Centralization or face Revolution by those that would
No. By Definition you are not a capitalist if you do not own and profit from the means of production (Which Soviet Bureaucrats did not do)
Calling them "Boss" dosent change this and also is false as even the bureaucrats themselves were government employees?
Already explained why this is false
What Oligarchies existed inside of the USSR between the Ending of the NEP and 1989? (The restoration)
It currently works in Cuba the DPRK Rojava etc

I'm pressing you now to begin the decentralization. People will respond to that. That's the revolution.

Never? In any way? Not really.

Didn't say they did. I'm saying the party bureaucrats and such were the boss class. Money and power corrupts. This is why I'm against the law. State and money.
(Have you ever imagined what the world would be like without them?)

They appear to have a functioning "DotP"
Cuba seems to be democratic-socialism, but NK is still just authoritarian-socialism

Im not claiming that corruption didnt exist in some ways and that Corrupt officals could not exist
but No in generalized sense the Beuracrats of the USSR did not profiteer from the MoP
The "Boss" Class dosent exist
Yes thus why im a Communist and seek their abolishment
Its goverment operates under Democratic Centralism with input from Mass working class organizations
Little difference exists between the governing systems of Cuba / DPRK
The DPRK simply allows a broad front of Political Parties to voice a role in the DoP Instead of the Cuban Model of Tri Power between the CCP-Mass Prole orgs-Direct Democratic rule by Proles

You mean "didn't"
…Or are you going to claim the HRH Kim Jong Un takes his fair share of the labor and sweeps the streets or something menial?
So, just like the UK if they let the Queen run the nation. Hm.

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Kim Jong Un is a Bureaucrat working for the state in a government position
No as all parties must be parties controlled by the Proletariate

It won't happen if you do nothing to agitate or organize.

Honest to god, I'm not trying to "gotcha" you, but what the justification (or simply the explanation to western people with a certain mindset oriented toward linking powerful nepotism to dinastycal characteristics) would be for the pass of the leading position from father to son? I would gladly appreciate, if you have them, sources, official NK sources or NK supportive are completely fine but I would greatly appreciate some sources that try to be "objective", I know it sounds a little liberal thinking to ask this but hey if I were to get information on democrats after reading the washington post I'd read something that is less entangled in their trenches if you know what I mean.

jesus christ again with your Nomelklatura bullshit. You don't get tried of shitposting the same thing over and over. jeeez brah it was never funny.

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Revolution means the same thing, again

therefore I am seeing it :^)

IMO it's more likely that most of us will live to see capitalism collapse because of the falling rate of profit. Whether the ruling class can pivot into something else and leave us in the dust I dunno.