Male Consciousness

It’s time to treat masculinity as a framework through which to view class struggle. The male sex is a class repressed by female kind and humiliated at every turn. Men are beginnning to realize their conditions under feminism and speaking resounding truth to power.

Today is an important day for mankind. It begins a new era of male consciousness previously unknown.

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don't you have something better to do man? jesus

Quality class analysis. Also just become a prison gay lmao

Gender is power provision via evolutionary biology.
Rather than reject power, because it corrupts or to try and level the playing field, why not use that power for good?
Be glad for what you are and wield it appropriately, and then you can forget about identitarian politics and focus upon class.

Lacanian analysis is pretty fucking gay if you think about it, that being said though this post right here while obviously having its own interpretation about gender/class/sex/biology relations in this postposthegelian material reality is still tied in to the lacanian analytics of the 18th century 1888 a.d. So while this is to a certain degree true according to hegelian dialectical material conditions, it still doesn't go past the idealistic belief of most postzizekian postpostleft men's rights activists that partake in this endeavour today while ignoring the dialectical nature of reproductive relations tied to the gender norms of male and female sexuality within a hegelian postleft lacanian zizekian postpostmodernist with neo-naturalist idealist material historical characteristics.

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Identity is not a class

It's a normal reaction for people who haven't embraced lacanian postpost leftist postmodernist zizekianism, you'll get used to it.

My brain hurts now.


I would pity you creatures, but your disgusting behaviour proves that you deserve your fate.

Are you a woman?

What a spooked faggot. The US empire is crumbling and feminist's female supremacist movement is going to go down with it.

Yeah I think men are realizing that it is them that bear the brunt of gendered oppression from the state. Men pretty much are killed and hurt more in every sphere of life than women. The few privileges they had over women in the past to placate them are long gone. Holly crap the emotional gas lighting feminists have done over Kavanaugh the last few weeks has been incredible.

People should make elite pricks like him squirm even more often.

You are the niggerdom that is killing the left.

I mean ideally we would use guillotines.

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Despite him being evidently incompetent, the opposition from everyone in his field and the crimes he committed, he just got a high position of power for life. In any sane society nobody would want to go anywhere near him but he just became one of the most important persons of the USA and you really think that he is the one oppressed? If anything, it is proof that the white male aristocracy of the AmeriKKKan Empire has nothing to fear because nothing can stand in their way from getting what they want, even if it means betraying their own projected "ideals".

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The problem is the entrenched wealth that he exhibits. Not only that, the use of private universities to maintain a stranglehold on American politics. Barack Obama was part of this problem as well, having gone to Columbia for undergrad and one of the Ivies for law school. He was one of the good old boys but more effective at hiding it. He has a house in Martha’s Vineyard worth 17 million dollars.

Do not make the mistake of putting a white face on class. The capitalist class will morph to fit the social standards of the day. Kavanaugh is a relic of the past and not the type of porker we will see moving forward. Mark my words.


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and i bet you call other people gultural margzists

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That's more to do with the institutions of power showing that none of that shit matters than his race and gender tbqh. Not that it's just as likely for some other identity to be in his position, but it's not like if the republicans nominated a black woman with Kavanaugh's baggage that her race and sex would stop her from being because it's only allowed when white men do it. She'd almost certainly have less resistance from the dems, actually.

And while OP is a troll, you are also making a shitty liberal argument here where you point out how one side has supposed advantages but you don't actually compare the situation directly with an alternate scenario. The failure to make a comparison is the exact same flaw in the "communism killed gorillions" argument. You just look at one side and point out problems while assuming that the alternative is neutral.


How about women just stop being prudes, uncle Tom?