Most so-called "communists" are nothing more than submissive...

Most so-called "communists" are nothing more than submissive, state-believing slaves who accept even the dictatorship of a single man and call it "freedom" of the proletariat when the dictator waves a communist flag … you faggots are a joke, kill yourself!

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That isn’t DOTP though. DOTP is when the mechanism of state power are brought under control of the Working Class, who than use said state functions to burry there former oppressors.

DotP isn't the goal of the revolution though.

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Right, it's the method. That is, unless you think that we can skip the counterrevolutionary phase.

Lacanian analysis is pretty fucking gay if you think about it, that being said though this post right here while obviously having its own interpretation about gender/class/sex/biology relations in this postposthegelian material reality is still tied in to the lacanian analytics of the 18th century 1888 a.d. So while this is to a certain degree true according to hegelian dialectical material conditions, it still doesn't go past the idealistic belief of most postzizekian postpostleft men's rights activists that partake in this endeavour today while ignoring the dialectical nature of reproductive relations tied to the gender norms of male and female sexuality within a hegelian postleft lacanian zizekian postpostmodernist with neo-naturalist idealist material historical characteristics.

It's absolutely what DoTP develops into, without fail.

give me one example of an anarchist society which succeeded….I'll wait.

Give me an example of a nation that didn't fail.

No, it’s a transitional phase

I don't know what this pasta is from, but I wish that I did.

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The Free Territory in Ukraine for example or the Revolutionary Catalonia.

Yeah and that has always happened in communist societies…

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The Capitalist class has by and large been buried and deprived of power in the DPRK since its establishment in the 40s

Now tell me the difference between the two … I do not see any difference!

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Cool and then replaced by a totalitarian dictatorship of individual psychopaths who had the total power over everything and killed everyone who criticized them …

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Again, where is the difference… I do not see any difference here too!

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Emotional Argument
90% of people who entered exited in normal health

This nigga repeatedly spams and baits, yall niggas need to learn to report and ignore shit.

You have no fucking arguments! Nazis can say to you too, oh muh 6 gorrilion jooz and make fun of the holocaust, hahaha so funny isnt it, faggot?! >Emotional Argument yeah its so emotional to dont want to be a slave of a fucking dictator who has way more power than any king before… kill yourself, red nazi! And of course anarchists killed people, but in anarchist societys there was no fucking dictator who had the total power! Anarchism means that there is no ruler. Real anarchists are more communist than you wannabe commies who are in reality just red-fascists! Fuck your red-fascist leaders, you cocksucking faggot!

Stupid nazis like you are the biggest niggas! Keep sucking Kim Jong-un's small cock, faggot!

It's a real thing though. Not all authoritarian nations are as bad as that, but you're denying it's existence?
Reasonable concern. Which you again dismiss as impossible?

The DPRK is a DotP its sole purpose as a state is to implement the Proletariat's class interests and ensure Prole diminance over the capitalist class
Bickering over Liberal concepts of the state and its role Like Comparing it to Liberal democracies is useless
Obviously any socialist state can still elect bad leaders but just throwing out shit like "psychopaths" is just Slander tier

YOU ARE IN A CULT Seriously deprogram yourself. Google Bookchin or something.

But it is different when the proletariat defends itself against the statists, authoritarians and law-givers. That is what the revolution is all about. Not a regime change. Not a coup. We the People stand the status quo upside down.

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How about making an argument?
Thats literally what the Soviet Union did
People placed into Prison were Reactionaries / Tsarists / Liberals / Nationalists and other forms of Anti-People Reaction
Are you implying this is what Happened in the USSR?
As Happened in the USSR / China / Korea etc

Your description of it being a DotP is demonstrably false, and that you can't see that or admit to it shows the level of programming you've put yourself through. Think for yourself someday.

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Then Provide me evidence as to how it is
Infighting does not remove a states socialist character
Infighting does not remove a states socialist character

Tell that the Catalonians

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The Second spanish Republic which took control over the region after the may days did not claim to be socialist to begin with
Its goverement was basically a coalition of Social-Democrats and Left-Liberals with M-L's in a Minorities
I never even said that
How has it "Failed"?

Why does this Russian faggot OP keep making such shit threads while screaming at people? What compels him?

Yeah… Of course, everyone is a reactionary who wants a real revolution and wants to end the dictatorship of Stalin … how stupid can you actually be?

Why do you submissive Nazi-cunts always come to leftpol, to spread your ridiculous muhjooz-propaganda?

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Why are you Nazi-cunts always censoring this picture on pol? ;D

I'd post a smug anime girl image if I was degenerate enough to have those on my hard drive.

So to be an anarchist is normal? Ok you assraped retard, tell me more about your mental disability.

What exactly is wrong about my statement, you retarded bastard? You haven't said one argument, like every brain-dead, cocksucking wannabe-commie here…


these are unironically funny memes



Poor boy.

Cult of personality all over it. One after the other.
This coming from an anonymous collectivist even.


Catalonia was doing fine. Of course they had to fight the fascists eventually, but they shouldn't have had to fight the fucking tankies turncoats. Same problem in Russia and Ukraine. Authoritarians swooped in to slaughter the revolutionaries, the people.
Your fucking joke.

Are we supposed to shoot on sight any hammer and sickle wearing headcase before we start a revolution? Otherwise we'd be killed by your type's cordyceps infested brains?
No revolution till all the Marxists-Leninists are dead?
Your fucking joke.

take your meds

I'm not on meds

not trying to defend statism but i guess you wanted to say not "most so-called communists" but tankies

illegalism is our savior

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