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Is Angela Nagle /ourgal/?

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Wew, looks like she finally admitted being a red fascist. Of course it shouldn't surprise anyone who read anything she wrote before, like how the left should embrace social conservatism since the right has put offensive jokes as their top priority. I'm afraid she's the girl of Zig Forums or maybe Zig Forums, but definitively not ours.

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unless this is missing some critical context she comes across as quite the tankie. agree on the SJWs, though the points she makes are tangential rather than to the core of the SJW phenomenon.

No, even if we were to disregard her questionable relationship with the alt-light the fact remains she's a socdem in practice. That's not whay Zig Forums is about.

What I want to know is who thinks they are and why.

Also, it's bizarre to draw this kind of distinction between the "Stalinist" left and the American left but lump SJW types together with, like, trade unionists as the same people. If Nagle doesn't understand that burger radlibs and burger lefties are different people then I dunno maybe she's just dumb.


She said that she is convinced that it isn't part of the Marxist tradition or I understood it wrong

Every single "leftist" organization in america is filled with radlibs and americans themselves don't even know the difference between being a little socdem and full fledged socialism, which is the whole point of what she says in the video.

What she basically says in the video is that what the americans know as "leftism" is actually a CIA invention from the cold-war era and SJWs are one symptom of it.

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Still baffles me that self-styled socialists still think SJW's are a real, worldly phenomenon and not just a phantom Zig Forums invented to toss all their enemies into a nonexistent group. Just because a word exists doesn't mean it represents anything.


Right up there with Caitlin Johnstone

Many SJWs self-describe as Marxists/anarchists/etc.

What? Show me where she said something about "New Left" and trade unions being the same, even in the mainstream, hippies vs. unions is pretty much the categorical distinction between "New" vs. "Old" left.

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There actually were groups of poorly socialized teen girls on tumblr that perfectly fit the SJW image, but I imagine most of them grew out of it. They were never the bogeyman Zig Forums made them out to be.

Final reply in meant for

I love Rinboi

Who do you imagine the goonswarm screeching about Bernie Bros, constructing SRS on Feddit, earning infamy for "blue checkmarks" on Twatter, and shutting down every single online forum during GG were?

They were liberals cynically using idpol to shut down any real left opposition. The actual SJWs are few and far between. I spent more than enough time in college activism to know that this shit is 99% fantasy. Also GG was shit.

Please apply your fascinating delusion ("never mind the vortex of autistic madness that is the gender/race studies department!") to the /r/Anarchism or Twatter tankie crowd that control every single IRL far-"left" activist org.

which implies that not everyone is convinced

They exist in the past. The problem is that she draws continuity between the historical left and the contemporary "left" as if the old guard changed tactics instead of losing influence, being assassinated, etc.

I've been to burger college and seen these people. They're very real, very loud, and very tedious but there aren't all that many of them. They concentrate in places where they can get their way, and those places are not terribly relevant. The closest would be the occasional ones who end up working at some silicon valley company, but they're usually so incompetent and detached from reality that they're garbage for business.

Labeling yourself some kind of socialist to seem cool has been a thing at least since Marx was alive. It's been so widespread that even the Nazis did it. The idea that identifying as a gommie makes you one is the same assumption that allows liberals to think pointing at this or that shitty country as proof socialism doesn't work.
"It's no coincidence that it's come from America, where the economic left (if you like) has been so thoroughly destroyed, and so it has to pour all its energy into culture." That's pretty directly linking the "old" left and the "new" as a continuity rather than separate phenomena that are broadly in the same category, which is what they are.

Her analyses of online politics in her book were pretty decent but her gamergate stuff was completely retarded. No.

I'd love to see the full-length video.

Closest I can find

Just look up Angela nagle Sargon debate on YouTube

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Sounds to me more like the former being a separate entity destroyed and displaced by the latter

This. The GG chapter was the one outsize black mark in her book, it read like a secondhand cut'n'paste of media/academic coverage and the retarded Wikipedia article, same with the GG sequence in the movie being composed entirely of aGGro interviews. A relatively minor flaw given all the incisive firsthand research that went into everything else, but still a jarring misstep.

Yes, it literally was:

There are so fucking few of those people I don't understand your obsession with them. The only time I saw them in the real world was my time in New SDS and they still acted like normal human beings most of the time.

Depends on the antecedent of "it," which is vague here:

>they still acted like normal human beings most of the time
Namely, the time they aren't using to subvert class consciousness and wreck activism with their divisive identitarian attentionwhoring. Purging the pod people is priority #1 for all leftists today.

Too late, they already self-identify as "leftists", and if you ask most centrists to characterize them, they'll say the same thing. They emerged within I wouldn't go so far as to say "from" leftism, and continue to be primarily associated with leftism. Much as is the case with ML state capitalists tainting the name of socialism, it is our unfortunate but necessary task to firmly alienate them from us.

Eh, it's not that they have the power to enact any of their ideas. It's that they're an effective psyop making the working class think they are what being a radical looks like.

We're on a forum where such folks are magnified well beyond their relevance. Frankly liberals, socdems like Nagle, and reactionaries are far more significant threats to us than some silly folks who don't have real positions of power.

( ( ( us ) ) )

Well I assume $$$you$$$ aren't a communist, but the ones who frequent this board should understand that some obnoxious internet faggots are far less of a threat to us than liberals or reaction.

They may not be a threat per se but they're a useful tool of our enemies per

Such misrepresentation was done before sjws and it will be done after they have faded from memory, if we were to spend our efforts removing such folks who are insignificant irl then new lies or distortions would be invented to take their place. Our focus should be on organizing at our workplaces and in our communities, most people are going to be far more concerned with their pay or rent than they are some rainbow hair fuckwits who largely exist on the internet. This works better in correcting the image of the radical by giving people an irl example relevant to their situation and furthers the communist cause more than self-flagellation over sjws to appease the aut-light or edgy socdems.

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Point me to an explicitly leftist venue, online or off, where the ranks of leadership haven't been packed with their clique. Perhaps you're suggesting that the left as a whole is isolated from any true power in politics today?

I agree strong unions remain, as they always have been, the core of any practical leftist political activism. But even if some wildcat strikes (especially among teachers) happening now give me hope, the state of labor organization since the 1970s is an utter shambles.

She might be.

True, but these misrepresentations are living breathing people who insist they're what we are.
We'd never remove them but it's worth doing some posturing against them so that people understand that they are not representative of left wing politics, which is what a lot of people believe.
I agree, and actually doing this is a good way to show people that SJWs are bullshitters and not left. We can do this while also telling people that SJWs are bullshit artists who can go fuck themselves.
And most people overlook left wing politics because they aren't concerned with what they think is just rainbow hair fuckwits who largely exist on the internet.
I think they synergize to be honest.

not true, Marx observed bourgeois society operated

Yes, what leftist organizations exist are irrelevant to the class struggle. Muh sjw infiltration is a symptom of these dinosaurs abandoning the class struggle in favor of performative activism, instead of trying to fight such symptoms in decaying organs we should focus ourselves on the class struggle and grow new organs from such struggle.
And it doesn't stop being in shambles if all we do is complain about the state of it on the internet or spend our time cleansing outdated larp orgs of undesirables. Communists should be in the workplace and the community with the people instead of battling larpers over meaningless shit.

And if we were to to purge them they would be replaced by nazbols, socdems, or some other shit that distracts us from the class struggle. It's a tactic designed to keep us fighting within increasingly irrelevant organizations rather than fighting the class war.
Posturing is stupid and doesn't help us look good to an audience that largely doesn't care about sjws. Rather we should make ourselves look good by fighting for workers.
No, people overlook the left because it's largely absent in their everyday lives. Saying some rainbow hair fuckwit is an idiot isn't going to do shit for us even if it is true, fighting against their bosses or landlords is what does that. We should recognize that sjws are a distraction and avoid getting baited into culture war shit.

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Finally showing your true colours. Please end your own life.

Wat dis from?


I fucking hate these people.

Everyone who's not American understands perfectly well how "SJWism" is liberal and spooky.

Demand nothing short of total revolution. You cannot make REAL progress through language games.

Radlibs are getting better by identifying as "anarchists" rather than "Commies" like they used to. They think "tankies" are the enemy – great – I'll pretend I'm a tankie if it scares you off.

You all should listen to Nagle, and read Christopher Lasch while you're at it. Because maybe a dose of conservative Marxism is exactly what the Left needs to shake itself up.

Everyone should know by now that the internet is full of weirdos and bullshit, but there's nothing more demoralizing than getting into Left activism IRL and realizing that it's just another social subculture, full of specific slices of people focused on defending their own rather than being part of a universal movement. And then coming up for air and realizing that 90% of the population just does not give a shit about activism, politics, or social justice and will never join your cause, even if they've got nothing left to lose.

No, she enjoys sucking cock and even put lewds out on the danknet like a good little whore. She did it for money let us not forget.

no dude you don't get it
we will achieve utopia when these buckos shitlords clean up their bedrooms social attitudes.

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damn shitpost flag



A "certain onion with leftist bullshit" is the best description I can give. Lame, but true as I am not going to list the address.

Are you implying those are bad things?
You sound spooky.

Can you at least post some of her lewds?
I'm not going to install CIA software (TOR) on my machine just to check some pics.

The correct term is "nudes", lewds only applies to animu.

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Insofar as most of the posters here are fash larping as leftists, yes.

Oh, is this /liberalpol/ now? She didn't say we should embrace social conservatism, she said that the American left is influenced by CIA psyops to foster anti-Soviet tendencies through COINTELPRO, individualism, hedonism and neoconservatism. This is all correct and documented. IdPol and neoconservatism are actually quite related.

She makes good points, glad she's finally come out strongly against SJW culture and it's detachment from marxism.

Back to reddit with you.

loud minority>silent majority
check out Zig Forums, at least a weekly post about some SJW stuff in software industry

most of the people who like her are anti-Soviet socdems though, who just want the DSA to be a more "respectable" organization

How does it changes what she said?

mostly bots and barely concealed neocons acting in bad faith, and not actually a swarm of teenage girls who control all online discourse

t. reefoundation

the point is she herself is actually anti-soviet and her own beliefs are closer to neoconservatism than to socialism

not a DSA member, and i don't care about their slapfights. just pointing out the only people i've ever seen really go to bat for her are reformist succdems

well it is fascinating that all your talking points are just the ones repeated by idpozzed radlibs who like ML aesthetics

Define "SJW". For right everybody who refuses to accept race or private matters such as sexual orientation or faith as topics worth paying attention to - AND EVEN MORE SO building whole ideology on - are SJWs. What "SJWs" is she talking about?

In what way?

Adherents of PoMo gobbledegook (crit theory, standpoint theory, intersectionality, continental philosophy, etc.), typically belonging to an online goon clique, who use belligerent flashmobbing and virtue signaling to foment moral panic as a means of influence peddling.

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only if you're terminally online and you think internet culture wars are the most pressing issue

What's the deal with people recently rushing to defend the idpozzed left? Have we been overrun by newfags?

Finally you are admitting that Marx was an SJW. Go back to >>>Zig Forums retard

Because Marx was born on the Continent, and his supposed followers in the Frankfurt School came up with the idea for critical theory?

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There are actual criticisms and discussions about these subjects but you idiot children always have to jump in and cast vague aspersions. Fuck off to nazism. Your level of stupidity is only going to hurt the politics you affiliate with.

The fuck are you even on about? Is you living in language why you are apparently unable to use language as a tool?

Yes, online (particularly through the goon clique) is the primary infection vector for SJWs, especially outside their traditional meatspace stronghold of academia. It can certainly spread from there, however, as in the infiltration and sabotage of OWS, BLM, the 2016 election, etc.

Marx was a colossal analytic fedoralord in his time, dispassionately holding material advancement over everything else as the primary force of history.

Yes, they are one big blob, one pushed by the CIA during the Cold War as a vehicle to derail socialism. Look up the post-WWII history of continental philosophy, modern art, radical feminism, critical X studies, etc., and their foundational links with the CIA.

Underrated post.

Angela is a femcel she knows the struggle is real

That's not what analytical philosophy means, you are thinking of materialism.