Jewish leftism

As far as online boards go, Zig Forums is sort of my political home. I'm effectively an anarcho-syndicalist (with some green anarchist tendencies), though I'm more optimistic about the progressive/social democratic movement than I probably should be.

However, I've been posting a lot on Zig Forums just because it moves faster, and it's honestly been depressing seeing how much anti-semitism there is on there.

I'm half-Ashkenazi ethnically, and honestly that's not part of my heritage I ever thought much about or really identified that much with, until recently when I experienced some IRL hatred for it. Religiously I find more insight in Zen Buddhism and Quakerism.

I'm extremely critical of Israel's brutal apartheid-style system in the occupied territories. I'd like to see the settlements dismantled, and ideally I'd eventually like to see Palestinians fully integrated into Israeli society on equal terms, though I also want religiosity on both sides to decline, and for Netanyahu's ultranationalists as well as Hamas to lose power.

It's been depressing, seeing some of the same paranoid anti-semitic conspiracy theories I see on the right also surfacing on the authoritarian end of the left. I'm fine with criticism of Israel, and I have a fair amount of it myself, since it is effectively colonial. However, a lot of the hate I'm hearing isn't just critical of Zionism, but of ethnic Jews as people.

I feel like as a Jewish leftist, there's a lot to be proud of - Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Emma Goldman, Murray Bookchin, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Rosa Luxemburg, and others. But seeing all this anti-semitism has been depressing. I realize Jews today don't have it anywhere near as bad as Muslims, Arabs, latinos, and blacks, but this is honestly the first time I'm really experiencing ethnic hatred directed at me, IRL and on my circles online. Obviously Zig Forums isn't the best place to go for rationality - they would honestly take the Khmer Rouge, North Korea, and the Soviet Union over the Paris Commune, Anarchist Barcelona, or Rojava. But still. Shit, I realize this makes me a complete hypocrite, but I've actually considered spending some time in Israel, just to learn more and connect more with that part of my ethnic identity.

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Being jewish is a spook and if you feel insulted by being called Capitalist you're leaning into the spook.
Break away from it and make clear that you're not a jew, and that the other person is wrong for seeing you as that.

That's an interesting point.

Not anti-israel enough.
Reported for zionism and islamophobia.

this but unironically

for realsies ,

Judaism is cancer and the worst parts of the Bible are almost entirely in the Old Testament.

judging others based on nationality / ethnicity is fucking retarded , putting yourself in a box based on ethnicity is fucking retarded too, spooked to hell and back. If you see yourself as being "a Jew" rather than being "a human" you have been tricked by someone. if you think ppl criticizing Israel or Judaism is somehow slighting your genetics, you are a fucking idiot who doesn't belong on this board

regarding Israel …….. if you don't live in Israel, why would you "identify with" it? why the fuck would you feel "proud" of Marx Trotsky Bookchin etc – you are not Marx Trotsky Bookchin etc, you are you.

3/10 bait m8 because you actually pissed me off and got me to type this up

if one man calls you an ass curse him if everyone is calling you an ass buy a saddle

ancient Jewish proverb

That's one long list of spooks.

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It's because people here are retarded teenaged ex Zig Forumsacks and nu-atheists that haven't grown out of being spooked by da joos, so they just hide their antisemitism behind a thin veil of anti-imperialism and atheist universalism. That being said, I'm not a supporter of bundism over zionism because it's really just another form of ethno-nationalism, which any principled communist should be against.

t. another mischling comrade

This thread is gonna be a magnet for poltards. That being said, it depends on the individual. Emma Goldmann was a POS, no offense, and wanted to abolish marriage. Look if I want to enslave a bunch of women in my free time if it's beneficial to my self-interest I should be able to freely do so without moral objection from the societal macrocosm. It's not up to her or anyone to say what can or cannot be abolished.

Karl Marx was a POS, no offense, and wanted to abolish capitalism. Look if I want to enslave a bunch of workers in my free time if it's beneficial to my self-interest I should be able to freely do so without moral objection from the societal macrocosm. It's not up to him or anyone to say what can or cannot be abolished.

My dear fellow Jewish people,
We should stop with our global conspiracy concerning enslaving the Sassenachim.

*Ladies not workers. Getting awfully homoerotic with the word filters there, modshits.

Oh wait that wasn't me. I must be smoking some good shit lately. Anyways, Blanqui > Marx. Your turn uncle Tom's cabin. Make it count

Let arabs into Israel then.

Wtf does that even mean?

Don't be proud of someone else's accomplishments. Would you be proud of someone who lived on the same block as you for getting a promotion at work considering you never spoke to them? It's a little bit bizarre, imo.

As for Israel, I'm sure you're aware that it used to be a mostly Arab place a century ago, and Jews have never outnumbered anyone, not even in Israel. It took waves of illegal immigration funded by wealthy Jews to achieve that, leaving behind the poor in Europe to be rounded up and slaughtered. You think that's a solid foundation for a long lasting state? History's shown these sort of places don't last long.

It's like that bit in E.T where they touch fingers. That's what it means to connect with your ethnic identity.

most of them are neocon zionists

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Why go there when you could accomplish the same thing by walking into your local bank and asking for a loan? *honk honk*

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After reading the old testament i can guarantee god also hates the jews, there is no better explanation.

Totally pacifist hippie Jesus in Matthew 10:34:

"Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.… A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me;…"

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Assuming this is real
There's your problem, Zig Forums is populated with retards looking to revolt vicariously through any group currently opposed to the US from the safety of their computers. You shouldn't take them seriously because they have no influence on "da real movement" or even most decrepit leftist orgs.

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The answer is fairly simple: Stop identifying as a jew. Jewish "ethnicity" is as IdPol as it gets, much like identifying as white/black/whatever. None of those exist at all; they are all spooked liberal garbage to divide the working class.

Be a person and that's it. Stop falling into the "good" kind if identitarianism. They are all cancer.

This. There´s a reason why this board was created.

But the best parts of the Bible are in the Old Testament wtf are you smoking?

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The two are not mutually exclusive

Are you retardrd OP or a clever troll? Being jewish is not the same thing as being jewish in israel or being israeli. Our ethnic roots are in Europe abd America not in Israel. Israeli culture is not some frozen specimen of pure jewish culture but a historical construction no more authentic thsn diaspora judaism

Fair point. tbh, the only reason I included the bundism pic was because I wanted to include some Jewish/leftist stuff

I have a similar opinion on the pride point, and feel that way about the losers in the white supremacist movement. However, I think some people are right that I wasted too much time on Zig Forums, seeing the anti-semitic stuff, because seeing that much hateful stuff about Jewish people, it was helpful to go look at Jews that had achieved admirable things, and there are a lot of them. But that identity is sort of a spook, and I can recognize that my reaction digging into Judaism was reactive to other people's hatred.
Obviously I recognize your second point, as I tried to indicate by mentioning that Israel is part of the colonial project.

Totally true, I really address you guys in the above point

Honestly, the bible is pretty irrelevant to me. As I mentioned, my interest in Jewishness, though possibly fleeting, was in the community, rather than the religion. As I mentioned, I find more value in Zen Buddhism and Quakerism. For religious texts, Dogen's Shobogenzo particularly appeals to me. I also think the Zhuangzi is insightful, and though I would never identify with Islam, Sufists like Rumi make some beautiful points.

I think I just needed to break away from the online hate machine for a bit. I socialized with some good friends, and yeah, it affirmed that community is important, and that shouldn't be based on any socially constructed ethnic identity. Hell, I have more Muslim friends than Jewish ones. I actually do want to get out of America, or at least from where I'm based for a bit, as a way to detox from the current nasty political climate, though. Not sure where I'll go.