The world’s leading climate scientists have warned there is only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a...

At 2C extremely hot days, such as those experienced in the northern hemisphere this summer, would become more severe and common, increasing heat-related deaths and causing more forest fires.
If your leftist org doesn’t place environmental issues at the same tier of importance as labour issues then you need to assess your priorities. Porkies are literally going to crash this planet with no survivors.

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I think most left wingers are pro environmentalism (or at least concerned with climate change), though maybe not hard greens like veganarchists and green anarchists, so it's kind of a moot point.

I praise this. Human extinction is positive thing for planet earth. We only need to clog up the system for another 15 years and we can sit and relax while our sweet demise is coming.


If civilization collapses the one thing we better fucking do is preserve the story of how we knew all this but couldn't mobilize civilization to do anything, so that whatever remains of us will be extremely fucking careful about how they organize society.

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they'll be sure to frame it as a socialist problem

how do we deal with all of the people who read this shit and reflexively ask "what can I personally do to help?"

Recruit them to our political cause.

yea but I'm getting tired of spending the time explaining the incompatibility of individualism with social progress (in ecological terms at least). we should think of more concise tactics

Most leftists see climate change is a serious problem. However it isn’t as important as labor, because climate change can be solved through technological innovation and solving it doesn’t require a societal change to solve unlike labor issues. Also to any anarco-greens humans are worth more than some stupid deer.

What an absurd, utopian statement.

Tell them to move to China and India and get them to stop dumping literal toxic poison into the oceans.

Alright here is probably a long-ass rant on the subject. We're clearly headed for destruction as of right now and only a socialist-degrowth political movement using all its intelligence and material means would be enough to correct the trend.

No, we can't magically fix the environment with technology. We are closer to large scale space colonization and that is still pure science fiction. We either fix this NOW or the whole fucking planet dies taking all of us with it.

Tell them to become Nuclear Physicists or get a degree in Atmospheric Sciences or become Meteorologists.

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One can’t talk about climate change without bring this up.

No action to counteract Climate Change was ever possible. It will not wipe humanity unless the nukes fly. Also, try to immigrate into a place and a nation that is most resilient against it - although the limit of impact in our lifetime would be changing patterns and problems with sea life.

Who here /Linkolaist Juche/?

We've had the technology for a few decades now that can bring the world into a future of clean energy abundance that can even be used to re-sequester all that excess CO2 currently in the atmosphere. All that is required is the will.

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Uh, it requires moving past capitalism, at least.

You do realize some scholars think Late Bronze Age collapse was caused by climate change just large enough to cause wide sped famines which in turn caused a epidemic of revolutions.

Even if it were true, it only reinforces my point. Sinosphere, the most civilized part of the world, did not experience the bronze age collapse.

Back then the sinosphere wasn't integrated to the west. For the west trade and production grinned to a halt in the bronze collapsed, same thing happened when Rome collapsed.
A modern dark age would probably be global due to the integrated markets of modern capitalism.