Why are all right-wingers like this?


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Education, and some bullets.

Is it really this fucking hard to understand that these people just want to live in dignity and not starve to death/be kidnapped/tortured to death/turned into sex slaves/etc.? Do you really believe them to be your enemies?

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Apparently so.

Of course they’re not imported but the result is the same

Immigrants aren't inherently cheap labour power. They're cheap labour power because they have a hard time defending themselves. They have a hard time defending themselves because of scabs siding with porkies against them.

literally just propaganda.
if you want to somehow debunk it find a non-soyboy white man (not jewish) to debunk it for the- oh wait, he's a ☘️☘️jewish shill)) never mind, you can't convince them EVER

This is some FAS shit.

right wingers probably wonder the same thing about you and your viewpoints.

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It's easier to blame everything on a scapegoat rather than try and think about complex problems.

They're so attached to their concept of capitalism that when the evidence clearly shows it to be responsible for the cultural rot surrounding us they experience an intense cognitive dissonance that forces them to default to grasp at straws with increasing intensity to maintain psychological consistency, no matter how batshit that consistency is.

The Jooz control everything meme is especially funny because the argument they always use is the fact that Jews have disproportionate representation among politicians and porkies, which is no different than SJWs crying about how most CEOs are white men and we need affirmative action or some crap. Sometimes the really insane ones will claim the non-Jewish porkies are actually Crypto-Jews.

Immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are more likely to scab because of their desperation.

Nothing can be done to persuade Zig Forumsturds. They have their heads so far up their asses that their faces are now carved on their rectal cavities.

Just let them circlejerk about their white IdPol horseshit. They are absolutely irrelevant and all they can do is bitch about "muh k¡kes" and "muh niggers".

People would need to actually strike for immigrants to be able to scab on them. Do you actually know of any cases where the scabs were overwhelmingly from immigrant background or are you just looking for excuses to hate those who are more unfortunate than you?

Right wing politics allow the oppressed to LARP as the oppressor. By victimizing other people, they get to feel powerful. It's a lot easier to beat up on disadvantaged minorities than it is to oppose the entire economic system. It also functions the same way as conspiracy theories, giving them a simple explanation for all their problems, which abdicates them of any responsibility whatsoever for their own failures.

Far right politics are also a tool of the establishment, because they can say "your bosses aren't the problem, it's those immigrants."

I honestly don't know what the answer is. The most effective way to break people out of the hate group mentality is the same as how to deprogram cult members - you facilitate meaningful interactions between them and the outsiders they think they hate.

Of course, a lot of people in the far right are extremely marginalized people. A lot of them are ex-cons. Many have serious mental issues stemming from psychological abuse, or serious mental health issues, including antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy). There's an almost surprising amount of overlap between people on the far right and those who believe the most bizarre conspiracy theories, like UFOs and flat earth. Obviously, a lot of the ex-cons and conspiracy theories can be reached out to and rehabilitated. With the sociopaths, I don't know beyond just finding ways to ensure they don't damage society.

Apparently Whites are incapable of greed.
If a White does some shady shit, it must be hidden Jewish genes

You mean they're more likely to be desperate because of scabs.

The policy of flooding certain countries with large numbers of immigrants (or "guest workers" or temp workers or whatever) is deliberately designed to prevent labor from becoming strong, to prevent a rise in wages, to prevent strikes, etc.

In the United States the business community repeats things like "we need more H1B visas because we can't find skilled workers! (And yet they don't invest in training employees…) There are a whole list of excuses why countries like the USA "need" more immigration but they're all canards. The truth is that the business community simply wants cheap labor and isn't willing to use incentives like wage increases to attract workers domestically.

When Marx was asked what kind of aid was given by the International Workingmen's Association to its various chapters, he responded first and foremost:

"To give an example, one of the commonest forms of the movement for emancipation is that of strikes. Formerly, when a strike took place in one country, it was defeated by the importation of workmen from another. The International has nearly stopped all that."

The whole point of mass immigration from the perspective of the bourgeoisie is that they don't need to find scabs to beat strikes because the strikes are not even possible.

>The International has nearly stopped all that.
An organisation uniting all proletarians regardless of where they're from had nearly stopped that? Really? Are you sure he didn't mean "ICE nearly stopped that" or "a wall nearly stopped that"?

No, but at the same time I gotta help my neighbors before someone from a foreign country. It's not hard to see the immigrant hate when democrats have policies like the Dreamer Act that give children of illegal free college via tax payers while the natives struggle with debt and shit wages and get called racist for pointing this out. Of course the answer isn't to vote for republicans, but in a two party system it's the only way how a lot of people (idiots) know how to express their anger at feeling left behind. I think one of the core problems with the US and the working class is that we don't have a real left wing party, just a far right and a center right party, and that center right party is construed by the media as "The Left" which poisons the well and turns proles against their own interests.

Also I don't like the mentality of every time bad shit happens to pack up and leave instead of organizing and resolving the issue. excluding shit that's unavoidable like climate change making your region uninhabitable, then peaceful migration is perfectly acceptable

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Also, if the guy who lives next to me is an asshole, then I genuinely care more about a Guatemalan whose company I enjoy.

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No. They are tools of the enemies (Capitalists).

Their native countries will be fucked up even more. Their host countries will be fucked up even more. And all the things will happen to them anyway, well, probably not starving, not yet.

They're actually mostly WASPs. You're not getting out of this one, whitey.

lmao wat a cuk



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its not exactly far off from the truth


this bitch basically fucking admits it.

also nice flag though, although Juche would be better with a little more of a microcosm of market activity and less atheistic.

Immigrants live next to you. And class struggle has a much bigger impact on your life than any neighbour; by siding with the bourgeoisie against members of your own class you undermine the proletariat, which has a disastrous effect on your life.

God forbid people prefer others they grew up around and share a common cultural and values with.

A single literally who academic being edgy is not proof of anything.

It varies. For most of them, it's just the same lack of class-consciousness that causes both "conservatives" and "liberals" alike to believe in upper/middle/lower-"class" based on wealth, socialism is when the government does stuff, capitalism is markets/money, etc.

For some, the microscopic fringe you're infinitely (kek) likelier to run into here than IRL, it's straight-up retardation. The same kind that causes them to spout "it didn't happen but it should've" about the Holocaust, believe leftists love Jews while rightists hate them, be rah rah about Eastern Europe today in spite of Generalplan-Ost and the mountain of anti-Slav Nazi propaganda that accompanied it, and screech autistically about Muslims in spite of sharing 99.999% of their Bronze Age fundie ideology and being close allies right up through the 90s.

Like said, there is no upside. Mass economic immigration including refugees sent between economically disparate nations can't fix 3rd-world poverty, it's statistically impossible. It can, however, aid the plunder of the 3rd-world, drag the 1st-world back down into similar conditions, reduce the number of refugees actually helped, and incentivize imperialism.

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The core problem is that you dumb fucks buy into false dilemmas like this. It's entirely possible to give free college to everyone but making the lives of the already dispossessed even worse is not the way to do it. You are advocating reactionary social politics!


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What are you doing here? This board is for reactionaries to pretend to be leftists. We care about those who live in geographical proximity and are similar to us, not idealist mirages like "class struggle".

I mean, just don't pretend you're a leftist if that's what's important to you.

Speak for yourself, I fucking hate my neighbors because they called the cops on me so honestly I wouldn't finger to help them under any circumstances, even if they were burning to death in their homes

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The immigrants are the ones siding with the bourgeoisie by whoring themselves out for the lowest bidder and undermining the ability for the working class to effectively organize and resist the bourgeoisie.

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So they're my neighbors, no?
But I live in a working class apartment complex.

What false dilemma did I buy into? I was simply stating the fact that the two political parties in the US provide substandard choices. Did you even read my post?

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But of course! Their dream is to be paid as less as possible.

Joke aside, all proletarians "whore themselves" to survive, that's how capitalism works. Immigrants tend to get paid less because they're weaker when it comes to confronting capital, because they're harassed by the bourgeois state, with the applauds of scabs.

A very lazy intellect, looking for easy answers.
I have no idea, talking to right wingers is like talking to a brick wall.

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The immigrants are the scabs, if they didn't come here or if they were kept out, the capitalist reserve army of labour would be smaller, resulting in more leverage for the native working class.

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Well what’d they call the cops on you for?

He was probably running a meth lab knowing the typical anarkiddie so I have no sympathy.

This also goes for economic classes. If a fellow prole is an asshole and believes in social policies I hate, I'd rather hang out with a rich guy who believes in social policies I agree with.

WASPs down own the media, Hollywood, FANGS, nor did act in a near unified voice to oppose nationalism. Literally no media outlet in the US endorsed Donald Trump for president. Not even Fox News or Breitbart

Yes they fucking do. Jews are overrepresented in media, but WASPS still own the majority. Look it up. Don't regurgitate Zig Forums's memes, actually physically look up the leadership of the top companies. And Breitbart was extremely pro-Trump.

Also, people like you whine about the overrepresentation of Jews. What about the underrepresentation of blacks, Asians, and latinos? Are you going to demand proportional representation of them? The right will dismiss this point by calling them dumb, then they'll dismiss intelligence claims about Jews. Your position is incoherent and idiotic.

While you're at it, instead of concentrating on the executive officers of these corps, remember the ACTUAL leadership: The stockholders, who receive essentially zero scrutiny in popular consciousness.

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The stockholders are publicly listed as well, and most are WASPs. Not sure if there was a racial implication with what you were saying or not, but I just wanted to throw that in.

No idpol connotations, no. And they aren't actually publicly listed, since most of them work through webs of shadowy funds, firms, and banks.

dude you had issues with the pigs? wtf man

"muh burden ov proof"

fuck off Descartes

You can see exactly who those firms they go through are. The Israel lobby is more powerful than it should be, but the vast majority of big money are WASPs. Lose the tinfoil hat.

he's not an anarchist, he's a Blanquist. I would know. its his tendency.

Right-wingers have God complex. They have to view everything in a comic-book reality, where they're anointed superheroes fighting against some supreme masterminds. Yes, there's forces of evil about, but they're indifferent to its victims.

you are literally npcs

That's not what Marx said though, it's just an analysis of the peculiar position of Jews in society at the time.

Also is Marx a Jew himself or an anti-semite? Please get your stories straight.

the Capitalists are in a peculiar position indeed, regardless of the century, and their current domination of finance, media, Hollywood, academia and pretty much the us government by way of the israel lobby is most peculiar indeed

Marx was a racial jew but even couldn't help taking the Capitalists of his era to task, if only to maintain some consistency

If you're half as anti bourgeoisie as you claim to be you're pretty much antisemetic by proxy considering all of the industries the jews control, get used to it buttercup

Capitalists is world filtered to capitalists, you have a better sense of humor than Zig Forums I'll grant you Zig Forums faggots that much

No, I’m not anti-semitic because I’m smart enough to recognize that though Jews may be “overrepresented” in certain positions they don’t operate as a cabal or control literally everything, not to mention the Jews that aren’t owners of corporations, media, etc of which there any many, many, many times less than proletarian Jews. There is no reason why we should point out any particular race / religion / gender of people when they are all equally exploiters

they openly behave as a cabal, very openly and brazenly indeed, proletarian jews do not exist as a matter of statistics, especially not in Israel (there are no settler proletariat, read settlers)

Proofs? The mere presence of Jews does not constitute a cabal. Why is it Jews? Are not not white men “overrepresented” almost everywhere in the world in business, media, government? Is it okay when “muh kin” is the exploiter?
Yeah, that’s retarded. Learn what the proletariat is – those who do not own the means of production. A country of ~9 million people (even if you account for people not counted as citizens, if that applies) will not have 6.5 million bourgeois, it’s literally impossible.
Nice meme, but that’s not an argument

Get a load of this Shabbos Sassenach.

Four HOURS of Capitalists in their OWN WORDS…

Poor, stupid peasant. You'll do nothing. You never have and you never will. You come from a long line of failures and cowards. Like them, you have no idea how anything works (cheap labor was a good chuckle) or even what's occurred. Being thrown out of more than a hundred different countries over a millenia and you just dismiss that… genius.jpg


It truly is a pathological illness

Israel is a settler colony, there is no Jewish proletariat read settlers

Here is a list of dozens of highly influential and powerful Jewish cabals that openly conspire to run things:


Do you type from a script? I’ve read this shit before. fuck off

I accept your defeat, Capitalist

Israel isn't an example of settler colonialism, it's mainly Arabs shitting on other Arabs yet again.


Centrists are defined by contrarianism so it would actually be more like

Because they are just fucking stupid and don't know how capitalism works…

"I know you are but what am I"

NPC confirmation

Right wing views the political world as conscious. Blames the players.
Left wing views the political world as a giant rude Goldberg machine. Blames the system.

same goes for Kurds and Romis.

they undermine nations from below.

I blame both

Well, he IS a DeLeonist

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fuck off FGB asspuppet

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Imagine not only scapegoating completely unrelated classes of people for systemic, structural problems, but not even understanding that it's possible not to see the world that way

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How can you call yourselves leftists when all you do is support israel and corporate monopolies?
Also, explain to me why every brown person on planet earth is entitled to move to white countries.

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not sure what I was expecting

prob that your bait would get a response
here (you) go, this one is on the house

Because all bourgies are Jooz, but if the whites were in charge of capitalism everything would turn into a Wonderland.
You see, Whites are completely incapable of greed. You could say it's a disability but then you would out yourself as a Jew, and if a """""White""""" does shady shit, it's because he has 100% Jewish ancestry.

Daily reminder that colonialism Africa was just Europe fighting back against the Moorish empire. America was colonized as a backup in case Europe fell to the Moors.

Take revenge.
Migrate into Saudi Arabia and culturally enrich their women.

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You suckat trolling.

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The knights Teuton and Hospitaller helped drive mongols out of Hungary and Poland during the 1300s
The Mongols would have been BTFO by the Muslims if the crusades hadn't weakened them

Not to mention the Turco-Mongol converted to Islam anyway and continued to attack Eastern Europe for centuries until Russia Conquered central Asia out of retaliation.

It's funny.
We want their resources, but we don't want the people living on them.
Maybe if we stopp exploiting the shit out of them and financing reactionary warlords and tribe leaders, we may move forward somewhere.
But no, shits like you like the best of both worlds, don't you?

Ohh, and knights from the big 3 orders also participated in the expulsion of the Moors from Iberia. Is there anything else I'm missing?

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. The crusades failed while the Mongols conquered.

Yeah, centuries after the Abbasid Caliphate collapsed (and who did that?), which had abandoned Iberia five centuries earlier to the Almohads. You know, because the Western Mediterranean was a side-show.

They aren't? Just the ones you selectively pick out because you're gay. There's nothing wrong with being Jewish.

But there is something being wrong with being left-leaning and not acknowledging facts such as Jews being over represented in powerful positions. Is this a problem? I don't see it as one. Do you OP?

What about the fact that white people are a minority (or about to be) in the US? Blaming Jews is silly. Even if all immigration was stopped today, white people would still become a minority. Is this a problem for you OP?

Fellow travellers like OP fly the flag of no true Scotsman and should be avoided.

Based Zig Forumsyp destroying Zig Forums with LOGIC and FACTS

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The first crusade was a stunning success for the European forces and the second crusade was a two front war in Iberia and Antolia with the Iberian campaign being a European victory. The first Crusade weakened the Arabs which allowed the mongols to win
How could they abandon what they never had? The Moorish empire was the Almohad Caliphate, a pan African Islamic empire in North Africa, which was completely independent of the Abbasid Caliphate, and the Arabs.I fail to see how the Mongols sacking the Arabs had any effect on an independent pan African empire.

Are you going to pretend that isn't a significant amont of zionists on this board? Not saying they are the majority or that they should be banned or anything like on Zig Forums, in fact I am against banning anyone under any circumstances. Just saying there definitely is a non negligible amount of Zionist and Philosemite posters here

prove it you duplicitous faggot

This article
would seem to suggest that extreme right wingers are like that because of three factors.
"Beliefs." Right wingers believe some crazy stuff, but beliefs (in conspiracy theories) is, the writer argues, how right wing groups makes use of the first two factors and manipulate white men "into distrusting their own perception of reality."
If any of these three factors can be lessened ,she says,the far right will have less of a toehold.
The writer of the article , CV Vitolo-Haddad ,has done good work along these lines herself. She debunked "race realism" in a debate against a right wing YouTuber, Ryan Falk, who a while after quit "race realism" for ordinary Republicanism. In a post mortem video Richard Spencer said its normally the other way around, it's like starting on heroin and going on to cigarettes.

there's always one poster defending Israel, usually wearing ancom flag. See >>101629:

Oh, so all the European countries and the crusades were evil, but if Israel kills innocent Palestinians and takes their land, it's just business as usual! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains.

and this qualifies as a zionist or pro-jewish take to you?

What an amazing disability!