You can hear every other day how lonely and isolated your average person feels...

You can hear every other day how lonely and isolated your average person feels, how their life is devoid of participation in any kind of community. Before the Second World War, our organizations used to be more than just a vehicle of political struggle, they also built relationships and enriched the lives of the exploited, it's enough to just think about the rich proletarian cultural life of the German trade unions with their literature clubs, hiking groups or even the International Workers' Olympiads, not to mention the educational efforts of the CNT or the once-popular Esperanto pen-pal programs where the common worker would build international relationships of solidarity among themselves. Wouldn't it make sense to resurrect these kind of initiatives in this age where we are more atomized than ever?

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I thought it was a good idea :(

Yes, but it would take some funding.

We could crowdsource it

it will never work in a low-trust multicultural setting

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100% agree with you, OP.
It is difficult work waking the sleepwalker though.

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You're definitely on to something. I think the biggest complicating factor is mass media and entertainment. If you were a barely literate prole in the early 1900s, what were you supposed to do after slaving away 12 hours? Get drunk? Go back to your hovel and stare at a wall? The trade union stuff must have seemed like the obvious choice for many. Now cheap, engaging activity is plentiful. People can sense that binging netflix shows and watching their twitter feed all evening leaves something to be desired, but it's just satisfying enough that taking a risk by changing your habits is extremely difficult.

it is dude. but friendship must be political and it takes real work to construct. we need moments of collective confrontation to mature.

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This user gets it. A big part of why Catalonia went AnCom in the '30s was that when the region industrialised (1870s?) The capitalists built slums for the workers to live in but they didn't build any pubs, inns, taverns, libraries, theaters, meeting halls etc.
This meant that the bored workers founded their own 'ateneu's which were a kinda combination between a bar, a library, a night school and an AnCom radicalisation center.

Marcuse talks about how mass entertainment saps revolutionary energy, making people feel ever more alienated while keeping them addicted to its cheap high.
Not sure what the solution is, he seems to say we need to make countercultural art to undermine the mainstream narrative; that seems too slow & ineffective to me.

Maybe what we need is some radical action: The founding of an international organisation for building radical communities & solidarity right here in this very thread!

Hate to break it to you but the early ateneus back then didn't have the entertainment function like most do today, in fact they had a very puritan moralistic outlook, frowning upon theater/cabaret/bar activities as "bourgeois", and during the war militiamen were criticized and even attacked by some zealots for hanging out at cafes.

Sounds like you know more about it than me, is the rest of the point true?
Did the workers have to make their own fun/build their own bars, demonstrating AnCom practice with the construction and spreading theory afterwards?

I haven't heard of any ateneus what were actually constructed for that purpose, but there might have been. I think most were rented or bought using money from syndical dues, maybe some were ceded by petit-bourgeois sympathizers. I haven't read enough about it to give an expert account honestly. From what I do know the main aim of the early ateneus was education, primarily alphabetization and there were also publishing initiatives (books, journals, bulletins), esperanto classes, debates, library, hiking excursions etc… Like I said entertainment like parties and drinking were looked down upon as bourgeois decadence. At the time they had more of a puritanical character then they do today, which did attract a lot of normies because anarchists were seen as upstanding virtuous do-gooder types so when they rebelled against the corrupt, hypocritical and abusive church/state/bosses they were viewed by many as defenders of the class who held a moral high-ground. I guess in some ways that was a good strategy but it also set a cultural standard that would contribute to destroying the revolution from the inside later on (CNT run workplaces witholding wages from drunks and people that showed up late for work, pop front collaborators attacking the incontroladxs for supposedly not being "honorable", etc…)

Anyway that was then and this is now, and it's always a good idea to set up an infoshop or whatever if you have the means and the right people. Just remember to study history and don't make the same mistakes as the comrades back then did.

You've touched on something very important here, user. People are much more likely to do a thing if they find it enjoyable, that includes working towards socialist revolution.

People on Zig Forums wouldn't spend half as much time agitating the rest of the internet if they weren't enjoying the visceral sensation of defeating a perceived enemy. We need to find something that gives us the same spark.

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It is easy to see yourself winning when all of your goals are imaginary. All of our goals are real, which prevents us from enjoying stupid shit that does not matter.

I agree but it seems like most people in the left are toxic as fuck. The dutch discord people openly say that you should bully people with mental disabilities such as autism and whatnot.

Nice projection. Some of us actually do have to work.

I don't think so. You underestimate how volatile opinion is nowadays. People exchange on a level never reached before in history and self-spreading ideas are stronger than ever.
I think there is demand for somewhat constructed/intelligent discourse on the Internet. I know a lot of people rely on YouTube/radio websites to access lectures or interviews of intellectual figures and there is a growing trend of literary critics/political/philosophical youtube channels. Unfortunately, only a handful of these are good and less than that are class-conscious.

I'm all for this and think we need to come up with some sort of loose organisation with no particular doctrine rather than a common attitude, this in order to lose ourselves debating about the sex of angels when the enemy is already at the gate.

Considering that particular demographic accounts for most of the aut-right onling presence, that may be a good policy. Also, kick-the-retard is fun.

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If you want to recruit the most avid supporters of the altreich then you should really not bash austists.