Why did imageboards fail?

Why did imageboards fail?

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Fail at what?

People get tired and move on.

They formed a culture around adolescent rebellion, and then those same adolescents grew out of it.

The ability to track users entirely undermined anonymity thus turning what had been a real culture into an information commodity.

The internet evolved to a point that obscure corners of the internet cannot exist, even on the deep web. All formerly obscure corners like Zig Forums, 7chan, 4chan, and Krautchan are well known by social media. Even so much as an autistic teenager checking one on his phone will be noticed by all of his peers who also have phones. Even if he says nothing to them, one underage beta will result in an extra memelord. Even your coworker Jim will notice it and come to shit it up. The lack of usernames also makes these types harder to find and remove as compared to a normal site. The format is meant for a pre cell phone and pre high speed internet, not the current one.

They failed when people started making one sentence threads asking why imageboards failed.


I disagree, while all these image boards you mentioned are no longer as obscure as they used to be, they are still unknown to the general public.

People took them seriously

They haven't really fallen, they've just been overshadowed by social media, and been largely integrated into the neoreactionary-isolationist-transgressive ideological sphere. But despite that integration, they mostly keep functioning more or less the same as before. The Jacobin article "paleocons for porn" comes to mind


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Should never post in the middle of the night.
I mean to say

They haven't.
Documentary called Stare Into The Lights My Pretties

seems interesting thanks for sharing

Imageboards remain far and away the best part of the internet and the rest of the web has a lot to learn from them.

They feel virtually the same as every other site now.

your contribution is helping



at leats they don't have cookies, sign-ins and other pozzed shit

banning vpns
banning tor nodes
banning isps just for kek
I miss the old times when 4chan didn't have these annoying captchas that bascially tell you to subscribe if you want a tolerable experience.

Did they? The ones that went sour happened because of corrupt site admins. We need fully decentralized forums that this can't happen to.


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Ah, remember when 4chan Gold was just a joke?

How the fuck is that defeatism you nigger.

They didn't evolve fast enough to keep up with the social transformations of the post-2007 4chan culture. If NNTPchan- and Zig Forums -esque improvements to chan code were going on to keep up with the anti-moralist and anti-fascist nihilism and fledgling capital 'A' Anonymous groupings who attacked the likes of Westboro Baptist Church, Scientology, FBI/pseduo-fascist radio hosts we would have a leftchan by 2008. Instead the opportunity was missed and now we're in this stupid timeline, stuck on a neo-nationalist board that's blacklisted by major search engine with ever-dwindling numbers and a community divided by very suspicious interests of power (administration/moderation).

Because Moot created canv.as and everyone realized it was superior to boring old imageboards so they abandoned them in droves.
Now moot is the worlds richest person and nobody even remembers what an imageboard is.


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Because back in the day the youths used to be smart and fun. Even when you saw some stupid shit posted you knew that it was just someone pretending to be stupid for the comedic value.
Nowadays you kids are mostly autistic, severely lack intelligence, have no sense of humour, don't know how to interact with people, have no emotional intelligence, there's a bunch of mentally ill trans-faggots, homos, unironic weebs, full grown men who watch cartoons for little girls, thin skinned retards who get their feelings extremely hurt by a bunch of irrelevant bullshit, unironic racists, unironic mentally ill SJWs, etc.
Given that those kind of websites are basically made by the people who visit them it's no surprise that the internet in general went to shit this past decade.

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4chan was always about anime though. Also, the cartoons for little girls have been targeting the adult male demographic for a while.

People like anime/x other Japanese media=/=weeaboo, /a/,/jp/, and the other boards focused around Japanese media were never "weeaboos" in the original sense. That being said I think unironic weeaboos are almost non existent in 2018, you never see people wearing Naruto headbands wishing they were actually Japanese anymore, and Gaia online is pretty much dead.

Is that James Holmes?

This is probably one of the worst aspects about modern internet.
And yeah fuck the mods too. Everyone's a got a stick up their ass. Fucking losers.

I am sure that I am older than you are, but that shit you typed sounds like it came from my grandfather.

If they were full-grown eight years ago, then wouldn't that make them from the older generation?

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