How come that when antifa beats up some cops and fascists we get posts like

How come that when antifa beats up some cops and fascists we get posts like
but when the topic is immigrants we get

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Nice strawman, radlib

Lump together far too many people as "fascists", up to and including "class reductionists" and """antisemetics"""" in their more retarded forms in Germany & UK. Meanwhile, actual fascism is meme-tier in most countries (hint: countries where it's a genuine problem, like Greece & Italy, also have non-shit antifa), and something libs/cops are already largely capable of fighting, while genuine left activism is something only we can do.
It's a statistical fact that immigration can't fix the 3rd world, so why do you want them scabbing here, instead of policies that can actually help them? It hurts rich countries, it hurts poor countries, and in the long run it even hurts them. Keeping scabs out of strikelines is good for everyone, even the scabs.

Because many posters are still cucked by bourgeois electoralism and forgot about the "of the world" part of workers of the world unite.

Every fucking time, and every time without proof whatsoever. I'm not sure who made this meme up (UKIP? Orbán Viktor himself?), but it has nothing to do with reality.

Is "radlib" the new insult from r/FULLCOMMUNISM?

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Explain what other purpose they could possibly fulfill for porky

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Because you are on reddit.
We usually get posts consisting off pictures of mexican cops that were excecuted by the cartels.

Nah its an insult for people from r/fullcommunism

its because not even trans-pony commie faggots like beaners

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Literally no one has ever posted that.
Maybe on /tankypol/, but not here.

They are undesirables. Why do you think the EU pays such heavy money to t*rkey for keeping them away? Why are they making it impossible to save people from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea?

Nobody wants them, apparently not even those who are supposedly fighting for the emancipation of the whole of mankind.

lmao good one


Only bootlickers say shit like this.
This is kind of a distortion of some bad opinions. Low-paid migrant workers aren't scabs, much less class traitors. The bourgeoisie are replacing workers without anybody having to strike.

They are not replacing anyone. Immigrants are put in concentration camps, not factories.

People proclaiming themselves to be "antifa" beat up some cops? Which country was this in?

Love to hear this guy's ideas on this one.


1.) fighting the police straight on is useless, better spent towards swarming town hall
2.) immigrants depress wages, I say this as a person whose father was a Paki.

I would like to see your """proof""" that they depress wages, because empirical facts say otherwise.

Proletarians unable to defend themselves against capitalists depresses wages. Siding with capitalists against proletarians doesn't exactly help with that.

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You mean porky exploits immigrants to depress wages. Just like he exploits everyone else.

Does Zig Forums actually have posts like this from non-Zig Forumstards?

American antifa ALMOST never beats up cops
and NEVER takes on corporations / big money

That's its two failings:
beating up racist boomers and conservative shitheads is fun
but it does not really fix the system
it only makes us more comfortable within it

I've been trying to radicalize antifa but it's fucking hard. The SJWs are winning. They think it's a literal social justice warrior club. Hell even RASH is pretty SJW now. I hate it.

I have never seen antifascists target "class reductionists" in the way that they target out, loud & proud nazis. Maybe individual "antifas" will say "I don't like your class reductionism!" at which point you should laugh and say "I don't like your boot licking."

liberal open borders = yay scabs.
Exactly correct.
But we can oppose immigration police and welcome refugees without being pro-scab.

definitely not in my city. Even when it's 80 or 90 antifa vs a row of 6 or 7 cops they back down. Fuckin radlibs. And they will talk about how important it is not escalate and accuse OTHERS of being cops when they say "don't break the law" . Fucking poseurs.

Pic related. Immigrants increase the size of the reserve army of labour, which causes more fighting within the working class, for employment

I didn't say that the bourgeois didn't extract surplus value

The ruling class is undeniably pro-immigration. The main dispute is how quickly should they be integrated.

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Those are labor unionists, not antifa street LARPers.

>by obliterating wages in less prestigious jobs, natives can move on to more prestigious ones until the pyramid scheme runs out of fuel and the high-end H-1Bs cause the final bunker jobs to implode
Great paper, 10/10.

SJW reactions against figures such as Corbyn & Wagenknecht aren't quite there yet, just protests/no platforming/pie throwing so far, but it's getting close soon.
Anybody got a pic of the AD bumper sticker saying something along the lines of "imperialist settlements in your fascist face"? Some of these people have transcended Poe's Law.
Sadly not. The child slave soldier shooting at you is, innocent or not, comrade or not, still shooting at you.

I live in Texas and anti-immigrant sentiment is not used to get rid of "scabs" (like the government here gives a fuck about labor to begin with) but to keep its already-exploited labor force compliant. You can't organize if you're worried about being deported. You just shut up and keep your head down.

For instance, one of the top GOP activists in my part of the state literally owns an H-2B visa business for temporary non-agriculture workers. She is an ardent "build da wall" Trump type. She is opposed to two things:

A) Shutting off the flow of migrant labor.

B) Legalizing the undocumented population.

How does she square "building the wall" with preserving the flow of migrant labor?

Most immigrants don't walk across the border.


More specifically they overstay their visas. The effect of anti-immigration policies is to maintain a steady supply of labor (primarily to developers, particularly commercial property developers) that is also unable to collectively bargain.

Because this place is flooded with converted fascists.

Note that this is only possible because laws targeting illegal employers and their customers are weak to nonexistent.

Uncoincidentally, the "lib" "versus "con" political "argument" around the issue carefully avoids either "side" mentioning this obvious solution, instead autistically screeching about "muh deportations".

Really, much like obsession with border hoppers you mentioned, or the broader obsession with illegal aliens (statistically microscopic) versus legal immigrant and guest worker quotas (rarely if ever discussed), or the false dichotomy between anti-immigration and pro-immigrant. Public "discourse" on immigration truly is a matryoshka of bullshit-upon-bullshit.

That's because porky media and politicians only focus on the idpol side of things on purpose as a distraction. It's sad to see even people here get caught up in the worker blaming though.

That doesn't make any more sense than being pro-rain, pro-winter or pro-earthquake. The real question is: are they pro-migrants? Their police harasses them, makes their lives an administrative obstacle course, keeps them on tight leash, so that migrants (legal or not) constantly live in fear of being arrested, deported, and lose their job, home, family… Bourgeoisie harassing proletarians: this is class struggle right there, and only scabs can side with the former against the later.

Except laws can and do regulate and control immigration, where as they can't control rain, winter or earthquakes. I don't know who you're regurgitating, but I suggest reading smarter authors or at least that you don't uncritically accept everything this one shits out.

Ah yes but when they smash a Starbuck's window it's worse than the Holocaust

Hello Zig Forums

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What laws do is to put migrants in the most precarious situation so that they can't fight back against capitalists: obligation to request new ID papers every now and then for those lucky enough to have any, necessity to hide from police for those who don't have papers…

not anymore than they harass normal workers

It's from cockshott fag nigger

France has a strong antifa "scene" and the people you see rioting against labour law changes etc. are they. The trade unionists just march and sometimes cheer on them when they hit a cop with a molotov cocktail. Except for the union "stewards", whose "job" is to keep the trade unionist marches "peaceful" and has attacked antifa "troublemakers" multiple times and gave them up to the cops.

migrants are normal workers and they are harassed for being migrants in extra. normal harassment + migrant harassment > normal harassment

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Non-migrants don't have to request a new ID card every year or so, for example.

Funny that those laws, simply slicing quotas, magically fixed this immutable fixture of hooman naytur. Also funny that up until the mid-90s, illegal aliens weren't just a tiny fraction of legal immigration, but a tiny fraction of their current numbers.

Almost like this is an intentional problem we fixed in the past, and broke again through deregulation.

Imagine if, instead of waiting for sex, schooling, and passing the child labor line, porky could just will fresh, desperately poor and desperate workers into existence, infinitely. That's what mass economic immigration is.

It can't fix the 3rd-world, it can't even help immigrants long-term, but it can help porky.

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too many of them are optics cucks. if they had brains they'd stab them or sever their heads and keep them as trophies. you can't just keep up "muh optics" when your enemy doesn't use it either.

your the nigger making unsourced claims

besides I don't support ancomm assbuggery

we need more authoritarian socialists here.

There's a board just for you then >>>Zig Forums

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Are you expecting edgy college students to have a coherent worldview instead of adopting contrarian stances?

Just call it islamic morality and suddenly you're edgy and subversive as fuck.

Even better
That's pro anglo as heck.

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