Burger Elections

Burger Elections are in a month. Left’s have a poll to determine who Zig Forums supports

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Fake and gay

Pretty sure strawpoll lets you do approval if you want, what gives OP?

To all the americans here, I urge you to draw cocks on the voting paper or whatever you have there, take pics, and post them here later.

Go away Zig Forums

I have just been writing "none of the above" on mine.

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I did vote for Rocky Anderson, Justice Party, in 2012 when he ran against Obama.

And I voted for Jill Stein, Green Party, in 2016 to say "fuck you democrats, and yes I will vote for women."

I'm voting WFP (working families) because they're essentially the same as DSA but actually do shit in my neck of the woods.

Basically this, or voting for literally nobody which is basically the same thing is the only answer.

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My choices for Senate:

And for Congress:

Nobody else is on the ballot. Kill me fam.


I know I'll get meme'd on for saying this but porky wants you to not vote, it's true that solely voting for the establishment left is not going to abolish capitalism but electoral success is one important measure of the power of the left, if more leftists had come out for say Bernie then who knows what could have happened. Of course he wasn't perfect but he was good enough that dual power and the confidence of the left could begin to rise under him. Just look at today with a borderline fascist as Prez, has it made the left stronger? Of course not, the so called 'resistance' has been celebrity endorsed bullshit, the aut right are the ones who have sadly seen their power grow.

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I see what you mean. Being completely honest, I would be willing to vote for socdems who are the least imperialist as possible and not just neolibs in disguise.

Voting Carlton obvs.

You're vote won't matter anyway, any vote goes towards perpetuating capitalism. The only escape is revolution.


I’m not voting because there are no parties worth my vote

Not voting is stupid because 1 voting does not mean you can also do other stuff 2 voting is real power, yes it's very small and ridicolous but at least it's something, it's not a coincidence there were real fights for representation in the past. Yes voting is atrociously little influence but it can have sense while not voting is basically a free pass to ruling classes to get away with what they are doing. Also voting can sway people to revolution if a vote is betrayed or elections are exposed as borgeoise farce

shut the fuck up you greasy fucking radlib; we all saw what would have happened to him.

voting is pointless and almost completely disconnected from the functional mechanics of American politics.

how many times does this need to happen before anyone does anything? how do you plan on overcoming the "you're just mad cus your side lost" bullshit that comes up every single election?

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Well one of the reasons the tsar lost legitimacy (one, I'm not saying that it was the decisive factor) in the february revolution is that he made the duma worthless

Opposition to electoralism has been the Anarchist position since the days of Bakunin and has been adopted by varying strains of Marxists given the realities of electoralism, if you think opposition to the farce of bourgeois democracy is a crypto-fascist scheme then you're severely misinformed. Elections isn't where the people are and continued support of them does nothing for us.

If you're american and you don't vote democrat because you're under some illusion that trump isn't an actual danger not just to america but to the world you're a fucking idiot.

Do you think it's easier to get to a society you desire from the bourgeois left or right?
Do you not feel any sense of urgency in our current situation to get trump out of the office?

It’s like you people don’t actually care or want things to change

Fuck off, FBI.

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American Party of Labour
do it for him
and Ismail

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Doesn’t exist.

It would be fun to get everyone voting for complete loonies just for the shits and giggles.


Are you one of those 3rd party morons?
Help me out, I want to know the roots of your stupidity.

Yes you're very cool the democrats aren't really left they're actually the exact same as the republicans fuck the system etc etc try answering the questions friend.

I voted Trump and I never expected the guy to actually win.

You're so cool.
I don't get it though, why even post on political boards if you're some worthless dogshit motherfucker who doesn't have the balls to take a stand on anything?

Trump is a symptom of the problems, not a source. Think systemically.

Yes Zizek is an idiot. He himself said he doesn't like talking about politics he prefers talking about film theory he should stick to that he's definitely better in the realm of fiction.

do you think most Americans actually vote for president?

what is..

I live in a "blue state." Clinton got 50% and Trump got 40%. We have 2 democrat senators. Democrat governor.

In very few places did it really matter how 1 person voted for the president. Local elections matter. National elections are a farce; really, they're a way to get normies interested in voting.

If you think the Dems are good your a retard. Trump is bad, but not more so than the Dems.

Yes one persons vote doesn't matter. It's true but it's a stupid argument because if you have a million people who believe that then you have a million people who threw away their vote.
You say most americans don't vote, they don't vote because they believe in your one-vote-doesn't-matter theory, that's EXACTLY the problem.

I never said the dems didn't have problems. I'm saying that you can fix the dem party OR if you want a 3rd party you get there easier with the dems in power.
If you're suggesting that trump is better than the dems you're a fucking stupid piece of shit and idk what you're even doing here.

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Who cares if you go to meet-ups, you think your LARP actually changes anything? The only actual power you have is in your vote and you threw that away because you're a edgy dumbfuck.
Who said anything about violence? I'm talking about voting.

Also, makes sense that you're a fan of someone who let his wife sleep around.

Stirner-chan daisuki


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Nice bait

I already explained this dumbfuck theory away, try reading or having some common sense.
How are you protecting yourself?

Are you proud of yourself?

Don't you have some reddit forum to be astroturfing on?

The Dems would rather die than reform


How many times would you say this has been attempted in the last century?

i get it now

nice argument

nice argument

well that's a theory but either way if you think that it's going to be easier for a 3rd party (im assuming thats what you want) to emerge out of a trump republican government then you're an idiot.
look at russia, i'm not a communist but the communists are kept in permanent 2nd place. hint: it's by design.

Just vote for Democrats
Just Vote
For Democrats



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Gnomesky pls go
and take your 'politics is when you vote for the lesser evil' disciples with you

but this is a good thing, user. are you sure you're on the right board? what exactly do you think would improve should the democrats do better in elections?

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i wish i could leave the bearenstain universe.

Trump in the presidency and narrow Dem majority in the legislature is the best option until the DNC can be purged meaningfully of Turd Way porkbots.

you picked that word on purpose, no? care to explain?

Just vote for them

If the current crop of putative Berniecrat challengers achieves some measure of electoral success and expresses any authenticity whatsoever in office, especially if they put PR/RV reforms are put in place to kill FPtP, then it would be possible to engage in electoral politics without voting for blatant CIA agents and corporate lobbyists.

You’re making the mistake of giving them validity. Libtards and cuckservatives don’t even know the thinkers that have helped develop their ideas other than Rousseau on a good day.

a lot of 'if' in that reply. your 'until' had me hoping you had some knowledge of an ongoing development.

but Rousseau was fiercely opposed to representative democracy, a slave who votes for their master every now and then is still a slave, and so on

Yes, which only reinforces my point.
Save the brainpower for others and just have fun with it

lol nah

bernie its the only realist option

even while being an anarchist, I think that its better to have a bernie in office than a trump, so my vote its important even if i dont support any of this. A lot of people would live better if social democracy-like policies were done, like healthcare, education etc.

If you're not registered to vote seriously don't do it, the risk of being selected for jury duty is not worth the ability to vote in bourgeoisie elections.

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A large socialist party could provide a useful tool for organizing strikes. Ans electoralism could get the name out.

No, Republican neocons in all three branches. they go super imperialist and invade neighbouring countries. Their empire dwindles and then it is ripe time for revolution in America when the workers are tired of war and wage slavery.
Demorats have no revolutionary or socialist potential and gets purged when the time comes. If only there was a Bolshevik/sucdem party to vote for for cybercom ancom gang broad front strategy

I sure hope you're not trying to say "ranked choice voting" with this abbreviation. That instant runoff voting the Greens and "Justice" Democrats are always pushing does not eliminate tactical voting enough to empower third parties. Or do you in fact mean Range/Score Voting, one of the most expressive and least tactical voting systems that can actually empower third parties?

Bernie is a chickenshit coward who will in all likelihood refuse to challenge criminal election fraud and voter suppression just like he did last time he had an election stolen from him.

if it were the national elections, president Bannon with Sanders as treasury. hey, its a start?

Oh no

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Yes, whichever ranked voting system for single-winner elections is best. I've been bullied before about IRV, but I'm still too much of a brainlet to know what theoretical consensus on the topic is.

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Oh yes

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Gonna vote Green like I always did since I was allowed to vote in 2008.
Like it matters anyway.

Jury duty lets you undermine the state from within, user.

Holy shit the liberalism in this thread. There is no good faction of the bourgeoisie to vote for.

until you're held in contempt of court

3rd option:

it might be the case right now, but not as a general rule. it would be advisable to vote for the better bourgeoisie under some circumstances. for example one should vote for the industrial bourgeoisie against landlords, should those two be the only options. facilitating industrial capitalism builds the productive forces and thus 'progresses' society, compared to landlordism that just regresses and sucks it dry.

And when the financial industry owns both of them?

you vote for the political power that favours productive capitalism over finance capitalism. though it's quite possible that all options to vote for are behind finance capitalism.

I'm thinking of voting for Gillum just because I think the Republican is a prick. Or should I vote Republican as accelerationist. Nothing I hate about this state changes based on who's governor e.g. rampant neoliberalism, greed, land development, boomers, other people in general, police, pollution, etc. Do I do what my heart decides Zig Forums or should I just not vote?

I think part of the problem is that one of the leading statisticians of it and other alternative voting systems has a fucking horrible website. Luckily, the arguments, theory, and empirical evidence are what matters. Try this:



It's true tho

this is true my landlady is a cunt.

So, vote for the Republican Party? They represent more domestic industrial capital relative to the tech/entertainment/finance Democrats.





why do people who have never set foot in a court room always cite this bullshit

yours too eh?

Republicans are red, Democrats are blue
Neither of them give a fuck about you

I hated the 2000 election



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in the modern day the tech industry is probably more progressive than industrial production. and (R)s also have a deadly fossil fuel addiction that is 100% regressive.

Voting republican again this time

eat shit liberal

The tech industry is industrial production.

sure, I meant classical blue-collar factory workers and miners and whatnot
tech is also characterised by immaterial production

They aren't. Are you retarded?

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Do you have an argument?