Hello guy's the moderator of Zig Forums has decided he wants a break...

Hello guy's the moderator of Zig Forums has decided he wants a break. So I'm gunna be moderating the this board for awhile.


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Remove trip.

Apo here, I still have a vol account. don't worry about the new ownership. If any of you are paranoid about FBI or whatever, know that if that were the case, there wouldn't be any announcement. I haven't been giving this board the attention it deserves, and hopefully Space_ can grow and improve the board.

DAMN IT! got outed :^(

Yeah I'm the new board owner now. Me and Apo are quite tight.

Bunkerchan is it's own site. Only bunkerchan/leftypol/ is Zig Forums controlled. My style of moderation is surprisingly libertarian. although I get memed as a tankie

can we use #bunkerchan @ irc.rizon.net as our official chat? or better yet can new mod register an irc channel for us?

Feel free

of no
But seriously please keep bans only to obvious Zig Forumsacks like Apo did. Thanks.

You gave the board to Space_? I'm fucking disappoint in you

I believe you meant Board Owner?

I agree.

Show me on this doll where I touched you.

Yup bit tired cause it's late.

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Well, in like the past 6 months every thread I've made on Zig Forums has been bumplocked (whether or not I've had my trip or flag on) and I've probably been banned 5 or 10 times. Never once happened on Zig Forums . I, for one, welcome our new bunkerchan overlords.

First r/ChapoTrapHouse got liberal-ified. Then leftypol BO got liberal-ified (>implying they weren't always). Then Bat'ko the Manarchist got liberal-ified and even admitted in private message that he's scared of SJWs. I'm glad we still have one safe place for post-leftism / "dirtbag left" / leftist politically incorrect posting. Cuz like, what's even the point of having a leftypol if we can't be politically incorrect?


Look at this shit. 60% tumblrs, 30% reddits, 10% guys who actually get it, and 100% triggered BO. Old Zig Forums could laugh at this kind of shit. I actually feel confident that if I posted that "why I hate survivors" rant here, people who "get it" would be able to laugh along instead of being liberal toadies.

You're incompetent running your site and very autistic about it.
Listening to your advice on how to mod got me in troubles with Zig Forums's BO years ago
Overall you're jerk, you know it and you enjoy it.

Oh My fucking god this flag thing doesn't work


Your OP was shit and made no sense

No but I met him
Prickly got doxxed years ago

Dude, it's a Bob Black essay. If you don't "get" Bob Black that's on you, and I'm sorry for you.


Why space_ and not a vol that already existed?
Space_ has no posting history before this

I am a vol :^)

Never bear back the eternal yoga pig my friend.

What Vol?


Why isn't Space_ trying to make something out of bunkerchan? What's going on with bunkermag?

I'm sick of /left(y)pol/ leadership being composed of people who only want to lord over people on an imageboard, 'moderate' discussion and ban people. Fucking internet mods haven't changed since the beginning of the internet. It's a fucking forum, get over yourselves.

This account appears only twice in the board log: once when it was created, and once yesterday when it was deleted. He has contributed absolutely nothing to moderating this board. Or am I mistaken?

You know, the least you could have done would have been to consult the other volunteers before you made this decision. Based on their replies it seems like you didn't even do that. FFS.

Thanks for letting Zig Forums shitpost jew conspiracy nonsense they want here and propagate their braincancer ideologies! You are doing such a great job as a mod!

This. What timezone you people on?

But when you do wake up, hi there, tripfriend mod.

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So a nobody

No, I was not informed about this

we're still understaff so.

buttholechan is SJW garbage and this board will become the same

fuck you retard

yeah, that's what happened :^)


it is if you want people to give a fuck and not think you're some random autismo


You can start the purge with

Well I'm from the UK so GMT+1 till the 28th

See pic.
Also where on the doll did I touch you :^)

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wow a saltire I sure am convinced you allow political incorrectness because the world is Burgerland and those pixels make you physically incapable of your previous hotpocketry

Chapo and other ironybro shit like Cumtown were day-1 part of the same Twatter goon diaspora as SRS SJWs. Never, ever trust these gregarious postmetaironic parasitic shitheels further than you can throw them.

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You dodged the question fam :^)

The question was a rhetorical 'el-oh-el umad?' variant, so I'd say it was more ignored than dodged. At least you don't disagree that your proofs are unconvincing since you haven't seen fit to make a counterargument about that assertation I made.

Space_ has already answered that.

No, a volunteer mentioned that he had no post history. That's different than what I was saying which is that he has zero volunteer activity in the board logs. His volunteer account was created when this place was made. It wasn't used a single time and then it was deleted yesterday when he became the new BO. You can check for yourself in the logs.

Prickly was a trubotist though

Space is a faggot, down with the bunkerchans popular front!
-t peoples front of bunkerchan





I wish people would stop misusing that word.

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If half the accused larpers actually went outside we'd have more use or more shit to laugh at.

you're not a real communist

space_ is a standup guy and as a libertarian communal red-fascist I can say he can't do any worse than most mods on this site

you will see a lot of :^) tho so be warned about that I guess

well I'm convinced :^)

How new.ru

well I used to be known as sputnik but I'm just some tripfag from bunkerchan really

eat a dick tbh

Will you ban obnoxious nazbols who shit up threads with one liners?

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This proves what many already knew

y tho

shut the fuck up sionista


shit the fuck up, RIDF appendage

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This is a joke, right?

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Will you ever fix your shithole of a chan so that people will have a working backup?
Also create a Zig Forums board now while you're at it.

I really love the naivety in this picture.
Its basically:

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Bunkerchan works.
Yeah I'll do that.

No it doesn't, it's bad

Whats broken?

your brain.

Not an argument.

You know very well but you keep avoiding fixing it

the moderation

A TLS certificate is crucial. Don't worry though because it's really easy to implement now-a-days:
>Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides X.509 certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption at no charge. The certificate is valid for 90 days, during which renewal can take place at anytime. The offer is accompanied by an automated process designed to overcome manual creation, validation, signing, installation, and renewal of certificates for secure websites.[2][3] It launched on April 12, 2016.[4][5]
>The project claims to make encrypted connections to World Wide Web servers ubiquitous.[6] By eliminating payment, web server configuration, validation email management and certificate renewal tasks, it is meant to significantly lower the complexity of setting up and maintaining TLS encryption.[7] On a Linux web server, execution of only two commands is sufficient to set up HTTPS encryption and acquire and install certificates.[8][9]
>To that end, a software package was included into the official Debian and Ubuntu software repositories.[10][11] Current initiatives of major browser developers such as Mozilla and Google to deprecate unencrypted HTTP are counting on the availability of Let's Encrypt.[12][13] The project is acknowledged to have the potential to accomplish encrypted connections as the default case for the entire web.[14]
Having a cert is really important for safeguarding the privacy of your posters. Without it posters could be in arbitrarily elevated risk of harm from malicious agents.

There is an SSL certificate.

Strangely the bunkerchan.xyz result on DuckDuckGo comes up via HTTP link, and it didn't matter that I have the HTTPS Everywhere addon installed. Searching via Startpage does provide the apparently correctly TLS (Let's Encrypt, even!) certified bunkerchan.xyz link. I remember that this wasn't the case at one point in time though as it was incorrectly implemented and gave warning pages. Cheers for fixing that! I right now don't have any reason to not visit anymore. Bunkerchan has a working TLS, allows tor posting and a non-javascript captcha for limiting spam.

On a second thought maybe don't create a Zig Forums board and just remove the Zig Forums board and add some more general interest ones like DIY and literature.

Will you be the better person and actually attempt to tend the internet leftist community, of which leftypol BO sabotaged? Zig Forums is a cesspit of an imageboard anyway, the key would be to get anons to jump ship. I don't think most people are aware that you've fixed your chan honestly. I still thought it was functionally broken. You've also improved the design. Another tip would be to hold polls on development (which is a perpetual thing anyway). It engages people and garners an interest in sticking around.

Will Bunkerchan mend the Zig Forums / Zig Forums split?

I see you technically have an a /lit/, called /e/.

To elaborate on removing Zig Forums, you'd simply have to replace it's function. That being fourfold: /econ/, /news/, /Kropotkin/ and /Lenin/. That is the /left(y)pol/s dissected onto a chan of it's own. I'm assuming this is the central reason for why your imageboard hasn't managed to retain posters yet, as it is basically just a meta-copy of Zig Forums, without the content. By having lasting boards you would ease the worries of anons who hate seeing great threads get slid or deleted for wrongthink (i.e. "not Leninist enough!").

Has been an improvement of my day so far.

Implement a no-tolerance ruleset for stormweenies, liberals and both's IDpol on Bunkerchan, just like we're attempting to have here but are sometimes understaffed to be able to cope with, coupled with being the ideologically odd one out on an otherwise largely neonazi imageboard. On Bunkerchan almost all of the recent posts are blatant Zig Forums spam. You have no excuse for having that be an issue on an independent imageboard.

Suggest all you want he won't do anything, Space_ is a deathbed admin
Getchan is a vastly superior chan ran by better people and to show how awful Space_ is: The admins of Getchan are waiting for a script that Space_ promised to make so they could move their chan to a new software but years later Space has not delivered just like how bunkerchan is rotting under his administration.

Seriously, is this a joke?

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I have hope. Don't be so negative.
Though do address the code thing with GETchan, Space_

Ain't happening see pic for reasons why also leftypol moderation controls it but they can't mod the rest of the site.

The only thing I need to really do is update the chan to the latest version of lynxchan.
and IDEALLY yeah I want to see us merge back into one group.

Wasn't leftpol split because of the rojava banning? because that in my opinion was stupid.

I might create those boards.

I don't allow idpol at all on bunkerchan (appart from bunker/leftypol/ because that board plays by leftypol's rules) and I just haven't got around to clearing it up today since I've been busy.

FUD much pal? Scripts done. Just need to see which of bunkerchan's/getchan's domains are better and see what boards get traffic.

All I did was sticky this thread :v and some actual modding today

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What do you mean?

So it's not a joke?
have you no shame in how corrupt this move is?

to see which domain is better for SEO and so we can merge the boards.

How is it currupt?

Didn't that deal fail time ago? Either way it'll be awful if you're involved
You never worked as a vol and never contributed to the board. being friends with Apo does not qualify you to run this board, that is cronyism plain and simple


This, we weren't consulted.

What if the board volounteers on Zig Forums and Zig Forums don't actually give a fuck about leftism or leftists communities and just want a tiny piece of the internet to lord over? :o

The fact that Apo just gave board ownership to his friend, rather than select one out of the current volounteers shows that, like most other online communities, they're just interested in the power aspect. The ability to delete posts, silence people and if need be ban them. The communist thing is just a theme. They'd probably be happy to run any type of community, but there was an opportunity to run a leftists board so they chose leftism.

Also, the meme-ing about fucking Albania and Hoxha is fucking stupid. It failed spectacularly and left behind it a lawless wasteland. Living in the UK or whatever it all seems endearing and the bunkers seem hilarious, but Albanians fucking suffered under a paranoid regime. You're definitely not attracting any leftists by glorifying the _worst_ socialist states. I'm guessing you don't care about promoting the community, just waiting until tankie teenagers and ultra-leftists join because those are the only people that would stay on Zig Forums despite the shitty moderation because they have nowhere to go.

It's like the split never happened. Well done.

No it didn't It was the Rojava banning that created this board Even a bunkerchan mod got banned on leftypol for it.

If this was true I'll be lording it over at the bunkerchan IRC and be banning people constantly.

Nah I'm not in it for the power, I'm an free speech absolutist apart from when it comes to Zig Forums talking points which I swiftly remove. If I was truely init for the power I would remove current mods and replace them with my boys.


You have a lot to learn anarchist-chan.

And as I said. Rules aren't gonna change, we're keeping the same mods and it's business as usual.

I think it would be in the best interest of the board and the community that some sort of vote/consensus on the moderation of this board.
It would be much better if all this contention and debate actually led to something. After all; this is the exact reason why leftpol was conceived in the first place.

Fuck off reddit newfag

That is truth, choosing either is cronysm but then issue then is who can we choose?

/netcom/'s main purpose is to implement something like this

/netcom/ is unfortunately democratic centralist and thus strictly Leninist; hence not a solution to our problem. At least bunkerchan is a unifying solution.

board owner of netcom here - that's not true.

There is no official ideology on /netcom/. It's whatever the board members decide. The original board members were a mix of ML, ancom, and whatever else. There were no ideological criteria for joining the board and there still aren't. Literally anyone can join and everyone who joins gets to decide how the board is run, what settings we choose, what vols are promoted, and even who the BO should be.

No it doesn't as long it keeps being run in such poor manner.

user has solved the spooky mystery!

Don't fucking lie about this, asshole. Body Odour and xir IRCabal tried to force the move to your isolated, buggy-ass, tone-policing site the minute the Zig Forums was restored, and then nuked threads with hundreds of replies of everybody else telling xir where they could stick it. That, and xir throwing spaghetti at Chodemonkey, were the catalyst for the exudus to this board. We are here because, in part, we don't want you in charge of the boards we post on.

sounds great lol

look how well it unified Zig Forums :^)


Why would I want to do that on an user imageboard?

you can vote using your board login and then log out and post anonymously like normal. most of my posts are anonymous unless i'm giving a board update.

You don't get it, I don't want to log in. I don't have to do that to post here. If I wanted to log in to crap I'd be on fedbook or something.

…you don't have to log in to post there, either.

autism is a of a drug my friend but eventually the glamour and excitement wears off.

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Admittedly my earlier post was poorly phrased. Let me try to make this clear to you again on the offchance you're arguing in good faith:
I don't want to log in to this or any other site to do anything. To vote, to look at tiddies, to report spam, to post, or for anything else.
What are proxies, Alex?

for $1000, alex

Kek, BO doesn't have an IRC channel.
Pfffft I don't tone police and the site isn't buggy as fuck. If anything is isolated. ITS THIS SITE since it isn't indexed by the big G.
Seriously the first link for the term leftypol is my site.

Nah this board was created after the Rojava fiasco. That was what broke the camels back.

then…you don't have to?

If some autist wants to create 50 email accounts and post under 50 proxies just to obtain control over an obscure discussion board well… I guess he's earned it.