We need to start a revolution!

When are you LARPers going to get off your asses, equip yourselves and train yourselves with guns, and actually do something? You guys are pathetic. You just spout passages from dated books and literature while dying your hair bright green and REEE about Trump being a fascist. Fucking do something about it. If you don't want violence, then stop using the word revolution.

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You're getting leftist confused with radical liberals

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Ok tough guy for a start try voting trump out of office aka vote democrat.


blow me.

This is entrapment, FBI-kun.

no, but if you think you'll have an easier time getting to a better society with the republicans in power you're a fucking brainAIDS ridden retard.

if you cared about actual political change and not your impotence you'd stop flexing on the internet about shooting guns like you aren't a scared little bitch.

Republicans aren't in power: they're in charge.

Republicans are worse than Dems, sure. But if the difference between the two, especially an ineffectual clown like Trump, is the tipping point that's caused you to contemplate revolution against the countless atrocities of capitalism, you need to rethink your life.

No, that's if I cared about what you think. I don't because you act like a faggot.
I thought the Wizards sequel was still in the funding stage but here I am looking at another beardy skinnyfat naziboo projecting like a motherfucker
I think you've got me confused with somebody else tbh
So to summarize I should disarm and then either violently rebel against a system that already outguns me, or vote for one of the two interchangeable asspuppets during the time when the ruling class sort-of pretends to care what the proles think? Those both sound like a really stupid idea and I'm not going to do it. I think I'll stay home and fap.
Of what? Are you 12?

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do you feel in charge?

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You can't make a revolution out of thin air. Well, trotskyists think they can but they're retarded.

Gotta wait for the bombs to drop and the missiles to fly. We have to wait for the seas to rise and the skies to haze. We have to be the ones to organize our communities before what remains of the bourgeois military and state can recuperate. Mutual aid must be provided at once for all survivors.
When it comes to the Pigs in their bunkers, our easiest option is to entomb them before they can crawl out and proclaim their unending glories of the Market and restore their hierarchies, plunging us into a new era of neofeudalism, that may not be escapable without extinction.
If they choose instead to flee to Mars, then we can build our new era without them. Then we can ourselves fly to them when we are ready to fight them. This may be how the class war ends.
Any allies from beyond the stars, already in observance, will show themselves to us, provided we make ourselves known as an advanced species, capable of a global Communist society.

if you think that you're getting suckered.
also im not OP

this is coming from the dumbfuck nigger faggot talking about VIOLENT REVOLUTION
no beard, fit, hate nazis. bet you're a scrawny bitch
i own one, never said that.
yes you vote to get trump out of office retard
idk you tell me, you're the faggot with a micropenis talking about VIOLENT REVOLUTION

niggerfaggot is one word, FBI-kun
I have not done that, am not doing that, and do not plan on doing that, Officer. You should probably watch goatse.es and lemonparty.org more closely though, I hear those are hotbeds of subversion
then congrats on being indistinguishable from the village idiot I guess
No, just to vote for people who've publicly stated that they'll disarm you if elected. Huge difference.
This isn't a Presidential election coming up, and when President Potato's term is up, there will be others just like him waiting to take his place.
fuck off, horserimming tranny truckstop hooker

nice one
if everyone gets disarmed why the fuck would you need a gun. the only reason i own a gun is because other people can own a gun, if you subscribe to the alex jones school of thought that you can fight the army off then you're a retarded faggot
if dems get the house they impeach the fat toad
yo stop telling me about your life

Cliton in office would've meant, by now, boots on the ground in Iran, full Cold War revival brinksmanship with Russia, Australia/UK/Canada-style online/offline censorship regimes, Title IX-style thoughtcrime Star Chamber tribunals for the general public, and a complete purge of even the mildest Berniecrats from the Democrats.

Trump was the better choice.

shiteating pedo nigger tranny who gets paid 20 bucks to get fucked in the ass by alex jones

no it would mean the iran nuclear deal would still be there.
the building up of nukes? i doubt that. there's still tension with russia either way and i doubt that clinton would've started an actual war in ukraine/syria.

the rest just sounds like straight up scaremongering.

No, why?


Clinton had little to do with that, most of her actual efforts being counterproductive and antagonistic:
Which combined with a record of relentless warmongering against Iran both before and after her campaign:
And who has 99.999% of that originated from, Trump, or Clinton and her DNC cronies?
All of it is directly out of her campaign materials

take your meds

Useful idiot.

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Only a retard like yourself would try to use a firearm against armored vehicles.

kys red liberal

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don't make enough money to own a gun, let alone have one in my house. my landlady is a bitch and is "chosen"

bombs are more effective and kill more people within a larger radius.

I can't find the Zig Forums post from 4 years ago shitting all over your defeatist attitude so I guess I'll let the greentext stand on its lonesome

We already did.
The hardest part is agreeing on a slogan for our revolutionary cell.

Don't mix liberal hambeasts with us OP. Also lol @ the idea of anyone starting a real civil war because of some senile retard.

Then stop using the word revolution if you're not going to do anything close to violent, physical action.

I have no clue what the fuck you're implying. Are you saying it would be uncommunist to revolt against Trump?

Why aren't you training and leading by example?

Imagine the folowing scenario.
Breaking news madman holds factory hostage.
My demands is that this factory be put under workers control.
Digs tunnel, gets out with some valuables for the trouble.
Rolls curtains.
5/5 stars

It is peak liberalism to say we need a revolt against Trump is particular with the help of our friends at the FBI/CIA so things can go back to the normal schedule of imperialism. Communism is saying we need a revolt against the US empire war machine and every single living president should be tried as a war criminal (Carter can plea bargain down to house arrest MAYBE)

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What is Vietnam War?

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Yeah, how did that work out fam?
The US military isn't big enough to hold down the continental US. No military is or could be. You'd have to use some kind of social control system.

Some fucksticks living innawoods isn't a revolution. Even then with IR and heat cameras they could find most of those people too.