Anyone noticed that libertarian party is being infiltrated by mutualists?

Mutualist gang when?

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Yeah, it's not going to work because the LP is a passion project of rich lolberts who will result flex their authority if socialists become too big a presence and because bourgeois democracy is a sham anyways.

Remember when the tea party slowly morphed from pure astroturf to a certain degree of grassroots, which started being siphoned into OWS before OWS was submarined by SJWs?

Stranger things have happened.


tbh, a step in the right direction. now keep the trad values and go syndicalist.

All laissez-faire cultists should be put in a jail cell or even shot if they get to be too influential. The damage they've done to the Earth is catastrophic and may be irreversible. Whether they claim to be from the right or left is an irrelevant formality.

I try to avoid political YouTube if I can.

A wise policy.

All of that got coopted or fell apart, jumping in the lolbert party is almost certain to do the same. Even lolberts are jumping off that boat and becoming some flavor of reactionary.

I do not know whether to pity you or to despise you.

Both tbh

The Tea Party was actual grassroots for a week before it got turned into a Republican Party astroturf project.

True enough, same thing ultimately happened to the "socially liberal" lolberts & fedoras that formed the nucleus of GG for the first year or so.

Even in hindsight, I still think both cases could've worked out with a firmer stance on core message.

I thought the TP originated as laughably fake 100% astroturf?

I don't think so, because the core message was a cover for the e-celebs drawn to GG to have another fight in the culture war and drum up new recruits. Given the political inclinations of those folks, sticking to the core message would have driven them off rather quickly to defend the publishers' "business rights" against charge of corruption in gaming.

From the start the tea party was full of easily led rubes. I was at the original rally in DC pretending to be one of them because I was curious if there was any merit. It was a bunch of spooked boomers and rainbow porkies spouting libertarian bullshit. Loads of people were personally thanking Glenn Beck for opening their eyes.

Mutualism is a good first step before Marxism.

A bunch of paultards got together after their hero met overwhelming electoral defeat yet again to form the first "Tea Party" around the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Like within a month the Koch brothers took over the name, created an organization headed by Republican wonks, and got Fox News to report on their every action.

Most of those faggots inmediately jumped ship onto the MAGA bandwagon. I'd like to know how many actual lolbertarians, of the Austin Petersen kind, actually remain on the tea party. My guess is zero.

This elections were a monumental circlejerk for the right.

Mutualist reforms could accelerate capitalist economic function until they reach their natural endpoint imo, at which point mutualism has completely changed the nature of that beast.

Yeah a lot of people don't know about its origins in the Ron Paul thing but yep. Then practically overnight it was co-opted.

One proto-fascist thing I remember some Paultards doing was this "veterans march" where these veterans and stolen valor cases marched in step shouting "PRESIDENT PAUL" over and over again:

I remember sharing it on a forum back then and some veteran types were like "yeah all these guys were POGs." That's army slang for troops who never saw combat while often – though not always – trying to play up their military cred to civilians.

C4ss and Kevin Carlson ftw, 3d print the means of production

The Koch brothers purged the near right “left libertarian” elements back in the day, what do you think will happen too a bunch of Mutualists if they already killed the libertarian’s last hopes like the Agorists years ago? It will just be drowned out by “PRAISE HOPPE” like last time. Not to mention that since Master Soros also looks over them, they will be reigned in by him too.

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The libertarian party is a top-down organization, the DSA-LSC has more of a chance of actually being an influence due to their goal of converting it to a bottom-up organization, but I have doubts there too. If you want to look towards libertarian-left policies within the electoral system, the Green Party is the USAmerican's best bet.

But electoral politics are dumb as shit you fucking moron.

Could you provide a source or something instead of just making a 1 line shitpost? What you're saying sounds a bit interesting but completely unverified.