Nazbol Garbage

Why is this board turning so reactionary all of the sudden? It use to be a good place for communalists, non-retarded MLs and anarchists to talk but for the last week or so I’ve been seeing a huge uptick in unironic Nazbols are all-around reactionary garbage in every thread

Is this board becoming Zig Forums 2.0?

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It's mostly one autist the mods haven't banned.

you sure whine a lot about us. you on your period per change?

Uhhh what you mean nig why have you not followed the way of the nazbol yet famsquad? This dialectical synthesis will save socialism and prevent it from being subverted by jews like it always has, squadfamalam.

just admit you like dick

I'd suck a dick if it got you to catch a bullet tbh.

You are as autistic as hell. No one will ever follow your edgy brand of politics and it’s obvious you’re a NEET since you post at all hours of the day

Still mad "niggers" are fucking your "aryan" women, faggot? Get over it, dickhead. Your race is so cucked and pathetic that your own women reviles you.

dude I'm Captain Nazbol. I'm bulletproof.

no argument found.

found the white male

I’m not making an argument, I’m calling you a retard. This isn’t a debate so inb4 muh ad hominem. Go to Zig Forums if you want to spew your reactionary garbage and cling to nineteenth century memes like nationalism or pathological hatred of Jews

you actually have to give me a reason

no actually I really don't care about anyone but myself. also, where Christianity, you answer it with Islam. women can revile us all they want. all they will get is their ass beat into submission

well calling me a retard is not proving me wrong.

Fine then. Explain why
It’s quite obvious you are not a socialist at all, but rather a fascist in nearly every sense of the term

so what does that make you smart guy

Nazbols are nihilist scum,

This is the only sensible position.
The only Marxists I have a problem with are tankies and dogmatists

Kill yourself, namefag scum.

So 90% of actually existing Marxists?
I agree with you, some of the leftcoms are real niggas

I've been noticing exactly the opposite, swathes of shitlib threads, e.g.:

Probably due to some well-meaning /r/Socialism type coming here to minister to the heathens during election season.

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Hirohito Gamera
Hirohito Gamera
Hirohito Ga-mer-a!

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just listen to this

Metal will always be my preference but I have grown more appericative of punk lately, mainly through crossover/thrashcore/grindcore though.


It’s over for you globalist. Worldwide Juche is inevitable.

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all women are gay

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I have listened to the Dead Kennedys and Combat 84 before nigga, most people into extreme metal have at least a basic knowledge of hardcore punk and the sub-genres it spawned because its largely agreed that hardcore's influence on metal is what caused metal to become extreme.

And for that we can rightly damn it to hell.

Phil Rind pls go

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You're just mad that the more distortion you use the more pussy you sound. Extreme and hardcore shit is pathetically try-hard. It's angry little bitch music.


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He is a nazbol who posts smug anime girl pics and listens to kiddy core shit. You can't expect better.

Kiddy-core? Nigga I was talking about Thrash(both crossover and Thrash Metal) and without thrash you wouldn't have most extreme metal besides doom metal, and even then the most extreme doom metal has death metal influence(death/doom and funeral doom). Lot of death and black metal has direct punk influence too, like Entombed's Left Hand Path has a very clear D Beat and Crust influence. I am not a nazbol either. Not all metalcore and deathcore is bad either faggot, even if most of it is. That kinda goes for everything though more or less

Just not really sure what I am supposed to say, I have listened to Holiday In Cambodia and Rapist before so its nothing knew to me, anyway J Barg is the one obsessed with Pol Pot not me.

your a nazbol, Harry

Why do you even respond to the guy he's clearly an edgy 15 years old that feels cool for discovering a pivotal band everyone into extreme punk and metal music knows about. Literally a waste of data.
Also I would say that doom metal has a punk influence too ironically. After all Saint Vitus did black flag covers.

new to me*

A lot of doom metal has post punk/gothic rock influences as well, like type o negative, Katatonia, Paradise Lost etc. Though Type O Negative had a lot of crossover/hardcore influence too in the early stuff, and Katatonia/Paradise Lost were Death/Doom so a very indirect hardcore influence is a given.


I think it is often underrated the enormous influence of crossover on later punk and metal. I mean, firt albums by suicidal tenencies and DRI were in 1983, just when metallica and slayer popped out, crossover didn't born from thrash it was there from the beginning and metal would just not be the same without it

Pol pot was a literal CIA plant. The government after his was superior in every single way.

Time to die four eyes

Just wew

t. urban intellectual

no money, no classes, no people

pol pot implemented true communism

This board was always nazbol. Any claims to the otherwise is pure revisionism.

To be honest, Feder broke with Hitler after his right-wing turn in 1931, and aside from his anti-semitism, he advocated for agricultural and industrial communes with innovation in city planning, something that was opposed by the Nazi elites. In Japan, his work was put into practice later.

His works also contain pretty epic takedowns of finance capital. Since he really hated bankers, it is not that surprising he became spooked with the Jew meme, considering back in those days even more bankers were Jewish than today (international banks these days actually contain way more white people today).

First comment under that song
FUCKING HELL sometimes I get so frustrated when you can't even listen to music on YouTube with this alt-lite Steven Crowder tier garbage.

I feel you man I can calmly argue even with far rightists if they engage in serious discussion but "ebin takes" makes me so angry

I kno rite?
Things are much better at Zig Forums with our trans-conscious friends.

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Its honestly weird that those types of people would be commenting on grindcore/thrashcore videos in the first place

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oh boy another exciting episode of red liberal thinks us REEEEEEing at idpol makes us Zig Forums

If that's what you got from reading the OP then I'm afraid you've got a problem with reading comprehension my mate.

Unironical nazbols live in their black hole devoid of theory where everyone who disagrees with them is a red liberal.

This discussion be like:
> ̶d̶i̶s̶c̶u̶s̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶n̶a̶t̶b̶o̶l̶s̶h̶e̶v̶i̶s̶m̶ more nazbol memes


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high-quality shitpost, I lel'd

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I'm pretty sure you know a lot about black holes

Have you stopped beating your wife yet?

nothing wrong with beating your wife.

comparing western morals with the east is first world bullshit

forgot "muh shitpost fag"

NazBoi? Brocialist?
Western women had a patchy sectional revolution in the household.

neither do I. pre-Marxist or Blanquist Socialism is the best. I know you're an egoist but you can drop the act. feminism is idpol and you're just in denial.

Your pillow isn't a wife.

I dunno, lemme borrow yours. don't worry nothing will happen…I think…maybe…

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don't worry I'll give it back. that's a definite.

Why do all these leftist spaces suck ass
I guess that's what happens when you don't have an application process and let in all the shitbirds

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You'd probably do that anyway.

HAHAHAHA Nigger! Sure, white women want poor monkeys… xD

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t: Dick Spencer

But nazbol gang is reactionary for pointing out women are shit

But nazbol gang is reactionary because you interpreted Lenin wrong.

But that's reactionary because Reddit makes orange man bad memes.

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the NPC meme is real.

and guess who he fucks now, one of your kind. LOL

I? You're the one with the meme flag
Feminism is built into socialism. "IDpol" "SJW" "pink pussy hats" are all "third wave" or liberal distractions. You would deny it and alienate a giant section of the population the same way the tankie alienates those that want freedom not some pseudoscience transitional period.

I know, seriously. At least partially the anonymity.

no, its not a meme, it was very important during interwar Germany and actually ideological backers in Feder and Niekisch. Egoism is a meme because social views shouldn't matter either way and you should do things in YOUR OWN BENEFIT. not for a greater good.

Feminism is built into Marxist Socialism, not the kind I advocate for. people should be economically equal but a social hierarchy should exist. and besides Feminism is a meme anyways and giving women rights was a major faux pas in history.

Can you two please fight to the death for our amusement?

nah I'll just bomb the servers. I'm Ted K gang.

no internet, no masters.

Nothing wrong with this
Nothing wrong with this
Nothing wrong with this

Advocating, achieving more so, "the greater good" would be very beneficial for me.

Patriarchal society was the major faux pas of history.

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It's nice that you use such unambigous words.

When a board can be united against idpol, it essentially becomes a breeding ground for racist rhetoric.

racist rhetoric is a form of idpol

sounds like utilitarian garbage to me. Anglo bullshit. achieving whats best for me and telling everyone else to go fuck themselves is what a true Stirnerite would be. besides, society was built by men and maintained by man. the only use of a woman was her womb which was what granted her greater power in the natural world. the law gave her little. as it was. you can deny this all you want, but utopia is a false god, giving everyone an equal playing field socially, well to put it this way, if everyone won the lottery, they would each get less than a fraction of the total cost, spreading the wealth on a purely economical basis is fine, but do that socially, and every one of those people, no matter what, would complain. we can't all be equal in public, only before the law, but I digress, you likely don't believe in laws or anything. well if you don't, then neither do I, and if I harm someone, oh fucking well.

Autism as an epithet is just oversocialized countersignaling