Brit/pol/ #2575: For Britain and 22st Edition

Tesco directors acquitted in fraud trial

2018 UK summer heatwave made thirty times more likely due to climate change

Investor visa scheme halted in money laundering crackdown

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fuck 22st tbh


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The Grinch movie needs to be dumped tbh, only Grinch movie is the based Jim Carrey one tbqh. shitty animation fad.


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That film is fucking terrible, lad. Also Carrey's the opposite of baste.

why does 22st always get banned? I never see what he does to get banned.

Oh look, a nigger telling us what's best in our national interest!


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westie's going to regret that get

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being a fat norwegian

a nonce too

very good lads


This wog is relatively ok tbf

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Fuckinggggg hell lads

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good lad good edition

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Fug, didn't realise he's a second referendum cunt

cruel smh


Keeek, I'm in your head lass

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Fucking shameless political functionaries.

the final poll

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Radio 4 comedian incoming, lads. Pass me the cyanide.


she's fucking awful and not funny at all

thanks BBC

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Glad tbh. Hope the farage-tier normies are observing this trend.

I was talking about the bloke who's gonna be on in a bit. Know his face, and hate it - as well as all radio 4 comedians (and staff).

I dislike black people

everyone does, even black people, which is why they are all coming to live in Europe

They're ok when they aren't being given power

Lad that's a bit racist

who doesn't?

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fucking bbc


Did this board exist before the great exodus?

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Yeah but we went to /Britpol/ first then there was another exodus to here

Thanks lads

*urge to firebomb london and hang all traitors intensifies*

>(((Miranda Green))) saying immigration is great

Why firebomb London when the locals will do it for you?

Just execute a nigger drug dealer and they'll tear the city apart.

This is literally an inversion of everything I've ever witnessed of females and their treatment. Girls would actually be congratulated in my school for being outspoken, even when they were obviously wrong. Boys on the other hand were considered arrogant and difficult for the same behaviour.

She is just trying to justify raising uppity little whores.


don't like it when you guys watch tv

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Which is all educators and the mass media have been doing since the fucking '60's (as well as turning men into masculinity-hating eunuchs). I hate it all so much, lads. So fucking angry.


>teaching (((critical thinking)))

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They are just all such a contemptible shower of cynical little brainlets.


Can anyone redpill me on Ukraine? Has Russia gained any territory since 2014?

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/v/'s kike BO vs /tv/'s chad BO streaming live for the vidya awards

Ukraine is a fake country lad it's just western Russia

In the hall of the mountain king doing god knows what


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Novorossiyans got tricked into believing Russia was prepared to actually go to war for them.
Ended up losing everything, having their cities demolished and living in a state of limbo for several years.

Never noticed that slight inhale he does afterwards until now

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Logged onto yt just to downboat it ngl

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what the hell are the frogs on about?

if he institutes the incel patriarchy he’s winning 2020.

(2) makes me uncomfortable. it’ arcanum ii, High Priestess, and I’ve never tried ayahuasca.

wew nice username beefboy

even Joe has to breath sometimes lad


don't be jealous lad.

they've just realised how badly they've been Jewed

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Goodnight lads

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we should unban everyone from newbrit just for the graveyard shift each night.

some of them are good lads

Do it if you dare, leaping from the sky
Hurling through the air, exhilarating high
See the earth below, soon to make a crater
Blue sky, black death, I'm off to meet my maker
Energy of the Gods, adrenalin surge
Won't stop till I hit the ground, I'm on my way for sure
Up here in the air, this will never hurt
I'm on my way to impact, taste the high speed dirt
Paralyzed with fear, feel velocity gain
Entering a near, catatonic state
Pressure of the sound roaring through my head
Crash into the ground, damned if I'll be dead
Energy of the Gods, adrenalin surge
Won't stop till I hit the ground, I'm on my way for sure
Up here in the air, this will never hurt
I'm on my way to impact, taste the high speed dirt
Jump or die!


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In Japan, the Japanese society, which is the majority overwhelming to the other racial groups (usually used "ethnic groups"),
is socially or communally racialistic to the other racial groups formed by non-Japanese-racial people living inside the society
of Japan.
Most of the Japanese-racial people speak badly of features, peculiarities and characteristics of non-Japanese-racial people,
and in addition, the Japanese-racial people gang up to do so.
The Japanese-racial people have no consideration for innate differences between themselves and non-Japanese-racial people.

If you identify the Japanese-racial people of Japan with such Asians in Europe or America as Japanese-American, Korean-American,
Chinese-American, … etc. , you have to accept that anyone can identify "White people supporting apartheid" with "White people
not supporting apartheid".

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Lads, I'm in the alpha for Anthem

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hullo lass


The Game Awards are fucking terrible lads, somehow 100x worse than previous ones


>she will never read me winnie the poo

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night lads

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