web.archive.org/web/20190805020908/https://new.blog.cloudflare.com/terminating-service-for-Zig Forums/

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Oy. Now how long before the Mossad and leftwing "hacktavists" take down the site? The plus side of course, is that we're no longer using CloudFlare!

It says in there that after booting the Stormniggers they managed to find a competing service to host them, maybe we should look into using the same service


took them a while

lol i bet that they think this will stop the shootings

It won't. As some faggot on Zig Forums pointed out, we are entering the era of pro-White terrorism.

Read the article, faggots.

Pure LARP.

It's only a matter of time.

seems like they want to make whatever they think is disgusting illegal

cloudflare sucks but lets not pretend this is good news either

Is that it? We over here?

What's the price of other ddos protection service, I'm planning to use one for my own site.

nah but there will be extensive jewish pressure on any other service the site might use

This is the one SF is using

You know what really grinds my gears? Zig Forums Moderators who don't do fucking dick no matter how many times you report content. Why is the wheel chair faggot complaining about another mass-shooting when his Mods refuse to remove threads that glorify shooters with meme creating threads?

We have fucking honey pot thread right now that's active that talks about how to make suppressors, we also had a thread that stayed up that glorified doing attacks on infrastructure. We're now losing cloudflare because of the faggot mods.

Getting MITMed. Same as usual, really.

Sand Francisco? I meant DS

El paso was a false flag, they are going after Zig Forums as a whole now since killing Zig Forums in 2017 wasn't enough.

Anybody know what happened to the IPFS chan being referenced on here?

Also having trouble posting images here.

Image upload is disabled site wide at this moment

Have any of you faggots gotten the bunker to work yet? It's just a blank page for me



kikewheels hasn't been involved with the site for a long time, newfag

kikewheels was howling today about another shooting.

Cause this is a free speech site, posting how to make suppressors isn't illegal. It's free information.

Is zeronet a good idea? Correct me if I'm wrong isn't zeronet not truly decentralized? it's more like federated, can they boot us out when under pressure?

this isn't his site anymore
if you didn't just arrive from reddit five minutes ago you'd know it

Zeronet is completely fucked and definitely is not a permanent solution,I have no idea why people are shilling it.unless they are actually (((people)))

You guys, what if (((they))) were the low iq paranoid schizos running the site into the ground all along?

Could i2p be better?


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