List of recent coincidences

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Nice digging. A bump for you.

Everything is a false flag.
Multiculturalism works.
White people NEVER fight back.
Hitler was a Rothschild agent.
ONLY jews do anything.

coincidence5…why is dad sitting in front of a Jew star?


Nobody said any of that, Agent. All I'm doing is pointing out coincidences.

Dig on.

And American Inventors.

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I'm not sure. How many people have the Star of David at home?

If I did have one at home it would be to educate my family on the shape of evil.

That's cool. What is your opinion on Israel, user?

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Those are false flags, user. If you disagree with me, you're an African-jewish-Mexican CIA agent who also works for the FBI & the KGB.

Israel does everything. Literally every single terrorist attack that ever happens is Mossad. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
In fact, they even control the weather. Katrina? False flag designed to kill African Americans.

Jews even disguise themselves as African Americans to give the FALSE impression that African American Gentlemen are anything other than upstanding citizens.

Not only have White people never committed a single terror attack Even though we're on the verge of extinction but Arabs are also 100% peaceful despite being massacred and brutalized by Israel. Hezbullah? That's Mossad. Arabs LOVE jews. They would never resist them. Arabs and White people LOVE being ethnically cleansed.
In fact, literally every single person on Zig Forums who opposes the jews other than you is a Mossad Agent.

At this point, do you even need to research?

I see. Thanks for exposing yourself, glown.

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The Parkland parents being in El Paso is very interesting to me considering they also had connections to Christchurch. On top of that Las Vegas survivors in Gilroy. I could understand if this happens maybe once and maybe one person and the events were down the street but these things are happening at large distances with the same people. That really raises serious questions and I have never cared much about/looked much into the shooting events.

Absolutely blinding
Should have worn my eye protection first

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You are a moron. White people are fighting back.
This is happening and will continue to happen until beaners are removed from our society.

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And doing what, exactly? Killing a few people that will be replaced in literally less than a day? Giving every justification for the suppression of free speech and the right of self-determination?

This is a long-standing psyop to push "accelerationism" - and you're either one of the glowniggers pushing for it, or one of their useful idiots doing it for free who drank their conveniently placed kool-aid.

Not really white people fighting back, it's FF. El Paso fag never mentioned JEWS being the problem.

I always find this suspicious. If he was really "indoctrinated" by the nefarious Zig Forums, how the fuck do they not mention jews? I can't post anything on here without being called a kike or seeing some mention of jews.

You can't replace a human life you retard.

FF to distract from Epstein? Probably. Everything is terrible and now it looks like 8ch must be heaved into the river by the people we despise. It's all so tiresome.

Q-Boomers get the fuck out. Go back to your containment board. You are witnessing the begining of a low-intensity race war. These are the first steps before mass civil unrest.


This has held true throughout all of recorded history. Competing cultures will compete, you can't mix them without violence.

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No, but you can birth so many that a few deaths become ultimately irrelevant.

I don't buy that it's an outright hoax, but a genuine false flag (that is, somebody who is more or less "undercover" for many years)? Yeah, that seems a lot more likely. That being said, I have no doubts that at least one of the 3 mass shootings tied to here are from somebody who's actually a genuinely angry person from here, rather than an agent. In any case, it doesn't do any good in the long run.

Would you ever do something like Cruisus did? Could you ever shoot up a store? I could never, no matter what. I think most anons here are the same. This shit sounds like something a Jew would do to normal, walmart shopping people so start a race war and take away our guns.

Most people here could see themselves doing it. Its the duty of all able bodies white men to protect their civilization from the invading hordes.
You know all this though, you are just a deradicalization shill sent in to try and be the biggest faggot pussy you can be.

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At the bottom of Connor Betts obituary I noticed a Jets Youth Football charity. I went to their FB and for all of 2014 they do not mention Connors death but in late 2015 they raised 4k for his family. A Megan Birdy Betts liked the photo. I wonder if there'd be anyway to see if the Megan that was killed in OH was also called Birdy. Also, what is it with shooters coming out of CT?

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He did it so people would come here, if he had larped about jews it would have been a direct trigger for the brainwashing of ZOG lemmings. Note how he claims to support Trump too, which i think was tactics. He wants MAGA boomers to sympathize with him and give leftards further ammunition to brand Zion Don a fascist, increasing the pressure on him. But i could be overestimating him, he also said himself his manifesto was meh in the original thread and maybe he didn't want to touch on the JQ because he wasn't confident he could tackle the issue in the right way.
Anyways, you are a deradicalization shill arguing for inaction.

Fuck no. I know it's popular to think
but they're still innocent people. Even if you think of them to be like rats (which, I don't, but even still), you'd have to then understand that they're merely following their nature and doing what they believe is best. Until they have actively participated in a crime, there's no point in being an edgy cunt and attacking at random like that. Especially at fucking walmart.
Really? El-Fucking-Paso is the hill you want to die on?

EVEN IF I wanted to, it's still a drop in the fucking bucket. It's much more important to ACTUALLY BUILD A WALL and maintain a stance of growth from within. Sperging out and shooting people you don't know is exactly how you destroy any credibility you may otherwise have as a movement.

This is precisely why I refuse to associate with any radicalized, accelerationist entities.

Nah, fuck you. Accelerationism is the same exact type of cancerous bullshit that ISIS uses as their modus operandi. Y'know, ISIS, the organization that couldn't possibly be funded and armed by the US government and Israel in order to soak up and redirect all the anger and hatred Arabs have toward jews.

Another coincidence has been discovered.

Anyways, please archive this shit. I don't have time right now but considering the fact that this place is going to die in less than 2 hours we need as much material saved as we can to return to the other chan as well as elsewhere to discuss these…coincidences.

Walmart's government sponsored role as FEMA-linked emergency distribution centers gives many Walmart locations secured access points to off-limit, unofficial, underground facilities & tunnel-systems. Those systems could be very useful in false flags: getting perps, actors, etc in & out unseen and such. Does anyone know if this specific Walmart has been linked to these underground projects?

You do realise that more than one person can have the same name, right?

Go home Mersh, youre shitfaced, again

so is this a false flag or not?

Isn't it connor s betts

More than one person can have the same name, retard

Looks like the same person to me, one picture is just older than the other. Not everything is a false flag.

Also I love how you outted yourself in implying that jews don't control most things.

So almost 30 people are dead.

Can anyone tell me why?

Because Jews just. can't. stop.

We washed his brain nice and smooth.

Seal of Solomon? How about Remphan?

Did anyone else notice this thread disappeared from the catalog briefly?

He'll have to learn to think smooth, I guess.